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Ever wondered what it would be like to see the world like Robocop? ViewR is taking the first steps to making this thought into a reality. I speak with the creator of this free app, Torben Bulter. We had an awesome conversation on the democratization of cyborg like abilities, humans becoming machines in this century , our addiction to the internet and the practical uses of augmented reality.

Thanks again to my wonderful guest for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

Here is a link of me trying ViewR in the streets of San Francisco:


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On today’s show I speak with Florian Steenblock, founder of LocoVR a startup that creates virtual reality software for your smartphone thanks to devices like the Durovis Dive. We spoke about; how to develop games for the Android platform using Unity, using virtual reality to simulate new models of government and solving China’s gender gap with the help of virtual reality.

Thanks again to my guest for being such a great scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.


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Thanks so much for listenning; on part 2 of my conversation with Stefan Welker we talk Oculus Rift, the future of VR and how you can get your Durovis Dive Dev kit for free! (hint: be a developer)


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Thanks for tuning in! On this episode I speak with Stefan Welker, the creator of the Durovis Dive a virtual reality platform for smartphones. Join us as we discuss pricing, release dates and much more.


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