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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! On this episode, Dee from eVRyday VR drops by to philosophize and discuss the future of the final medium.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about.

3:00 The 360 camera that wants to tackle consumer 360 video capturing.

6:00 The consumer 360 camera landscape.

7:10 What does the “perfect” 360 camera look like?

9:30 How will the internet of things intertwine with the advancements in computer vision?
Thanks to Brian Redband for inspiring this idea.

11:34 How long before we can stream light field videos?

12:00 How does Dee define reality? Do we have the freedom to live out the majority of our lives in VR?

15:20 Using VR as an education tool to raise awareness about Climate change. Why VR is a better education tool than what we already do or have.

18:00 Increasing your understanding of the fabric of the Universe by playing “cut the rope”.

23:00 How do you provoke questions of wonderment in a user in a virtual reality environment.

27:00 How can someone with a 9 to 5 job become involved in the virtual reality industry?

31:00 What Dee is passionate about these days. Hint: parallax

37:30 360 panoramic capturing within Unity applications. What does the let’s player of the future look like?

40:00 What will let’s plays look like 5 years from now?

45:00 The future of E-sports.

49:00 How can VR enhance the mental health of the average person?

52:00 Will VR bring about the dawn of a new class of human?

53:00 What is mental health? At what point does using become detrimental for your mental health? Can it be detrimental?

1:03:00 Having the ability to shut out shitty moments in life. What will that do to our psychology?

1:05:30 Will there be a marketplace for “Shit on your plate simulator” type experiences?

1:07:00 A new era of trolling is upon us.

1:13:00 Virtual reality and legal system. How will the law handle simulated crime?

1:18:00 How Dee curates content.

1:20:00 Dee dropped out from the PHD program at Berkeley to pursue VR.

1:23:00 Dee vs Frooxius in a Pokemon battle. Who would win?

1:25:00 Going inside of Virtual Desktop to download Dee’s demo.

Note* I did not edit this podcast in VR.

1:26:00 Dee’s favorite thing about having a Youtube channel.

1:28:00 Working with the VRChive to provide 3D lightfields.

1:34:00 Trying out a captured 360 video from Neos the Universe. Dee created a 360 video panoromic capture for Unity environments.

360 panoramic capture

1:38:00 Dee is giving away cool VR free shit and looking for a job.

1:40:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Dee for being scholar and pioneer of virtual reality. Also, thank you for listening!

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Intro song is Through the Fire and Flames from Dragon Force

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