Stefan Pernar on the evolution of cognitive function and why virtual reality...

Stefan Pernar on the evolution of cognitive function and why virtual reality will change humanity


Hello there fellow scholars and ladies/gentlemen of virtual reality!

Stefan Pernar, founder of Virtual Reality Ventures is currently working on a book dealing with the evolution of cognitive function and how virtual reality can affect the human species.

Here are some snippets of all the things we spoke about:

– Min 0:0:0 Intro

– Min – 5:32 : Leveraging the power of the metaverse to create opportunities for companies/individuals and organizations.

– Min – 8:30 : How adverstising and marketing will be different inside the metaverse compared to real life. Ex. Using machine learning to create tailored made worlds with predictive algorythims to send you ads.

– Min – 13:00 , The end of privacy as we know it? Will the metaverse change our behavior? And will this be used as a mechanism of social control?

– Min – 18:30 : Who’s responsibility is it to guard human privacy; governments, corporations or grassroots movements? How can we have a state of the art Internet without outright loosing our privacy?

– Min – 21:20 : An introduction to Stefan’s Book project, On the origins of human consciousness and impending intersection with virtual reality as a species. Covering three subjects : “The virtual is very real” , “Why the virtual can be real and how the evolution of cognitive function can help explain this phenomena”, “Real life can be virtual or not as real one might think”.

– Min – 23:23 : The most sure fire phrase to make your conversation turn awkward.

– Min – 24:36 : Exploring the origins of the human mind, and how we got we got where we are cognitively.

– Min – 33:20 : The parallels between the cognitive evolution of species with that of modern day machines. How long before machines catch up to humans in “thinking” ability?

– Min – 36:38 : What is self awareness? How do we decide that something is self aware? How can we create self aware machines?

– Min – 41:28 : Do reptilian brains have the capability to form associative learning patterns?

– Min – 42:46 : The next evolution in cognitive ability after associative learning. Creating scenarios inside our heads to prepare ourselves for potential obstacles.

-Min – 48:36 Bridging the chasm between a reptilian brain and that of more advanced brains. How can we create machines with their own ability to ‘imagine’? Implementing an evolutionary approach to artificial intelligence.

Min – 50:57 Controlling the imagination. What is thinking? ,The human brain as a virtual reality machine

Min- 53: 56 Is there a way to quantify human thoughts? Will we ever be able to nail down an individuals thought processing ability?

Min – 55:44 What are thoughts made out of? Do thoughts have a weight?

Min- 57:00 Finding a way to classify/categorize individual thoughts?

Min – 57:44 Stefan’s final stage in the evolution of cognition: Thought control.

1:00:28 – Do we have freewill? Is it a matter of whether we believe in freewill or can we factually answer this question?

1:03.00 How can we objectively study a subject, when we are the subject? In other words, how can the brain unbiasedly study itself?

1:09:10 -Augmenting our vision in order to “see” more light in the electro magnetic spectrum and thus allowing us the ability to see the universe how it really is.

1:10:02 – The sound of my mind being blown. How to create a virtual reality device that allows us to see reality beyond what our brains can capture.

1:11:54 – Can we acquire new knowledge about the human brain using virtual reality?

1:12:49 – How will the world’s governments react to the virtual reality and the metaverse. How will our legal systems adapt to the development of the metaverse?

1:14:40 – The long term impacts of virtual reality on the human…oss/dp/0441014151

1:16:14 – The thing that makes Stefan the most hesitant about the prospect of the metaverse.

1:17:24 – The Oculus Rift as an empathy creating machine and why it has the ability to change the world for the better.

1:29:40 – How do we leverage VR and the metaverse to get people thinking about their existence and what it means to be alive? Can we perform inception with VR? The transformation of consciousness through experiences.

1: 32:36 – Creating an app that will help people character with VR. Could we build emotionally perfect human beings through experiential learning?

1:36:47- Closing thoughts , how to stay in touch and goodbyes.

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Thanks again to Stefan for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality!

Thank you for listening!

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