Experience a unique journey under the sea everytime you play Ocean Rift,...

Experience a unique journey under the sea everytime you play Ocean Rift, the future of nature documentaries

Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with LLyr Cenydd, the creator of Ocean Rift, Crashland and a researcher pushing the boundaries of procedural animation.

Here is preview of some the things we talked about:

1:05 Llyr’s background and how he became involved with VR

2:10 What is the allure behind 3D graphics

2:44 Where is the future 3D graphics headed in?

3:20 The Story behind the creation of Crashland and Ocean Rift

6:22 Explain like i’m five years old, how does procedural animation work?

7:35 How do simulations work with procedural animation?

9:40 Are triple A studios utilizing procedural systems in their games?

11:34 Is procedural animation and generation being used in tandem by any particular game?

12:40 Can Ocean rift have procedurally generated terrain?

16:01 Could procedural systems replace start taking video game developer jobs?

20:01 Where are the boundaries of procedural systems and how is the technology being pushed?

21:47 Where to learn more about procedural systems?

24:40 How to make money with procedural systems.

26:15 The process of creating the animals from Ocean Rift

27:40 Are there libraries of procedural algorithms out there?

29:00 The re-playability of Ocean Rift

30:20 How do the animals in Ocean Rift become aware of you?

32:00 What are Llyr’s goals ? How have they changed over time?

33:11 Lessons learned recently that would have been nice to known from the beginning.

34:29 What are the current limitations of Gear VR?

36:08 What is happening under the hood that makes mobile platforms to overheat? And what solutions can be worked out.

37: 45 How will the development of graphene based chips impact virtual reality?

39:04 Who is Ocean Rift built for? What category does it fall under?

41:14 Is VR the future of documentaries?

42:51 Does Ocean Rift include a Lochness monster?

44:30 Is the Lochness monster real?

46:30 Can VR be used to push forward our understanding of the Oceans?

47:54 Where does LLyr see himself in the future?

49:14 Are humans ready for a metaverse populated by procedurally animated avatars?

50:35 How long before we have procedurally animated dead relatives based on the information they left behind?

54:48 What is the worst thing that could happen to VR at this point?

57:02 The longest Llyr’s has spent in VR.

58:20 Where is VR leading us to?

59:00 How is the metaverse any better than our current internet?

1:00:30 Llyr’s top 5 games of all time

1:04:17 Future plans and projects

1:05:36 Ideas on how to monetize in VR

1:07:26 Llyrs business strategy and plans

1:08:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Llyr for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual


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