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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Antti Jadertpolm, the CEO of Vizor. Vizor allows you to create webvr experiences through a visual programming system. Come along as we learn more about this powerful project.

10: Why create Vizor in the first place?

1:30 What is the allure of VR?

4:30 What will WebVR look like 5 years from now?

6:00 What will it take for WebVR to get to the heights we dream of?

7:00 Who’s is the competition?

8:00 What will the default interface of navigating the Web through VR? What will make people come back to VR?

12:00 Visualizing 2D data in VR.

18:00 Who decides what direction WebVR goes in?

20:00 Where does Antti personally see himself 5 years from now?

21:00 Bringing sense of humor to virtual reality.

23:00 Bring Journey to VR!

27:00 Will VR really be a 150 Billion dollar industry in the next 5 years.

29:00 How many VR HMDs be sold in the past

30:00 The VR community scene in Finland. Minefield Studios is company from Finland developing a AAA title for Oculus.

34:00 What are the biggest technical challenges facing Vizor right now?

35:00 How to find tutorials to learn to use Vizor’s visual programming system.

36:00 What will do finished product look like?

38:00 The team behind Vizor.

39:00 Reactions to visual programming systems.

40:00 Will casual users adopt visual programming systems more than regular programming?

44:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again to Antti for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Took a photo with Ikrima at VRLA Spring Expo

Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Ikrima Elhassan from Kite and Lightning! Come along as we learn about the open source plugin Kite and Lightning is publishing in order to allow you to create 360 in engine experiences.

40: Intro

1:40 What do Hollywood studios see in VR?

3:00 How much does location influence whether you survive or die in VR?

5:40 What’s next for Kite and Lightning?

7:00 Is it possible to survive in VR by simply selling content to consumers?

10:00 Why not take money from venture capitalists?

14:00 When will we find out what experiences sells in vr?

15:00 What motivates Kite and Lightning to continue pushing forward?

16:00 How to manage publishing content on multiple VR platforms and marketplaces.

18:00 Releasing their own open source plug in! To create Kite and Lightning type experiences.

23:00 The pro’s and cons of creating 360 in engine video experiences.

27:00 Using synthetic light fields to get around the limitations of 360 in engine video.

32:00 Will Tesla vehicles become self aware?

33:00 What is the cost of producing VR content?

35:00 What will it take to generate a mass transition of consumers from the legacy paradigm to VR?

37:00 What is the overall sense of the VR industry community?

40:00 Will money change the way we view the VR industry?

41:00 How are people’s reactions to VR changed over the last couple of years?

44:00 How do you see VR for its potential and not just its short comings?

45:00 What does the creative future of Kite and Lightning look like?

46:00 What will be the keyboard of VR?

50:00 Exploring the “watching little worlds ” effect. Playing Chrono Trigger in VR?

51:00 If we could bring the back the Neandarthal, should we?

52:00 Closing thoughts and staying in touch.

Thanks to Ikrima for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I am joined by the author of “Virtual Reality Insider” and an up and coming VR entrepreneur Sky Nite. Come along as we peer into mind of Sky!

1:00 Intro. Creating a VR game studio.

1:30 What got Sky interested in Virtual Reality.

3:00 Sky’s first experience with DK1.

6:00 What did the sensation of “presence” feel like for Sky?

8:00 How do you get people excited about VR without overhyping the technology? How do you describe something that words cannot encapsulate?

10:00 Projections for first year sale across all VR platforms?

13:00 What does user engagement hinge on?

15:00 How much will the average VR consumer spend in a year?

18:00 How can you be a part of the VR movement?

20:00 What is the thing the VR industry needs the most of at this point?

22:00 What motivates Sky to work in VR?

25:00 How do we enhance the collective consciousness of humanity?

32:00 What does it mean to be smart?

33:00 How will VR help you learn faster?

37:00 What will VR look like 15 to 20 years from now?

40:00 Should we bring back the Neanderthal?

44:00 How to stay in touch and closing thoughts.

Thanks to Sky for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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I met Aaron Evangelista at an SVVR gathering.

Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Aaron Evangelista, a young Gear VR enthusiast and developer. Come along as we explore the mind of Aaron!

1:00 How Aaron and I crossed paths.

1:40 Aaron’s first impressions of DK1.

4:00 Aaron’s family reactions to GearVR. Aaron’s “go to ” experience when demoing GearVR.

5:00 The longest Aaron can spend in VR.

6:00 Importing Sketchfab scenes into Unity and getting them running.

10:00 What are Aaron’s goals? Participating in the VR mobile game jam.

11:00 The most compelling aspect of VR development to Aaron.

14:00 Why Aaron got a GearVR and not a DK2.

16:30 Are people more likely to buy a Morpheus or PC based VR?
The advantages of Project Morpheus.

19:00 Why develop for Mobile and not the other VR hardware platforms.
What is holding back mobile VR?

22:00 How to deal with battery life in mobile VR?

23:00 Becoming a Solar Powered Robo Cop with GearVR.

24:00 What will GearVR look like in the year 2025?

26:00 What are the things Aaron sees himself doing the most in VR? Bringing Playstation Home to Morpheus?

27:00 Will Aaron meet his future wife in VR?

30:00 Is VR dating a good thing or a bad thing?

31:00 Is the VR industry moving too fast?

34:00 Is VR here to stay or can the party be over any day now? How to know whether VR has

38:00 How do we come to the conclusion that there is going to be a Metaverse? What’s the Metaverse going to be like?

41:00 Can VR be better than real life? What are the implications of people wanting to spend most of their time in VR?

48:00 Tapping into the areas of the brain that enable lucid dreaming to pair it with the Metaverse.

51:00 Would you augment your brain by merging hardware with your wetware?

57:00 Will VR reveal whether we are living in a simulation?

1:00:00 Can Aaron see himself living 500 years?

1:03:00 Creating an earthquake training simulation to prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the next big one.

1:07:00 Is Aaron more hopeful are more pessimistic about the future?

1:11:00 Don’t punch a vagina.

1:12:30 What is the internet of things?

1:19:00 Final thoughts.

Thanks to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

You can find Aaron on Reddit as :


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Hello there fellow scholars of the proto metaverse! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with D, from eVRyday vr.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro: How D found out about VR.

4:00 How D became involved with Youtube.

6:00 Why VR is interesting to D.

7:30 Was VR suppose to happen this fast?

8:30 The pros and cons of the vr explosion.

11:00 How to get people excited about vr without over hyping it?

13:30 Is AR and VR competing with each other?

15:30 What is the most profound effect that virtual reality will have on humans?

18:00 Why do we need virtual reality?

19:00 D’s goals and dreams for the future.

20:00 Whats most exciting about VR? the hardware or software?

22: What is chromatic aberration?

24:00 What are fresnel lenses and how do they interact with Chromatic aberration?

25:00 What is Asynchronous time warp?

28:00 What is lightfields?

33:00 What will the VR patent wars look like?

39:00 What is Raytracing and why do people think its the future?

43:00 What is raytracing good for?

45:00 How variations in visual processing from person to person will affect the overall experience of virtual reality.

49:00 Can virtual reality makes us smarter? Will this new way of accessing information overload us and have negative consequences ?or increase our intellectual capacities and become a net benefit for humanity?

53:00 Can simulating real life tasks in vr provide value to our experience in real life?

1:01:00 Will we go inside the dreams of other people? Has the smart phone taken away our ability to be more creative?

1:05:00 5 games that stand out the most from D’s Childhood. Why Nintendo games and emulated games are hard to port over to vr.

1:12:00 Can the game-afication of education take away from the learnings aspect?

1:14:00 If you could be any character from your Childhood , who would it be ?

1:17:00 Highlights of GDC 2015.

1:22:00 Alternative things the console gaming market could innovate on.

1:24:00 How many Morpheus devices could Sony potentially sell in their first year?

1:26:00 Will the next Xbox or the next Nintendo console have vr intergration?

1:29:20 (JK Valve! I love you!)

1:31:00 God of War in VR! Please! Impressions on Lucky’s Tale.

1:37:00 Can VR HMD’s damage your brain or vision?

1:42:00 Who will VR shape our sense of identity in the future?

1:50:00 How to give empathy to the masses?

1:54:00 How to stay in touch

Thanks again to D for being a true scholar and wizard of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On this episode I speak with the people behind Technolust, Darkfield, Stompz, VRChat and PodVR on a recap of GDC 2015. Come along as we discuss the highlights of one of the most momentous weeks for virtual reality.

Intro: Describing this years GDC in as little words as possible.

5:00 Impressions of the HTC Vive

12:00 Valve wants to turn Lighthouse into a standard?

17:00 Impression of the Valve controllers.

20:00 Impressions of the new Sony Morpheus.

23:00 Responses to Valve’s announcement

More show notes on the way…

Click here to check out a spherical image of the podcast!

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Thanks to Blair, Mark, Jesse, Olivier, Graham, Brian and Matt for being true scholars and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro. The Singularity University Campus reminds me of X-Men School.

2:00 What is Singularity University and how did it come about?

4:00 How will understanding exponential progress change the way you make business decisions?

7:00 How exponential growth can be deceptive.

10:00 Is virtual reality an exponential growth technology?

16:00 Is the Oculus Rift a “pretender” technology?

21:00 Is virtual reality really a paradigm shift? How to not get left behind.

24:00 Where does Singularity University fit in, when it comes to the ongoing story of virtual reality.

27:00 Do exponential problems require exponential solutions?

36:00 Do we need a Metaverse economy to be a counter weight to the AI economy?

43:00 What would the Metaverse economy look like?

46:00 What happens when the universe “awakens”?

54:00 Will we be uploading our consciousness into machines?

59:00 How will human laws adapt when the Singularity occurs?

1:05:00 Correction* One week off.

1:08:00 Will information be the currency of the 21st century?

1:13:00 Is VR the tool with which we will look inside our own minds?

1:16:00 What about the people who do not want to be part of the Singularity?

1:20:00 Can we be connected to nature and technology at the same time?

1:24:00 Would you augment your brain?

1:25:00 Would you give up your consciousness to the machine in exchange for world peace?

1:31:00 How to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello and welcome to the enterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Igor and Gregory and they are part of the team that created Blazerush.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 How Blazerush got started

3:30 How the team divided up work.

6:30 Why did they decide to implement vr support?

9:00 How was the UX/UI VR design implemented in Blaze Rush?

10:40 Nailing down the Vantage point of Blaze Rush.

13:20 Will Targem make more VR games in the future?

20:00 What does the virtual reality community look like in their part of Russia.

22:00 How do people react to the term virtual reality where they are from?

24:00 The duration of production.

25:00 Why did decide to create games in the first place?

28:00 The most difficult aspects of shipping out Blazerush from both a technical and business perspective.

32:00 Gregory and Igor’s favorite games.

35:00 How do you create a well balanced game?

39:30 Balancing out the weapon system. The devs favorite weapons.

49:00 How move forward when you nail down a good formula for success in gameplay?

51:00 Will there be DLC for Blazerush?

53:00 Closing thoughts.

Extra feature

58:00 Adding community submitted content to the game.

Thanks again to Igor and Gregory for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Get more info on Targem games with the links below:





Hello and welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Ryan Holmes from Space VR.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

45: What is Space VR?

1:00 Virtual reality space tourism is coming 2017

2:00 Why put a 360 camera in space?

3:30 What will you walk away with after trying Space VR?

4:00 Most pressing technical challenges for Space VR.

6:00 Where do you learn to make space certified cameras?

6:30 How to get the camera up to the ISS?How much money will it cost to get the camera up to space.

7:30 Funding Goals and how to accomplish them.

10:00 How will the experience be priced?

12:00 Doing a moon launch.

14:00 How to convince investors about Space VR?

16:00 Creating a Space robotics company.

18:00 Can you see yourself dying in space?

18:30 What are the implications of discovering life in our solar system?

20:00 Biggest obstacles facing Ryan.

21:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Ryan for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and space.

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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s I speak with MindVR, a startup putting together 360 video experiences.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

4:00 Intro. What is MindVR?

6:00 What is the allure of 360 videos?

9:30 How MindVR plans on improving on the 360 video technology.

13:00 What sets MindVR apart from the competition?

15:00 Lessons learned thus far. Figuring out what works?

18:00 Analyzing the merits of the competition.

25:00 What does the production pipeline look like?

28:00 How does the business model scale up?

33:00 How much to charge for 360 video content?

33:00 What is the thing that people want to do the most when the experience 360 video experiences?

36:00 What is the “Machine” being built by HP?

37:00 Is adult entertainment in the horizon for Mind VR?

39:00 CG story telling experiences vs. 360 videos?

43:00 Bringing Mystery Science 3000 to virtual reality.

45:00 Closing thoughts.

Thanks again to Phillippe, Guy and Dave for being scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality.

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Come hang out the San Francisco Metaverse Scholars club meetup!

Exploring VR outside gaming and surviving the first year of consumer VR

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015, 6:00 PM

pivotal labs
875 Howard St San Francisco, CA

53 Scholars Went

Hello fellow scholars of the Proto Metaverse! This month’s event we are bringing to you a special night filled with demos, a great panel and awesome people to meet.Join us as we peek inside the minds of Manish Gupta, James Blaha from ApolloVR , Tony Parisi founder at Third Eye and Matt Bell founder at Matterport. The panel will be moderated by Cr…

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