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Hello listeners! On todays show Aaron Lemke returns to the Podcast for 2 hours of glory and triumph in which we discuss all manner of things vr and non-vr.

Here is a quick preview of some of the things we talked about.

23:Intro, what Aaron has been up to lately.

2:42 Developing for the Gear VR.

4:00 Avoiding smearing artifacts when developing for the Samsung Gear VR

5:00 Setting yourself apart from the pack.

6:50 Do you experiment or do you play it safe in creating VR experiences?

9:30 Is it okay to call VR an escape?

11:00 Why developing for mobile VR will make you a better vr developer.

16:30 How will GearVR’s battery life measure up to public scrutiny and hype?

18:20 Electric motors don’t have transmissions.

21:00 Discussing possible release dates for CV1

23:00 What is the minimum amount of time required to get good VR experiences on the market?

26:40 What would you do if you had John Carmack’s brain?

28:00 Master’s of Doom part 2

30:00 Catching up with Eden River and Opera Nova

33:00 Not putting your vr software eggs in just one proverbial hardware platform.

37:30 Running Eden River at the Valve VR room.

38:20 Internal struggles at the major VR players.

41:00 Is VR truly the final medium?

42:00 Will mass adoption of VR happen in the next 5 years?

44:00 Who will be able to afford CV1?

51:00 Can you have VR arcades without mocaps systems.

52:00 Full suit tracking you in VR.

54:00 How to adapt to the shifting market of VR distribution and creation.

56:32 “Artificial intelligence is like summoning the demon” from Elon Musk and why John Carmack thinks we should colonize mars.

59:00 ‘Low probability, high impact events’ and how to “prepare” for them.

1:04:00 Transmitting love through art and VR.

1:06:00 Having conversations with AI inhabiting avatars in VR.

1:08:00 Would you rather marry a realistic looking avatar or more cartoonish as assigned by our future robot over lords.

1:10:00 How could VR be abused as a tool and how to use VR enrich people’s lives.

1:12:00 The advantages of interactive rhetoric.

1:14:00 Co-op stealth games will be awesome in VR. The best stealth tool in Metal gear games.

1:16 VR training room from Metal Gear Subsistance in VR.

1:18:00 Reactions of the rift to people in close circles.

1:21:20 Bringing VR to the medical community in Austin.

1:24:44 Hacking the human brain with VR.

1:25:00 What would happen if big publishers do not develope major content for vr.

1:28:00 How 3D printing could compliment vr.

1:35:00 Ending up like the guy in the picture of an empty room with just a mattress and a vr device.

1:35:00 At what point does wanting to be in VR become unhealthy?

1:38:20 In the future, you will get paid to play video games for a living.

1:39:00 Using itch.io to set up an online store.

1:42:00 What will the virtual reality concert of the future look like?

1:51:00 Creating music visualizations in vr.

1:59:00 What will the hype cycle look like for the vr industry.

2:01:55 Virtual dance parties will be great places for potential human mating.

2:04:00 Meeting humans from the opposite sex in VR.

2:08:00 Being inside a science fiction novel as it reveals itself before your eyes.

Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thanks for listening!

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Hello listeners ! On today’s show I speak with Damon Hernandez about the internet of things and how virtual reality will a role in it.

Here is a quick preview of some of the things we discussed.
40: Smart buildings and the internet of things meet the 3D paradigm.

1:20 How will the internet of things affect virtual reality?

3:45 What would it mean if the internet of things became fully open.

5:00 What will societies of the future look like once the internet of things matures?

12:40 Accessing the data from the internet of things. Who is this data for?

15:00 Snowcrash and the metaverse.

17:00 The convergence of virtual reality and other technologies.

19:00 The security aspects of the metaverse and the internet of things.

22:30 What lies at the root of media sensationalism about technology?

26:00 Using virtual reality for tailored made educational experiences.

29:00 Looking to 5 years into the future.

32:00 Describing VR sex kit and why its important to push the envelope.

38:00 What will the creation of the metaverse look like? What will the process of creating virtual worlds be like?

42:00 How to say vr to engineers? How to lure talent into the vr industry?

49:00 How to make webvr more tempting for developers?
The web vs Unity vs Unreal.

55:00 Damon’s biggest hope and biggest fears.

1:01:00 The importance of under promising and over delivering.

1:06:00 Will the demand for VR content overwhelm our ability to supply it?

1:06:00 The most cost effective process to provide valuable vr content for society.

1:10:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch. A larger vision of the metaverse.

Thanks again to Damon for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with the team behind the Mozilla virtual reality initiative.

Here is a snippet of what we talked about:

00:00 -Intro-

01:19 – The story behind the Mozilla virtual reality initiative.

4:08 – The challenges of pitching VR to Mozilla executives and Why VR is here to stay this time around.

11:43 – Where Mozilla sees itself as virtual reality grows. How Mozilla plans on contributing to the expansion of VR. How will the web look like in VR?

15:35 – Figuring what people want from a web based VR platform? How can the VR web add value to consumer’s internet browsing experience?

21:12 – Bringing over to VR, what the web does well already? How to translate commerce, social media, information consumption to a virtual reality space? What will the new interaction paradigms look like?

24:11 – The importance of standardization of tools and protocols. How does the VR community/industry develop standards for itself?

31:34 – Josh and Vlad share their thoughts on the ideal input device for virtual reality

34:06 – The challenge in having a diversity of different platforms (Android, PC, PS4, Web) Will this hinder the mass adoption of VR?

37:13 – Writing code inside VR? Will virtual reality office spaces make us more efficient?

42:21 – What is the Metaverse?, Materializing a 3D web before your eyes.

45:36 – What will be the ways individuals will be able to monetize inside the Metaverse? What potentially new services and products will we see inside the Metaverse?

47:50 – Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with Vlad and Josh.

Thanks to my awesome guests for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to another episode of EnterVR. On today’s show I speak with Nathan Burba and James Iliff from Survios (formerly known as project holodeck).

We talked about what Survios is up to right now, the origins of Survios and they teased out the really cool things we can expect from them in the future. On top of that we also talked about the public relations obstacles to virtual reality, the economics of VR ,how robots have become the nuclear weapons of the 21st century and how the NSA plans on listening to the thoughts inside your head.

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Thanks again for listening!



On today’s episode I interview Karl Krantz; entrepreneur, telepresence industry veteran and creator of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Meetup. For more information on Karl and what he is up to you can shoot him an email at:


For more information on the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, click on the link below.



Thank you for listening!