An in depth conversation with Razer’s Chris Mitchell on the future of...

An in depth conversation with Razer’s Chris Mitchell on the future of Open Source Virtual Reality


Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show, I speak with Chris Mitchell from OSVR. Join us as we explore the possibilities open source virtual reality has to offer.

1:00 Intro. What does “open source” mean in the context of OSVR?

2:30 What are the lessons one can learn from Linux that can apply over to OSVR?

5:00 What will the user agreements look like? Is there a fine print that you should keep in mind if you are developing for OSVR?

10:00 What are the limits of commercialization? At what point will Razer sue you for making money?

11:00 Will OSVR be on Github?

12:00 How many OSVR’s is Razer expecting to sell?

14:40 How will OSVR define success?

17:00 Why should developers make content for OSVR vs the competition?

20:00 Is OSVR limited to gaming?

21:30 Chris’s biggest hope for the VR industry.

23:00 What are the benefits to consumers that the open source version of the metaverse can provide?

24:00 Where does the open source virtual reality movement need the most improvement in ?

26:00 What will the distribution process look like for OSVR?

28:30 Where will the most money be made in VR?

31:00 Chris’s motivations to be in VR.

34:00 Reliving Final Fantasy 8 & 10 in VR.

36:00 Closing thoughts and staying.

Thanks to Chris for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality!

Keep in touch with Chris and OSVR with the links below:

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