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Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the Enter VR podcast! On this episode I’m joined by my friends Dara Bonakdar, James Blaha, Steve Gehrman and Eric. Come along as we discuss a whole range of topics.

Here is snippet of some of the things we talked about :

1:00 Recap of CES. (please don’t sue me Christopher Nolan!)

5:00 Quad copter taxis are coming.

9:00 Hunting down drones with drones will become a business.

11:00 Grandmas can’t compete with VR porn reactions on youtube.

12:50 It doesn’t matter whether this reality is a simulation or not.

16:00 CV2 of the Rift and Vive will have AR capabilities.

20:00 Discussion on the price of the Rift.

48:00 A hand job is still a job. Virtual reality brothels will be a thing one day.

56:00 Which HMD is the most comfortable?

1:02:00 Will Android win the VR race in the long run?

1:13:00 Get ready for the self driving car economy.

1:43:00 The hidden reason why Foveated rendering is important.

Thanks to Steve, Erick, Dara and James for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

Welcome to another episode of Enter VR. On today’s show I speak with James Blaha and Manish Gupta from Apollo VR. Manish and James are working on a virtual reality game that could potentially eradicate Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Strabismus (crossed eye) forever.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:
40: The story of how Diplopia came about. Discovering the Rift and seeing 3D for the first time.

1:44 How Manish and James paired up to form Apollo VR.

2:44 The current stage in development. Diplopia updates.

3:20 How does Diplopia work? What makes it possible for VR to potentially treat lazy eye?

6:00 How did they figure out their methodology would work?

7:14 The most common methods to treat lazy eye today.

8:30 What does it feel like to have a lazy eye?

9:30 What is it like to grow up with lazy eye?

11:14 The psychological impacts of having an eye condition.

14:04 The causes and roots of different eye conditions.

15:02 The percentage of the population that has vision problems and how this can pose an obstacle to the adoption of virtual reality.

20:10 How can VR companies/developers get around the issue of people who cannot see in 3D. How to make vr more accessible.

23:14 Monetizing

23:48 The biggest challenges facing the team.

25:11 The response from Optometrist and vision therapists.

27:05 Age ranges for people trying out the Diplopia software.

29:00 How to raise funding for an idea like theirs.

32:32 Would you drink your own milk?

33:15 Would you drink lab grown milk made from human DNA?

36:43 What would you do with your time if there were no electricity for 1 year?

42:00 How long it will take for humans to be able to manipulate the planet’s weather.

43:34 It is easier than ever to genetically modify things at home.

46:00 Google’s project to keep you living forever.

47:42 Genetically engineering a super virus in your garage.

50:00 What is the allure of VR?

51:50 What components are needed to cross the uncanny valley.

53:42 What are the most far fetched predictions for what VR will do to our culture.

58:51 Is VR a way to escape reality or will it enhance the way we perceive reality?

1:00:45 What will be the most important thing to happen to humanity in this century? Technology and its unpredictability in the future.

1:02:00 Does thinking about the future scare you or excite you?

1:02:50 Can VR be used to augment humans?

1:04:00 How will people react to the rise of cyborgs or lab grown humans?

1:07:50 Closing thoughts and how to stay touch.
Thanks again to my guests for being true scholars

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