Get physically fit and traverse the metaverse on your bicycle with Widerun

Get physically fit and traverse the metaverse on your bicycle with Widerun


Hello listerners! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Jasmin and Ricardo from Widerun. They are building an indoor bicycle trainer that will allow you to traverse virtual reality. Work out, play games with friends and do much more with what Widerun is building.
30 Intro. What’s Widerun?

1:00 How the idea came about.

5:18 UX of the Widerun device.

7:30 How the widerun device talks to your hardware set up.

9:00 The limitations of the current Widerun generation of devices.

10:00 How to make the experience as widely appealable as possible.

14:20 Unity SDK on the way. Compatibility with other engines is being discussed.

15:00 Implementing new features. Exploring in 360 degrees. How to track real time steering.

16:20 Hanging out in Silicon Valley.

19:00 What its like growing up in the Italian Alps.

21:00 Creating a VR start up scene in the Alps.

23:00 What’s the point? Why would you scape into VR if you live in the alps?

26:00 Will an explorable vr google streetview be a thing?

28:00 Estimating the right for the Widerun device.

31:00 The longterm prospects of Widerun as a company.

31:30 How much money will it take to get Widerun of the ground.

33:00 Eric Greenbaum’s About Face is in talks with Widerun.

34:20 Validating the physiological aspects of demoing the Widerun device. Solving new engineering challenges.

35:00 Could anti defog spray ever become a thing?

37:00 Using widerun with physical therapy patients in the future?

40:00 What will the input look like?

41:00 Widerun appeals to a multi generational sample of people.

43:20 Ricardo and Jasmin’s first experiences with virtual reality.

49:00 What happens if the Widerun kickstarter campaign does not pan out?

52:00 Where is the future of virtual reality headed?

55:00 Potential obstacles for virtual reality?

57:00 The kinds of food the locals eat in the Italian Alps.

59:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Jasmin and Ricardo for being true scholars and lady/gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

keep in touch and get more info from the Widerun team with the links below.


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