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I got in touch with Linda Wells of OculusRealPorn.com, a company working on bringing adult content into virtual reality. Thanks again to Linda and the guys from OculusRealPorn for answering my questions. 
> How did you guys come up with the idea?

We are fans of virtual reality from watching movies like The Lawnmower Man. Last year, when the Oculus Rift arrived to market  we ran to buy one to achieve true VR experiences with it. We realized that there wasn’t any porn with real people for Virtual Reality, so we contacted friends who were porn actresses of and we started the company.

>  Why virtual reality?

The possibility to explore another world with VR games and to disconnect from every day work is very attractive to us. You can play whatever role you want and feel like you are a different person in another environment. That feeling is priceless.

>  Why pornography?

All the possibilities with VR are more attractive and addictive if
when there is porn for everybody. No matter if you are a man or a woman, you can make all your fantasies “reality”.

>  What is the biggest selling point for Vr porn?

Internet, of course. People want immediateness and discretion when they want to consume porn, and internet is perfect for all that.

>  Who is your target audience?

Right now we are aiming at every VR developer or enthusiast and primarily men, but it’ll increase with the commercial release of the Oculus Rift. We are asking our users about their fantasies to create content that might achieve that.

>  What are your biggest challenges at this point?

Porn for VR is relatively new and there are technical challenges with
video production. We are producing new videos in 120º FOV while simultaneously researching to increase the field of view. The big challenge is increasing the field of view with stereoscopic video. Also there are a lot of users that are helping us choose a correct video edition to create the most comfortable experience possible. We are working tirelessly and we are achieving all of that gradually.

>  How does creating pornographic content for vr differ from more
 traditional methods?

The video editing and camera shaking is overall different to other kind of content for most users. We must let the user watch every scene eliminating all the motion sickness that we can, although we have advanced VR users that prefers the same video editing techniques of traditional porn content.

>  Will there be porn for women or people of other sexual orientations in the future?

Yes, that is our intention, bringing the best VR sex experiences so all kinds of people can enjoy.

>  What features should we expect in the future? What will VR pornography be able to bring us 5 years, 10 years from now?

We hope to put on the market devices to grab a total FOV for each eye, in order to get a complete immersion in the scene, and especially without cables. In porn, we expect greater interactivity experiences with HMDs properly adapted interfaces, we would like to see sensors that make you feel exactly what you see on the HMD, we think that it’ll be possible in the next few years. We’ll see a new revolution in media market.

>  What is your ultimate vision for the future for your technology? Both on a macro and an individual level.

We hope that the HMD completely disappears, so that the image and feelings can be sent directly to our cerebral cortex using electrodes or similar devices. When this happens (we believe it will), it will absolutely change the way we see the world, the audiovisual industry and relationships among people. We do not think this is necessarily a bad thing, as with all technologies, it is the user who decides the way he/she uses it. It’s possible that all that comes with time and we hope to be there to continue creating the best quality content we can.

Thank you very much for your interview, kind regards.

Linda Wells

And thank you Linda!


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