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Hello listeners! Welcome to a very special episode of the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak Manish Gupta, James Blaha, Aaron Frank and Steve Gerhman. Come along as we discuss the future of the human species.

1:00 Catching up with James and Manish from Vivid Vision.

2:40 Catching up with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

5:00 Why game engines are awesome.

6:00 How far are we away from being able to control thought and memory? Will VR become the human thought control interface?

8:00 Sword Art Online Spoilers start here:

11:30 Where does VR fit in, in the eventuality of us having 1 trillion connected devices?
(Read the book “What technology wants” by Kevin Kelly.

21:00 How will we deal with grieving when we can live longer than any other humans that came before us?

24:00 Discussing the universal basic income.

28:00 Finding an economic solution to climate change.

34:00 Why the universal basic income paired with the Metaverse economy will save humanity from the AI economy.

37:00 How long do we have before civilization collapses because of the AI economy?

40:00 Why the rise of AI will be bad for the human species.

46:00 What goals should we give AI? What are we suppose to do with AI once its born?

49:00 Today’s recurrent neural networks can give you the ability to do amazing things.

55:00 Ex Machina spoilers begin here.

59:00 What will the first human brain augmentations look like?

1:01:00 Discussing transcranial direct current stimulation devices.

1:05:00 How much do we know about the human brain in 2015? Discussing Opti genetics.

1:10:00 The importance of philosophy in our time. What does it mean to be free?

1:21:00 What is the likelihood of AI not killing us all?

1:26:00 What would you say to your future self of 10 years from now? Being able to record our experiences and reliving our memories in VR.

1:29:00 The business model of the first AI? Using AI for Cybercrime? What is crime?

1:34:00 What will human organization look like in the 21st century?

1:37:00 (as of June 12th 2015, TPP has been blocked by the U.S House of Representatives). How to fight back corporate interests that want suppress a free and open internet.

1:42:00 What does it mean to be a millennial? How will this generation be remembered? What is the purpose of being human?

1:48:00 How will we keep up with the pace of change as the future seems to accelerating towards us?

1:49:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro. The Singularity University Campus reminds me of X-Men School.

2:00 What is Singularity University and how did it come about?

4:00 How will understanding exponential progress change the way you make business decisions?

7:00 How exponential growth can be deceptive.

10:00 Is virtual reality an exponential growth technology?

16:00 Is the Oculus Rift a “pretender” technology?

21:00 Is virtual reality really a paradigm shift? How to not get left behind.

24:00 Where does Singularity University fit in, when it comes to the ongoing story of virtual reality.

27:00 Do exponential problems require exponential solutions?

36:00 Do we need a Metaverse economy to be a counter weight to the AI economy?

43:00 What would the Metaverse economy look like?

46:00 What happens when the universe “awakens”?

54:00 Will we be uploading our consciousness into machines?

59:00 How will human laws adapt when the Singularity occurs?

1:05:00 Correction* One week off.

1:08:00 Will information be the currency of the 21st century?

1:13:00 Is VR the tool with which we will look inside our own minds?

1:16:00 What about the people who do not want to be part of the Singularity?

1:20:00 Can we be connected to nature and technology at the same time?

1:24:00 Would you augment your brain?

1:25:00 Would you give up your consciousness to the machine in exchange for world peace?

1:31:00 How to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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