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Hello listeners!

Welcome to another exciting episode of EnterVR. I had the honor and pleasure to demo the latest build of Zombies on the holodeck from Survios. I truly felt like a kid demoing out Zombies on the Holodeck.

To check out the demo video check out the link below:

While there, we decided to record another amazing podcast. Come along as we discuss more VR development, re-teaching users how to play, using VR for machinima and we dip our toes in the world of cryptocurrency. I also reveal how I almost became a Pastafarian.

For more information on Survios check out the links below :



Thank you to Nathan and James for their time and hospitality. You guys rock!

Thanks for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to another episode of EnterVR. On today’s show I speak with Nathan Burba and James Iliff from Survios (formerly known as project holodeck).

We talked about what Survios is up to right now, the origins of Survios and they teased out the really cool things we can expect from them in the future. On top of that we also talked about the public relations obstacles to virtual reality, the economics of VR ,how robots have become the nuclear weapons of the 21st century and how the NSA plans on listening to the thoughts inside your head.

for more information on Survios, check out the links below:





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