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Hello and welcome to Enter VR!

On this episode I speak with Dara Bonakdar. Dara is the founder of Jahan, a platform that will allow you to visit the world’s museums and heritage sites with Virtual reality. Come along as we discuss the future challenges of VR, finding the money in the art world and cracking an egg with one’s buttocks.

Here is a snippet of the first ten minutes of one my favorite conversations yet:

1:00 The best bison burger in the world is in the middle of the California woods.

2:00 How Dara got involved in VR in the first place.

5:00 What will happen to tour guide jobs once VR museums become mainstream?

8:00 How Jahan will make profits.

10:00 How to find the ‘money’ in the art world?

Thanks very much to Dara for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Also, thanks to James Blaha for letting me use his Tupac mix for the intro of this show. Find the song at his profile page:


Hello and welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On today’s show Dora Cheng from uForis VR comes along to discuss business, the current challenges of VR, the future of the medium and more!

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

Intro: The value of having professional conferences for the VR industry.

2:00 How did this year’s Oculus Connect compare to last years?

4:45 What is Uforis VR? What are they up to?

7:00 Letting student’s take virtual tours of their future university housing.

8:00 Methodology to push out content.

10:40 Dora’s team created their own engine with its own API.

12:20 How Uforis adapts their custom engine to individual clients.

14:30 The long term vision of Uforis VR.

17:30 What sets Dora’s team apart from the competition.

19:50 Where does Dora’s enthusiasm for VR come from?

24:45 How long will it take for the Metaverse that Dora envisions to arrive? What will it look like?

32:00 Why does it feel like dystopian futures and VR go hand in hand?

36:00 Will VR play a role in creating dystopian or Utopian societies?

41:20 How will bullying play itself out in VR?

49:00 The price of admission for VR is more than monetary.

51:30 Using virtual reality life forms to rehabilitate criminals and people with mental illnesses.

56:00 What is the biggest weakness of the industry thus far?

1:00:00 Biggest thing to remember for someone who works in VR.

1:01:30 How to stay in touch with Dora.

Thanks again to Dora for being a true lady and scholar of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

Implementing WEBVR in Google Chrome with Brandon Jones
Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Brandon Jones a software developer at Google and the man behind the implementation of the Web VR api standards and tools for the Google Chrome web browser. Come along as we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of webvr, how to get people to develop for webvr and much more.

NOTE: I have lost the last 5 minutes of this conversation, somehow the file became corrupted. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about.

40: Intro and what Brandon has been up to. The story behind webvr

2:40 What does standardization look like for webvr?

6:00 How far off are we from a reality where webvr will be seamless for consumers.

11:50 How long before we turn the virtual realityHMD into an interconnected teleportation device?

17:47 The chicken vs the egg paradox with webvr

18:05 How do you incentivize developers to come work on the webvr platform? How to monetize developing on webvr

27:30 The general advantages/disavantages of utilizing webvr vs. Unity in expanding or improving a business.

32:53 Designing VR for the web and how to go about it.

36:30 When will VR find it’s ‘mouse’?

42:10 Nailing down the latency challenge. Experimenting with Timewarp with WebVR content.

45:00 What does Google stand to gain by utilizing WebVR/Webgl ?

49:12 How invested is Google in virtual reality? Boston Dynamics telepresence enabled robot has neither been confirmed nor denied.
Thanks again to Brandon for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.
Keep in touch with Brandon with the links below:

Cool Real Estate tool Brandon Talked about was talking about: http://realestate.matterport.com/listing/luxury-home/

WebVR Mailing List: https://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/web-vr-discuss

Brandon’s Blog: http://tojicode.com/

How to fold a Julia Fractal: http://acko.net/blog/how-to-fold-a-julia-fractal/






Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with the team at Innerspace, a VR studio putting together gorgeous and thought provoking experiences for the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear. Having tried a demo of the Fifth Sleep myself I can totally stand behind Innerspace as a studio with very high caliber talent.

Here is a preview of some of the things we discussed:

30: Intro to Innerspace, what is the Fifth Sleep and Play Head.

5:30 Creating the Hybrid between game and movie experience through VR.

10:00 The goals behind the Fifth Sleep.

14:10 The story sorrounding the fith sleep.

21:30 Using VR to wake up a man in a coma by going inside his dreams.

23:40 Consulting with scientist to make traveling through models of the brain more believable. Blair Renaud “Good science fiction is believable”

27:40 Balancing the right amount of science vs. artistic expression to provide more immersive experiences.

36:30 What would say to a consciousness trapped in a coma?

39:20 The right to not be woken up from a coma.

44:36 Finding a “switch” that will turn your brain into a comatose brain.

48:20 Exclusive reveal.

50:00 Using Cryengine to build the Fifth Sleep.

57:00 Is Google Cardboard bad for VR?

1:01:00 What will VR look like 5 years from now?

1:08:10 The design techniques employed by innerspace to combat sim sickness.

1:11:00 Using virtual reality as a form of artistic expression

1:17:10 Sony Morpheus support for the Fifth Sleep?

1:18:40 How to stay in touch and follow up with the team.

Thanks again to Balthasar and Andre for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Reverend Kyle is a man that requires very little introduction but for those who may not know him. He is the host of the Rev VR podcast, a member of the Road of VR team, the creator of the Oculus Rift experience called Teddy’s vs. Landsharks and he even has his own cooking Show!

On today’s show we go deeper down the rabbit than we’ve ever gone before, come along as we discuss the impact of virtual reality on the world’s religions, the role of the metaverse in the struggle of the rich vs. the poor, how to use VR to control humans and I uncover the meaning of life with Reverend Kyle.

Also, Reverend Kyle challenges anyone to tell him why he should buy a 3D printer.

For more information on this scholar and gentleman of virtual reality check out the links below:






Thanks again to my awesome guest and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with Andrew and Mike of Basenji games, the studio behind Redframe. Redframe is one of the most beautiful games for the rift thus far. I speak with Mike and Andrew on their most pressing challenges, laying the groundwork for the conventions of VR, the many roads to funding an indie game and how to colonize Mars.

Thanks again to my guest for being scholars and gentlemen of Virtual Reality, for more information on RedFrame, check out the links below:



Thanks for listening!


On today’s very special show I am joined by Philip Rosedale, the creator of Second Life. We spoke about how you can help build the metaverse with High Fidelity.io, using cryptocurrency inside the virtual world and the moral imperative to build the metaverse.For more information on what Philip is working on, check out the links below:




Thanks again to Philip for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

Thanks so much for listening! Don’t forget to check out the EnterVR Youtube Channel and EnterVR.net for more content!



Hello listeners!

Welcome to another exciting episode of EnterVR!

Are you working on a VR experience aimed at helping people and do social good? If so, please get in touch with Renée Frissen. Renée is founder of SocialTech, an up and coming start up company based in Amsterdam with the mission to help developers bring their technology to the Dutch and possibly European market. Renée is traveling the world to build a portfolio of awesome social tech startups, and currently she is located in San Francisco. Find out how by getting in touch with Renée at:

Twitter handle: @SocTechEU 


 Or the email: renee@societyimpact.nl

On today’s show, Renee and I spoke about the positive impacts of virtual reality for society, how to bring more women in to the VR community, Virtual reality criminality like pedophilia and saving humanity from climate change using virtual reality.

Thanks again to my wonderful guest for being a true scholar and lady of virtual reality.

Thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!


Welcome to another exciting episode of EnterVR! On today’s show I speak with DarkAkuma. An Oculus Rift developer and creator of the Kokiri Forest virtual reality experience. Come along as we talked about Zelda nostalgia, collecting expensive video games, developing for the Oculus Rift using Unity, the probability of Nintendo embracing VR and an exclusive announcement from DarkAkuma himself on the podcast!

Spoiler Alert:

DarkAkuma is working on expanding Kokiri Forest with more Zelda Ocarina of Time environments! So far it will be code named : Project Ocarina.

For more information on DarkAkuma and what he is up to check out the link below:


Check out the Nintendo Hoax that DarkAkuma spoke about in the podcast:



Thanks again to DarkAkuma for being a true scholar and gentleman of Virtual Reality!



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Thank you for listening!



Hello listerners!

On today’s show I am joined by Kent Bye, designer of the Shadow Projection Oculus Rift demo, a film maker and host of the esoteric voices podcast. Come along, as we discuss using virtual reality in the realm of spirituality, the implications of vr in human learning and using technology human disconnectedness to each other.

For more information on Kent check out the links below:

For more information on some of the things we talked about check out the links below:
Sleep No More immersive theater
Sleep No More is a Synchronistic Initiatory Experience
OpenBCI is an open source, brain-control interface
Emotiv is a commercial brain-control interface
Demo of Mind-controlled VR with Emotiv EPOC
Shadow Projection Game + Lessons Learned
RGBD Toolkit for depth filmmaking
Clouds interactive documentary
Unello Design’s Eden River, Lunadroid 237 & Waking Man
Art of Visual Storytelling with Alex Buono
Binaural audio tech demos from VR SDIR
Heartmath Institute & heartrate variability
Top 20 VR experiences of 2013 by Cymatic Bruce
Titans of Space
Holosync Binaural beat audio
Hemi-sync Binaural beat audio
Quantified Self
Video of Tony Hsieh talking about Downtown Project & creating community
Her the movie
Palmer Luckey on “Virtual Reality: The Road Ahead” at D.I.C.E. 2014 Summit



Thanks again to my gracious guest for being a scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.