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Hello listerners! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Ben Librojo, the creator of Combat Helicopter. Come along as we talk about the process of creating Combat Helicopter, the paradox of virtual reality and diving deeper into vr addiction.

30: Intro

2:30 Getting feedback and optimizing Combat Helicopter for the DK2.

3:30 The secret sauce to getting things running smoothly in your demo.

4:10 How Ben became involved in VR.

5:30 What made Ben have faith in VR this time around.

8:30 Why create things in VR in the first place?

11:00 What’s so special about virtual reality?

12:30 Why Ben stopped playing mobile games.

14:40 Games that have influenced Ben the most.

18:20 Are game developers cognizant of how much time people spend playing their games?

19:20 What are the influences behind Combat Helicopter?

21:23 Working as an individual developer and balancing the constraints of being a one man team. Getting people to help in VR projects.

24:20 What are the long term goals for Combat Helicopter?

25:30 Do people just want to blow shit up in video games?

30:00 The tools Ben is using for Combat Helicopter. Using speech Synthesizer to voice over your game.

32:30 Will Combat Helicopter have multiplayer? Getting the game ready before CV1.

33:50 What the final product will look like.

35:10 Adding AI aircraft to the final version. Experimenting with an Air to Air combat mechanic.

36:00 How to decide how much to charge for the experience.

37:30 The time frame Ben is giving himself to finish the game.

38:00 Creating an off road version of Twisted Metal for VR?

40:00 How Ben funds his vr projects.

41:30 What are Ben’s long term goals in regards to the virtual reality industry?

43:00 Lessons that have caught Ben by surprise while developing for VR.

45:00 Why a Helicopter? Why not a bird or a Jet for a flight game.

47:00 Apache air assault with Track IR, was a place of ins

48:10 Does the specter of competition from the big publishers make Ben worry? Ben’s game plan.

50:00 Is there financial pressure in developing for vr?

52:00 The features you don’t get with Unity Free.

53:00 Is Unity Free good enough to create vr experiences?

56:00 The figuring out the cheapest way to make a vr.

58:45 The intended input device for combat helicopter.

1:00:00 The biggest challenge with implementing flight sticks for Combat Helicopter.

1:01:30 Including a pilot avatar in the demo. How to see far away objects in vr.

1:06:40 Ben’s impressions of Crescent Bay.

1:08:00 How will the average person off the street react to CV1?

1:10:00 How will vr addiction play out in the future?

1:13:00 Is VR a place of escape-ism or a tool of exploration? Liberating the human mind while trapping your body.

1:17:45 Will vr addiction differ from other types of addiction?

1:20:00 Channeling the hivemind’s perspective in how views vr. Prohibiting Face sitting porn is wrong.

1:23:00 What will regulation of the metaverse look like?

1:25:00 Ben’s hope for the future of vr.

1:28:00 Oculus and the Nimble acquisition.

1:32:00 A baseless theory on what the input device for CV1 will look like.

1:33:00 The ideal input device of the next 10 years.

1:37:00 Reactions to demoing the Rift in Athens Greece.

1:41:00 Ben is hungry and wants a pizza. Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Ben for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.




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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with LLyr Cenydd, the creator of Ocean Rift, Crashland and a researcher pushing the boundaries of procedural animation.

Here is preview of some the things we talked about:

1:05 Llyr’s background and how he became involved with VR

2:10 What is the allure behind 3D graphics

2:44 Where is the future 3D graphics headed in?

3:20 The Story behind the creation of Crashland and Ocean Rift

6:22 Explain like i’m five years old, how does procedural animation work?

7:35 How do simulations work with procedural animation?

9:40 Are triple A studios utilizing procedural systems in their games?

11:34 Is procedural animation and generation being used in tandem by any particular game?

12:40 Can Ocean rift have procedurally generated terrain?

16:01 Could procedural systems replace start taking video game developer jobs?

20:01 Where are the boundaries of procedural systems and how is the technology being pushed?

21:47 Where to learn more about procedural systems?

24:40 How to make money with procedural systems.

26:15 The process of creating the animals from Ocean Rift

27:40 Are there libraries of procedural algorithms out there?

29:00 The re-playability of Ocean Rift

30:20 How do the animals in Ocean Rift become aware of you?

32:00 What are Llyr’s goals ? How have they changed over time?

33:11 Lessons learned recently that would have been nice to known from the beginning.

34:29 What are the current limitations of Gear VR?

36:08 What is happening under the hood that makes mobile platforms to overheat? And what solutions can be worked out.

37: 45 How will the development of graphene based chips impact virtual reality?

39:04 Who is Ocean Rift built for? What category does it fall under?

41:14 Is VR the future of documentaries?

42:51 Does Ocean Rift include a Lochness monster?

44:30 Is the Lochness monster real?

46:30 Can VR be used to push forward our understanding of the Oceans?

47:54 Where does LLyr see himself in the future?

49:14 Are humans ready for a metaverse populated by procedurally animated avatars?

50:35 How long before we have procedurally animated dead relatives based on the information they left behind?

54:48 What is the worst thing that could happen to VR at this point?

57:02 The longest Llyr’s has spent in VR.

58:20 Where is VR leading us to?

59:00 How is the metaverse any better than our current internet?

1:00:30 Llyr’s top 5 games of all time

1:04:17 Future plans and projects

1:05:36 Ideas on how to monetize in VR

1:07:26 Llyrs business strategy and plans

1:08:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Llyr for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual


Thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Tony Davidson, the creator of one of the most immersive puzzle games on the Rift yet.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

35: What is Ethereon, how is it coming along?

2:30 Dk2 support for Ethereon Update

5:50 Tony’s Kickstarter plans, checking out the VRCade in Seattle and running into Tom Forsyth

10:15 How to assemble the best team possible for your VR project.

13:44 Figuring out how much to ask on Kickstarter.

16:50 Tony’s vision for what the final version of Ethereon will look like.

21:20 Why the rebirth of VR is different this time around..

23:40 What sorts of things can only be accomplished in VR?

27:00 What VR will look like 5 years from today?

30:07 Is there anything that can stop VR from becoming mainstream?

32:30 How to strike the balance between a benevolent and malevolent metaverse.

34:00 How younger people are reacting to VR . How to avoid sim sickness.

41:00 Will we see Ethereon on Sony Morpheus?

45:00 Balancing the hardware limitations of mobile platforms with the need for rich and immersive content. Creating design compromises that work.

47: 00 What will happen when we cross the uncanny valley?

50:30 What value could we gain from creating a replica of reality in the metaverse?

51:50 Closing thoughts and how to keep in touch.

Thanks again to Tony for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with AJ Tavakoli, the creator of Temple of Merk and really cool mobile VR experiences. ¬†AJ has been involved in the VR community since the first Meetups in Silicon Valley started sprouting up. Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:10 How AJ became involved with VR

5:30 AJ’s process of going from Skeptic to full out enthusiast.

9:00 The biggest problem facing the VR space is input device fragmentation.

11:25 How to decide what is the best peripheral to develop with.

14:30 Do we need standards in VR? The pros and cons of diversity.

16:30 Getting controllers to work with your project.

19:40 AJ’s method of troubleshooting.

21:55 How Temple of Merk came about and the design decisions that went into it.

27:40 The future plans for Temple of Merk

34:05 Trying out AJ’s multiplayer IOS VR game.

37:10 Mobile VR vs. Desktop VR

41:50 Mobile VR and how its introduction can have an impact on the success or failure of VR going mainstream.

46:10 What is holding back mobile from overtaking and how long before mobile becomes just as good as desktop experiences.

48:00 Cracking the lack of positional tracking code.

50:55 Where will AJ be 5 years from now?

52:30 How to achieve success in the VR space

55:00 What will VR look like 5 years from now? Will it become mainstream?

1:00:00 What are the long term implications for human in privacy in virtual reality. How the issue of privacy and virtual reality intersect.

1:06:00 What’s worst a robot war or a zombie apocalypse?

1:08:33 Closing thoughts and announcements

Thanks again to AJ for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!

To get in touch with AJ and to find out more about his projects, check out the links below.




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Hello listeners and welcome to another episode of EnterVR!

On today’s show I speak with Blair Renaud (Anticleric) the lead designer behind Technolust; a highly regarded upcoming VR game.

On the show we spoke about the design aspects of Technolust, do you need to be a math genius to become a VR developer? , the revolutionary potential of virtual reality across society, the trouble with locomotion in VR and the first porno i’ve ever watched.

Thanks again to Blair for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and to find out more about him and Technolust check out the links below:



Thanks for listening!


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