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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! Guy Godin, the creator of Virtual Desktop drops by to talk vr and eat Pupusas after ward.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

28:00 Intro : What’s VR desktop?

2:00 The origin story of virtual desktop.

5:00 How Guy stumbled into VR.

7:00 10K by 10K virtual monitors might be possible?

8:30 Microsoft please allow us to have virtual monitors!

10:00 Is the HMD going to replace the monitor?

This podcast was not edited from inside virtual desktop.

11:40 Rearranging the monitors is not as straightforward for virtual desktop.

13:00 Guy’s business plan for virtual desktop.

17:00 Getting Virtual Desktop working with the Vive.

21:00 Navigating Android in VR. Guy’s take on mobile VR.

24:00 What aspects of Virtual Desktop

28:00 South Korea’s awesome Internet will allow them to accelerate the growth of the metaverse.

29:00 Text input in Virtual desktop.

32:00 Getting Cortana to work in virtual desktop.

36:00 AI weaponry has a long way to go before we need to worry about it taking over?

38:30 More like Nyann Cat. What you do in the AI apocalypse?

40:00 What are we behind on as a species?

41:00 Why would you want to own a car when the self driving vehicle taxi services take over?

43:00 If there is nothing else to do. What would you do with the rest of your life?

45:00 Countdown till we cross the uncanny valley.

46:20 Worst case scenario for the industry and the best case scenario.

49:00 Having separate gaming leagues for VR gaming.

54:00 Cardboards are a double edge sword?

59:00 Custom avatars are the future. Guy really wants to watch movie with friends.

1:03:00 Order an IV through your smart phone.

1:07:00 Guy does not code with his HMD on.

1:08:30 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Guy and Steve for being scholars and gentlemen of the proto metaverse

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Hello listeners! Welcome to another episode of the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Shannon Norrell , the creator of the Burning Man virtual reality project and the founder of the Silicon Valley Web VR meetup group. Come along as Shannon discuss his plan for the Burning Man VR camp, why 3D printing is important and how to get involved in his awesome project.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

30: Introduction: What is the Burning man virtual reality project?

1:00 What is Burning man?

4:00 How the virtual reality burning man camp will come together.

5:00 Why bring virtual reality to Burning Man?

7:00 How do you fund a virtual reality Burning Man camp.

10:20 Experiencing a King Kong vs Gozilla dance battle in VR at Burning Man.

13:00 How to join the effort to create virtual reality burning man camp.

14:40 Why burn your art at the end of the event?

16:20 What attracted Shannon to Burning Man.

17:20 How Burning Man has evolved over the years.

22:00 Why is Shannon interested in VR.

23:30 What is value of Augmented Reality to humanity?

27:00 Who is Burning Man for?

30:00 Would Palmer ever go to Burning Man?

32:00 The relationship between Burning Man and Hallucinogens?

34:40 Shannon’s favorite Burning Man moment of all time.

36:00 Shannon’s thoughts on open source VR vs. Closed Source VR.

39:00 How to get tickets for Burning Man.

43:00 Why is 3D printing important?

46:30 3D printers are the proto food replicators of the future?

50:00 Artificial Intelligence is already here.

54:00 Final thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Shannon for being a true scholar and gentleman of the Metaverse and thank you for listening.

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