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Hello listerners!

On today’s show I am joined by Kent Bye, designer of the Shadow Projection Oculus Rift demo, a film maker and host of the esoteric voices podcast. Come along, as we discuss using virtual reality in the realm of spirituality, the implications of vr in human learning and using technology human disconnectedness to each other.

For more information on Kent check out the links below:

For more information on some of the things we talked about check out the links below:
Sleep No More immersive theater
Sleep No More is a Synchronistic Initiatory Experience
OpenBCI is an open source, brain-control interface
Emotiv is a commercial brain-control interface
Demo of Mind-controlled VR with Emotiv EPOC
Shadow Projection Game + Lessons Learned
RGBD Toolkit for depth filmmaking
Clouds interactive documentary
Unello Design’s Eden River, Lunadroid 237 & Waking Man
Art of Visual Storytelling with Alex Buono
Binaural audio tech demos from VR SDIR
Heartmath Institute & heartrate variability
Top 20 VR experiences of 2013 by Cymatic Bruce
Titans of Space
Holosync Binaural beat audio
Hemi-sync Binaural beat audio
Quantified Self
Video of Tony Hsieh talking about Downtown Project & creating community
Her the movie
Palmer Luckey on “Virtual Reality: The Road Ahead” at D.I.C.E. 2014 Summit



Thanks again to my gracious guest for being a scholar and gentleman of virtual reality.

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