Manipulating the human brain, synthetic biology in the next 50 years, crossing...

Manipulating the human brain, synthetic biology in the next 50 years, crossing the uncanny valley and more with James Blaha and Manish Gupta


Hello Enter VR listeners! Welcome to another episode of the EnterVR podcast. I got the chance to hang out with Manish Gupta and James Blaha from Apollo VR and chatted about
manipulating the human brain, genetically engineering life without consciousness and crossing the uncanny valley.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about.
25 Catching up with Apollo VR and Diplopia. Rolling enrollment is still available. Get in touch with Manish and James to be part in the study.

40 What is the number people required in order to decisively say that Diplopia works?

2:00 Understanding how the brain responds to visual and audio input.

6:00 What happens after the studies? What is the best case scenario for the project?

8:00 The response from VCs and the general public.

9:00 How the name ApolloVR came along.

10:30 Will Apollo VR reach out to different aspect

11:00 What will ApolloVR look like 5 years from now?

12:55 Demoing the Rift at coffee shops.

14:20 What’s harder? Building the tech or the business?

15:40 Discussing the VR booth next to Oculus at CES 2015

17:30 How will VR make peoples lives easier? Live coding environments in VR.

20:00 Increasing workplace productivity with VR.

21:00 Impressions on GearVR.

25:00 Is there a possibility that there will be VR hardware shortages.

26:00 Streaming netflix in VR.

27:00 How to make the rift appeal able to people with nice hair. The reverse mohawk will become a thing. James Blaha predicts people will have vr hairstyles 3 years from now.

29:40 How to add pre-cognizance to your Linkedin profile.

30:00 How long before VR gets passed the pair of glasses form factor.

31:00 Is VR truly the final medium?

32:00 Strapping a hard drive and a camera to the back of your head to record your memories.

33:00 The youtube of the metaverse will be a place where people will pay you to “see” what its like to be you.

38:00 The true power of information on a macro sense. Will the information age lead us into an “idiocracy” or a more advanced sentient form of life?

40:00 Sharing my obsession with AI, with Manish and James

42:00 What is the purpose of AI in the grand scheme of our time on this planet. Why do we need AI?

43:30 How is the Militarization of Ai going to pan out?What are the chances of a robot war?

44:00 Why Elon Musk invested in Deepmind.

47:00 How can socities begin the process of adaptation to the AI economy.

49:00 The fundamental questions synthetic biology will explore.

51:00 Creating a none conscious genetically engineered goat to exploit for its milk?

52: The plot behind Dollhouse by Joss Wheddon.

54:00 Who will your data belong to inside metaverse?

55:00 Is 1984 a reality today?

1:00:10 Should there be an AI race like we’ve had a space race?

1:01:00 Could you bring someone back from a comatose state with a transcranial direct current stimulation device?

1:03:00 In the future you will be able to manipulate and program your very own consciousness.

1:04:00 Star Trek can be a really sad show.

1:06:30 Will the advent of human clones change the nature of how we reproduce?

1:09:00 The appeal of Counter Strike for Manish and James.

1:10:00 Could League of Legends be enhanced by VR?

1:13:00 Is Grand Theft Auto 5 in VR going to make me quit EnterVR?

1:14:00 Reporting massive online battles in EVE as a journalist.

1:16:00 What will the Oculus Rift version 12 look like? Are we living in a simulation?

1:18:00 What if AI solves problems in ways we wouldn’t want them to solve them?

1:20:00 What’s the point of being in a simulation?

1:21:00 How hard could it be to tailor make 7.4 billion universes, one for every person on earth?

1:24:00 Predicting humanity’s greatest accomplishment of the next 50 years. How the human sexuality spectrum will evolve with time.

1:25:20 Creating an xprize for the first company that can completely cross the uncanny valley.

1:27:00 What’s the point of photo realistic VR?

1:29:00 The most formidable obstacle facing the Oculus Rift.

1:34:00 How big is the portal to the human mind that VR will have access to?

1:36:00 Next generation haptic fleshlights. Brain implants. Why would you want one?

1:37:00 Slowing down your perception of time and speeding up your cognitive processes and what this could mean for life on earth?

1:42:00 If your an asshole, will augmenting your brain make you a bigger asshole?

1:44:00 Red pill or blue pill?

1:51:00 The economic implications of solar energy vs fossil fuels.

1:53:20 How to solve climate change.

1:56:00 Christopher Nolan working on a VR movie? Inception Spoiler ALERT.

2:01:00 “There are the people who don’t know and the people who don’t think about it” Why does experience exist?

2:04:00 The probability of finding intelligent life in the whole existence of humanity.

2:06:00 Sending a rover to Europa and taking a carnival cruise ship to Mars.

2:08:00 Is the metaverse going to rewire our brains?

2:10:00 Is the brain ready for the day we will be able to navigate the internet with your mind.
Thanks again to James and Manish for being true scholars and jedi of virtual reality and thank you for listening.
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