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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with Ikrima ElHassan and John Starr Dewar from Kite and Lightning, an up and coming virtual reality software company that is set to take the lunch money of Disneyland and Movie theaters with their next generation virtual reality experiences.

Come along as we disscuss: The origins of Kite and lightning. The decision making process behind the creation of Sensa Pezo. Incorporating game play and interactive elements into different projects going forward. The challenges of creating narrative experiences in virtual reality. Capturing human memories and experiences inside the metaverse to create an artificial consciousness that can outlive your physical body. Cloning my dog. Going to work inside VR via “virtual office spaces”. Placing bets on year 1 consumer version world wide sales for the Rift and much more!

Thanks again to Ikrima and John for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality!

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Hello listerners!

On today’s show I speak with James Andrew, the founder of PixelRouter and creator of Rift Wars. A virtual reality game that mixes Star Fox , Geometry Wars and awesome music!

Come along as we talked about; the importance of sound design, tips and tools on how to collaborate remotely with others on VR projects. Using bitcoin and major league gaming to create amazing VR experiences. Advice on keeping your mind sharp and keeping the creative juices going.

Thanks again to James for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Welcome to another episode of EnterVR! On today’s show I speak with Robin Arnott, the creator of Soundself. We discussed the ethics of virtual reality, will we see a new era of VR prohibition based on fear of technology? Figuring how to get active to protect net neutrality, the role of psychedelic drugs in virtual reality and I get a quick preview of future plans for SoundSelf.

Thanks again to Robin for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

Thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with Andrew and Mike of Basenji games, the studio behind Redframe. Redframe is one of the most beautiful games for the rift thus far. I speak with Mike and Andrew on their most pressing challenges, laying the groundwork for the conventions of VR, the many roads to funding an indie game and how to colonize Mars.

Thanks again to my guest for being scholars and gentlemen of Virtual Reality, for more information on RedFrame, check out the links below:



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Hello listeners!

Welcome to another exciting episode of EnterVR. I had the honor and pleasure to demo the latest build of Zombies on the holodeck from Survios. I truly felt like a kid demoing out Zombies on the Holodeck.

To check out the demo video check out the link below:

While there, we decided to record another amazing podcast. Come along as we discuss more VR development, re-teaching users how to play, using VR for machinima and we dip our toes in the world of cryptocurrency. I also reveal how I almost became a Pastafarian.

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Thank you to Nathan and James for their time and hospitality. You guys rock!

Thanks for listening!

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classroom aquatic


Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with Adeline, Remy, Michael, Devin and Eric, creators of Classroom Aquatic an experience available on the Oculus Rift and PCs.

Come along, as we talk about the VR development process, the upcoming kick starter campaign, community reactions and Dolphin Orgies.

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