Radial G is breaking all the VR game design rules and getting away with it

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On today’s show, I speak with Sam Watts a game producer/community manager behind Radial G, a game that puts you in the cockpit of a high speed futuristic racing game.

On today’s show, Sam shares with me his personal experience working in the games industry, how Radial G was birthed ,the secret sauce behind what makes Radial G not a dizzying experience. We also discuss the challenges facing Oculus in getting a CV1 that is accessible to casual crowds, the role of kickstarter as a tool to get VR projects off the ground, the impacts of a widespread fiber Internet network with 4 billion+ users on our economy and society.

Thanks again to Sam for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality. For more information on Radial G, check out the links below:





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Kite and Lightning is revolutionizing digital entertainment through virtual reality

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On today’s show I speak with Ikrima ElHassan and John Starr Dewar from Kite and Lightning, an up and coming virtual reality software company that is set to take the lunch money of Disneyland and Movie theaters with their next generation virtual reality experiences.

Come along as we disscuss: The origins of Kite and lightning. The decision making process behind the creation of Sensa Pezo. Incorporating game play and interactive elements into different projects going forward. The challenges of creating narrative experiences in virtual reality. Capturing human memories and experiences inside the metaverse to create an artificial consciousness that can outlive your physical body. Cloning my dog. Going to work inside VR via “virtual office spaces”. Placing bets on year 1 consumer version world wide sales for the Rift and much more!

Thanks again to Ikrima and John for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality!

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Watch my tour of the SVVR conference in VR

VR developer Jose Dizon has been on a marathon release of VR demos and mini experiences everyday since June 5th 2014. One of his demos involves my video tour of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo placed on a giant screen in VR.

A quick description from his Oculus Share thread includes this excerpt: “Box room with embedded web video on large virtual screen with two rotating cubes textured with the EnterVR logo.”

Here are the download links:


For more information on Jose and all his cool projects check out the links below:




Thanks again to Jose for putting together this awesome demo and best wishes on his marathon VR experience creation extravaganza!


Proton Pulse and Project Wormhole are testaments to why VR is here to stay

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On today’s show I speak with Justin M. the creator of Proton Pulse and an upcoming game for vr called project Wormhole.

On the show we discussed: How to stay on your toes as an indie developer in the midst of a VR hardware race between giants, the future of monetizing on VR software. How to convey an effective story without losing the users sense of presence. Godzilla spoiler alert starting from 1 hour and 3 minutes into the conversation to 1hr  7minutes. What scares you more; a zombie apocalypse or a robot apocalypse? The problem with micro transactions in gaming and much more!

Thanks again to my guest for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality, for more information on Justin check out the links below:

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Rift Wars is like being inside a StarFox music video

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On today’s show I speak with James Andrew, the founder of PixelRouter and creator of Rift Wars. A virtual reality game that mixes Star Fox , Geometry Wars and awesome music!

Come along as we talked about; the importance of sound design, tips and tools on how to collaborate remotely with others on VR projects. Using bitcoin and major league gaming to create amazing VR experiences. Advice on keeping your mind sharp and keeping the creative juices going.

Thanks again to James for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Bomb down some slopes with Snowdrift and make VR a social experience with VR chat

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On today’s show I speak with Jesse Joudrey (Jesspionage), the creator of Snowdrift and a partner in the development of VR Chat.

We spoke about Snowdrift, VRchat and the possibilities within social VR. We also spoke about what its like to work for Electronic Arts, Jesse’s thoughts on making virtual reality accessible to everyone, creating a black hole with the Hadron super collider, using quantum entanglement to communicate at faster than light speed and much more!

For more info on Jesse and the cool projects he is working on, check out the links below:





Thanks again to my awesome guest for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

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Religion, class struggle, immortality and virtual reality with Reverend Kyle

Reverend Kyle is a man that requires very little introduction but for those who may not know him. He is the host of the Rev VR podcast, a member of the Road of VR team, the creator of the Oculus Rift experience called Teddy’s vs. Landsharks and he even has his own cooking Show!

On today’s show we go deeper down the rabbit than we’ve ever gone before, come along as we discuss the impact of virtual reality on the world’s religions, the role of the metaverse in the struggle of the rich vs. the poor, how to use VR to control humans and I uncover the meaning of life with Reverend Kyle.

Also, Reverend Kyle challenges anyone to tell him why he should buy a 3D printer.

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VR at the crossroads of medicine and neuroscience with Walter Greenleaf

Hello listeners!

Welcome to another episode of EnterVR! On today’s show I speak with Walter Greenleaf, a scholar and researcher at Stanford MediaX lab. Walter has been working in the realm of VR and medicine for 25 years.

On the show we explored the many medical applications of Virtual reality. Curing VR addiction with VR? Performing surgery with an Oculus rift, what will privacy become in the age of the Metaverse?and getting rid of the term ‘virtual reality’.

For more information on Walter, check out the links below:



Thanks again to my guest for being a scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

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A conversation with Anticleric the lead designer behind Technolust

Hello listeners and welcome to another episode of EnterVR!

On today’s show I speak with Blair Renaud (Anticleric) the lead designer behind Technolust; a highly regarded upcoming VR game.

On the show we spoke about the design aspects of Technolust, do you need to be a math genius to become a VR developer? , the revolutionary potential of virtual reality across society, the trouble with locomotion in VR and the first porno i’ve ever watched.

Thanks again to Blair for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and to find out more about him and Technolust check out the links below:



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