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Hello and welcome to Enter VR!

On this episode I speak with Azad Balabanian, a VR researcher at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Azad and I talked about finding where the feeling of presence comes from inside the brain, lessons learned in the realm of VR user experience design, body ownership through vr and much more!

Thanks to Azad for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Follow up with Azad and check out links to some of things we talked about below:


Leap Motion Dragonfly

Child Body size over estimation

body language, space taking, and confidence

Proteus effect

emotional intelligence

Thanks again to James Blaha for letting me use his ‘Clubbed to death remix’.

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR!

On this episode I speak with Dara Bonakdar. Dara is the founder of Jahan, a platform that will allow you to visit the world’s museums and heritage sites with Virtual reality. Come along as we discuss the future challenges of VR, finding the money in the art world and cracking an egg with one’s buttocks.

Here is a snippet of the first ten minutes of one my favorite conversations yet:

1:00 The best bison burger in the world is in the middle of the California woods.

2:00 How Dara got involved in VR in the first place.

5:00 What will happen to tour guide jobs once VR museums become mainstream?

8:00 How Jahan will make profits.

10:00 How to find the ‘money’ in the art world?

Thanks very much to Dara for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

Follow up with Dara with the links below:



Also, thanks to James Blaha for letting me use his Tupac mix for the intro of this show. Find the song at his profile page:

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Hello and welcome to another installment of the Enter VR podcast! On this episode I hang out with Aaron Lemke, Founder at Unello Design and all around scholar and gentleman of the proto metaverse. Come along as we dive into conversation about VR deving and some other loosely tan genial subjects to VR.

1:00 Getting a proper Audio metronome to work in Unity?

1:10 What is Unity good and bad at?

2:50 12 hour work days will ruin your posture.

5:00 Can standing desks be bad for you ?

6:10 Wearing an HMD while walking on a treadmill?

7:30 VR developers on the side walk eating tacos.

10:40 This podcast is not sponsored by anyone and all the views reflect my own opinions or the opinions Incepted into my mind via subliminal messages.

11:30 Going to the Unity Vision Summit.

13:00 “We’re all optimists about this technology”.

13:30 Altruism Vs. Profit.

(I actually like Buzzfeed blue. Buzzfeed is the phenomena of supply demand being played out in the exchange of digital media. How do you make money with media companies these days? How does technology reflect our human nature?)

18:00 Everything in life is on a spectrum.

18:33 I need a new catch phrase.

20:00 We want to be productive in VR!

21:30 Dreams by Media Molecule has got us hyped.

23:00 Turning the obstacles of VR into business opportunities.

25:30 I wouldn’t mind owning a Nintendo Dolphin.

27:20 People want to escape reality? Why do we want to escape reality?

28:38 Elegant is probably not right term.

30:10 The rise of a new jock mentality through e-sports?

32:00 Lorne Michaels please buy our idea!

33:40 http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/11/we-need-an-energy-miracle/407881/

36:00 Transcending the self through nature.

38:00 Aaron is working on something awesome for the Vive.

40:10 Aaron is playing a lot of Tiltbrush and Fantastic Contraption on the Vive. http://fantasticcontraption.com/

42:00 Pewdiepie played Aaron’s game.

44:00 Swarm hiveminds could counteract the power of AI?

45:00 Read the Metarmorphosis of Prime Intellect. Spoiler alert!!!!

46:00 How long before we fight the first robot war?

47:10 Rick and Morty is amazing!

49:00 Taking Roy off the grid!

54:00 It’s the year 15,219 and your government doesn’t want you to know.

55:00 Sand hydraulics are bad ass.

56:00 Watch Tim’s Vermir. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3089388/

58:00 Technology is eternally linked to art. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3204392/

1:03:00 Learning game development helps you appreciate nature.

1:07:00 People are very critical of real world environments in VR.

1:08:00 Lands End is pretty sweet on the Gear VR.

1:10:00 Will Apple ever make a VR product?

1:12:00 VR is taking too long to get here.

1:14:00 Creating a VR fetish island.

1:17:00 Can VR make you more violent?

1:18:00 Creating the next Metal Gear for VR.

1:21:00 Don’t step on the lava vr.

1:26:00 Will we ever see haptic gloves?

1:27:00 Deep uses human breath as input.

1:31:00 Debating the best tracking solutions.

1:33:00 I’ll be the last guy Oculus will ever hire btw.

1:36:00 Lighthouse will become Wifi in a utopian future.

1:38:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Welcome to Enter VR. On this episode I catch up with Steve Drash the creator of Titans of Space and currently working with the Apollo 11 VR experience, VR Girlz and more!

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:30 Intro, Apollo 11 VR update. As of the posting of this episode they have won the award.

3:00 The google Cardboard version of Titans of Space ported over awesomely!

5:00 The latest download numbers for Titans of Space.

6:00 Was Steve anticipating his download numbers?

7:00 What’s in store for the future of Titans of Space?

10:00 Is Steve motivated by the same things he was 2 years ago?

12:00 Why its hard to monetize on your passion projects?

14:20 Steve’s involvement in the Apollo 11 experience.

17:00 Apollo 11 is targeting release Q1 2016.

18:00 VR Girlz is an up and coming VR adult entertainment platform.

19:00 The competitive advantage of VR Girlz.

20:30 VR Girlz intends to make my penis freak out.

21:30 Experimenting with a paid app. (Mars is a real place)

24:00 What do you value more as a vr entrepreneur? Download numbers or sales?

26:00 Which of Steve’s projects will draw in the most money? Which project is he most passionate about?

27:00 What does Steve wish he knew back when he first started getting involved in VR.

29:00 The bright side to staying frugal.

30:00 Mars has been on the news a lot lately. Titans Of Space is updating to the latest info we have of the planet.

31:00 Is there a way to collaborate with NASA?
(Enceladus is a moon of Saturn)

32:30 Could Titans of Space ever be social?

34:00 What does Steve do for fun these days?

35:00 What will take to get humans to Mars? Steve lays out his plan.

36:40 Do you need positional tracking on board a space ship on course to Mars.

37:00 Becoming a space tourist…in VR!

39:30 We’re gonna need to make humans so that they can fight in the future robot war.

40:00 Steve’s vision of an ideal future.

45:00 VR is a new vehicle for mind expansion. What are Steve’s concern for this technology.

47:00 What will it mean to “work” in the next 25 years?

48:30 Accelerating the growth of the jobs of the future through VR?

50:00 Can you name 3 companies that will make a lot of money is 3 years?

51:00 Steve bets on Frooxius creating the Oasis.

52:00 360 films vs. in engine content.

(I left this blooper on purpose)

53:30 Can anything stop VR at this point?

54:00 Getting feedback from teachers and researchers has been really rewarding for Steve.

Thanks again to Steve for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR. Come scuba dive with us inside the mind of Ruuubick a virtual reality community builder and social vr expert.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

2:00 The legend of Ruuubick origin story.

9:00 Skipping final exams to hang out with Palmer in VRChat.

13:00 Spending $400 dollars without hesitation for a device that would take months to arrive.

17:00 The difference between VR and 2D screens. Are there words that can encapsulate what VR feels like?

19:00 Ruuubick’s vision of the future of VR.

20:00 Discussing the Time Magazine cover.

23:00 Struggling with the duality of virtual reality.

30:00 Ruuubick is waiting for the billion dollar VR MMO RPG game.

Check out Log Horizon. Its has more likeable characters than Sword Art Online

33:00 What does Ruuubick see himself doing in the future.

36:00 Ruuubick is coming to SVVR in 2016. How VR saved Ruuu’s life.

39:00 Social VR is asking the following question: “Where is everybody?”

42:00 How can social VR be successful?

45:00 Is VR inherently more expensive to build than legacy paradigm 3D software?

47:00 Dropping pins inside virtual worlds with the ability to comment in order to provide better feedback for developers?

50:00 Is there enough information out there for vr developers?

52:40 HTC Vive lighthouse vs. Oculus’ tracking solution.

55:00 Eye tracking allows you to see inside the souls of users through their VR avatars.

58:00 Something went wrong here with my mic. My apologies.

1:02:00 ID MCGregor’s article on Volumetric Representations.
I’ve stopped

1:05:00 That fucking dude.

1:09:00 We’re all assholes.

1:10:00 Preventing toxicity of trolling in vr communities will make or break your business.

1:16:00 Banning people from your virtual world is not an easy choice to make.

1:18:00 Social VR is about making people feel safe to be themselves.

1:20:00 How will the current social VR apps compete with the upcoming Facebook Social VR platform?

1:25:00 Looking at the bright side of the corporate takeover of VR.

1:26:00 Making sure consumers understand that VR can be used for more than just gaming.

1:28:00 Using comedy to conquer the hearts and minds of people.

1:30:00 Alien Isolation is amazing.

1:33:00 What is the formula for giving users euphoria in VR.

1:37:00 Ruuubick is hopefully coming to SVVR next year.

1:39:00 What do we get from Meatspace that VR will never provide?

1:40:00 Tourism agencies need to harness VR’s capabilities.

1:44:00 Can VR affect our every day psychology?

1:52:00 If you look good you feel good. What will evolve past human?

2:00:00 VR is removing every day life burdens and hassles. What Burdens and hassles will come from VR?

2:08:00 How would reputation based economies work out in virtual worlds?

2:15:00 Lame and un-interesting attractive people will have to adapt to VR worlds in new ways.

2:18:00 Closing thoughts.

Thanks again to Ruuubick for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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The song at the intro was courtesy of WhiteBear. Check him out on Soundcloud! Its called Primal Stomp

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with u/jimbo0000 and really talented technologist and friend of virtual reality. Come along as we discuss virtual reality based life forms, reputation based economies and more!

1:00 Jim is working on Rift ray. What graphics card should you get for consumer VR?

3:00 Intro

5:00 How many VR related science fictions pieces has Jim read?

6:40 Why is vr science fiction so alluring to Jim?

7:00 The first novel that got Jim hooked on VR science fiction.

8:30 What late 90’s science fiction concepts came true in today’s era?

11:00 Jim’s goal for the future?

13:00 SPOILER ALERT for Metaverse of Prime Intellect plot

Check out ” friendship is optimal”

20:00 Is Jim more optimistic or more pessimistic on the prospect of super intelligence?

21:41 What would be the most ideal “turing” test for artificial intelligence?

23:00 What is self awareness?

26:00 The question of non-human persons. Will super smart animals ever have “rights”? Today’s technology is giving us better insights into human and animal hiveminds. In vitro lab grown meat needs to reach industrial scale quantities before we start expanding rights to different animal species.

31:00 What is the best brain to computer interface?

32:00 Would you want to stop aging? What happens to humanity once something like this become available?

34:00 What is death?

35:00 Does it matter whether we live in a simulation or a multi verse?

Figuring out whether we live in a simulation will have repercussions on how we think about death and what it may mean to die.

38:00 The questions humanity will wrestle with the most in the 21st century?

40:00 Jim’s take on colonizing other planets?

42:00 The most scariest thing about technology.

45:00 What does Jim see in virtual reality?

46:00 What will be the ultimate price we could pay for virtual reality?

49:00 u/newyorknice created a really cool infographic on the future predictions. In 2025 we will have procedural story telling? Machines will create infinite narratives for us to experience?


52:00 Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the greatest first person shooter ever. Jim’s take on the Battlefield franchise these days.

55:00 Discussing Soul Calibur and other fighting games.

1:00:00 What does it mean to have virtual reality only life forms?

1:03:00 Is Jim more optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

1:04:00 What will machine augmented cognition look like in the future?

1:07:00 How will the relationship between augmented and non augmented people evolve?

1:09:00 How will regulation of the VR industry look like?

1:11:00 The potential benefits of nano robot swarms?

1:13:00 The most believable fake technology Jim has read.

1:19:00 How would a reputation based economy actually work?

Relevant links:




1:21:00 Lighting up dog poop with fire crackers

1:23:00 What would a better future look like?

1:25:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again for being a true friend, scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

Keep in touch with Jim by contacting him on reddit:

he’s u/jimbo000



Here are some relevant links from the our conversation:


Free Stories:

Books on Amazon:

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Hanging out with the Tribe VR team at SVVR

Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Andy Tsen, the founder of Tribe. Tribe allows you to stream and watch media in virtual reality with friends and a family. Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro. What is Tribe?

2:30 How to deal with bandwidth constraints with connected virtual reality experiences.

6:00 What makes Tribe different from other VR social experiences?

10:00 What interfaces will be the least amount of resistance for the casual VR consumer.

12:00 How to get human facial expressions inside of VR?

16:00 Why would the average person want to watch movies in VR with friends and family?

19:00 VR is one step behind dream sharing.

22:00 What technology will come after VR?

25:00 Is humanity ready for brain to brain communication?

27:00 Final thoughts

Thanks again to Andy for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show, I speak with Chris Mitchell from OSVR. Join us as we explore the possibilities open source virtual reality has to offer.

1:00 Intro. What does “open source” mean in the context of OSVR?

2:30 What are the lessons one can learn from Linux that can apply over to OSVR?

5:00 What will the user agreements look like? Is there a fine print that you should keep in mind if you are developing for OSVR?

10:00 What are the limits of commercialization? At what point will Razer sue you for making money?

11:00 Will OSVR be on Github?

12:00 How many OSVR’s is Razer expecting to sell?

14:40 How will OSVR define success?

17:00 Why should developers make content for OSVR vs the competition?

20:00 Is OSVR limited to gaming?

21:30 Chris’s biggest hope for the VR industry.

23:00 What are the benefits to consumers that the open source version of the metaverse can provide?

24:00 Where does the open source virtual reality movement need the most improvement in ?

26:00 What will the distribution process look like for OSVR?

28:30 Where will the most money be made in VR?

31:00 Chris’s motivations to be in VR.

34:00 Reliving Final Fantasy 8 & 10 in VR.

36:00 Closing thoughts and staying.

Thanks to Chris for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality!

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Hello Enter VR listeners! Welcome to another episode of the EnterVR podcast. I got the chance to hang out with Manish Gupta and James Blaha from Apollo VR and chatted about
manipulating the human brain, genetically engineering life without consciousness and crossing the uncanny valley.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about.
25 Catching up with Apollo VR and Diplopia. Rolling enrollment is still available. Get in touch with Manish and James to be part in the study.

40 What is the number people required in order to decisively say that Diplopia works?

2:00 Understanding how the brain responds to visual and audio input.

6:00 What happens after the studies? What is the best case scenario for the project?

8:00 The response from VCs and the general public.

9:00 How the name ApolloVR came along.

10:30 Will Apollo VR reach out to different aspect

11:00 What will ApolloVR look like 5 years from now?

12:55 Demoing the Rift at coffee shops.

14:20 What’s harder? Building the tech or the business?

15:40 Discussing the VR booth next to Oculus at CES 2015

17:30 How will VR make peoples lives easier? Live coding environments in VR.

20:00 Increasing workplace productivity with VR.

21:00 Impressions on GearVR.

25:00 Is there a possibility that there will be VR hardware shortages.

26:00 Streaming netflix in VR.

27:00 How to make the rift appeal able to people with nice hair. The reverse mohawk will become a thing. James Blaha predicts people will have vr hairstyles 3 years from now.

29:40 How to add pre-cognizance to your Linkedin profile.

30:00 How long before VR gets passed the pair of glasses form factor.

31:00 Is VR truly the final medium?

32:00 Strapping a hard drive and a camera to the back of your head to record your memories.

33:00 The youtube of the metaverse will be a place where people will pay you to “see” what its like to be you.

38:00 The true power of information on a macro sense. Will the information age lead us into an “idiocracy” or a more advanced sentient form of life?

40:00 Sharing my obsession with AI, with Manish and James

42:00 What is the purpose of AI in the grand scheme of our time on this planet. Why do we need AI?

43:30 How is the Militarization of Ai going to pan out?What are the chances of a robot war?

44:00 Why Elon Musk invested in Deepmind.

47:00 How can socities begin the process of adaptation to the AI economy.

49:00 The fundamental questions synthetic biology will explore.

51:00 Creating a none conscious genetically engineered goat to exploit for its milk?

52: The plot behind Dollhouse by Joss Wheddon.

54:00 Who will your data belong to inside metaverse?

55:00 Is 1984 a reality today?

1:00:10 Should there be an AI race like we’ve had a space race?

1:01:00 Could you bring someone back from a comatose state with a transcranial direct current stimulation device?

1:03:00 In the future you will be able to manipulate and program your very own consciousness.

1:04:00 Star Trek can be a really sad show.

1:06:30 Will the advent of human clones change the nature of how we reproduce?

1:09:00 The appeal of Counter Strike for Manish and James.

1:10:00 Could League of Legends be enhanced by VR?

1:13:00 Is Grand Theft Auto 5 in VR going to make me quit EnterVR?

1:14:00 Reporting massive online battles in EVE as a journalist.

1:16:00 What will the Oculus Rift version 12 look like? Are we living in a simulation?

1:18:00 What if AI solves problems in ways we wouldn’t want them to solve them?

1:20:00 What’s the point of being in a simulation?

1:21:00 How hard could it be to tailor make 7.4 billion universes, one for every person on earth?

1:24:00 Predicting humanity’s greatest accomplishment of the next 50 years. How the human sexuality spectrum will evolve with time.

1:25:20 Creating an xprize for the first company that can completely cross the uncanny valley.

1:27:00 What’s the point of photo realistic VR?

1:29:00 The most formidable obstacle facing the Oculus Rift.

1:34:00 How big is the portal to the human mind that VR will have access to?

1:36:00 Next generation haptic fleshlights. Brain implants. Why would you want one?

1:37:00 Slowing down your perception of time and speeding up your cognitive processes and what this could mean for life on earth?

1:42:00 If your an asshole, will augmenting your brain make you a bigger asshole?

1:44:00 Red pill or blue pill?

1:51:00 The economic implications of solar energy vs fossil fuels.

1:53:20 How to solve climate change.

1:56:00 Christopher Nolan working on a VR movie? Inception Spoiler ALERT.

2:01:00 “There are the people who don’t know and the people who don’t think about it” Why does experience exist?

2:04:00 The probability of finding intelligent life in the whole existence of humanity.

2:06:00 Sending a rover to Europa and taking a carnival cruise ship to Mars.

2:08:00 Is the metaverse going to rewire our brains?

2:10:00 Is the brain ready for the day we will be able to navigate the internet with your mind.
Thanks again to James and Manish for being true scholars and jedi of virtual reality and thank you for listening.
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Hello listerners! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Jasmin and Ricardo from Widerun. They are building an indoor bicycle trainer that will allow you to traverse virtual reality. Work out, play games with friends and do much more with what Widerun is building.
30 Intro. What’s Widerun?

1:00 How the idea came about.

5:18 UX of the Widerun device.

7:30 How the widerun device talks to your hardware set up.

9:00 The limitations of the current Widerun generation of devices.

10:00 How to make the experience as widely appealable as possible.

14:20 Unity SDK on the way. Compatibility with other engines is being discussed.

15:00 Implementing new features. Exploring in 360 degrees. How to track real time steering.

16:20 Hanging out in Silicon Valley.

19:00 What its like growing up in the Italian Alps.

21:00 Creating a VR start up scene in the Alps.

23:00 What’s the point? Why would you scape into VR if you live in the alps?

26:00 Will an explorable vr google streetview be a thing?

28:00 Estimating the right for the Widerun device.

31:00 The longterm prospects of Widerun as a company.

31:30 How much money will it take to get Widerun of the ground.

33:00 Eric Greenbaum’s About Face is in talks with Widerun.

34:20 Validating the physiological aspects of demoing the Widerun device. Solving new engineering challenges.

35:00 Could anti defog spray ever become a thing?

37:00 Using widerun with physical therapy patients in the future?

40:00 What will the input look like?

41:00 Widerun appeals to a multi generational sample of people.

43:20 Ricardo and Jasmin’s first experiences with virtual reality.

49:00 What happens if the Widerun kickstarter campaign does not pan out?

52:00 Where is the future of virtual reality headed?

55:00 Potential obstacles for virtual reality?

57:00 The kinds of food the locals eat in the Italian Alps.

59:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Jasmin and Ricardo for being true scholars and lady/gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

keep in touch and get more info from the Widerun team with the links below.





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