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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Karl Krantz the creator of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Meetup events. We spoke about bringing the Oculus Crescent Bay prototype to the holiday party (skip to the last 12 minutes of the show), anticipating the potential consequences of an artificial intelligence economy, virtual reality pornography and much more

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

22: Intro, what’s been keeping Karl busy.

1:00 The next SVVR conference.

1:40 How does Karl keep up with VR news?

2:22 Finding a bigger home for SVVR.

3:40 How has the community changed since its early days?

5:30 Is Karl still encountering VR skeptics in Silicon Valley?

7:00 What is the most used argument used by skeptics?

10:20 Will there be people who will choose the metaverse over reality? Is that good or bad?

11:30 Could VR sex become so good that it could slow down population growth?

13:00 Could VR solve the long distance love paradox?

15:40 Could VR porn exacerbate pre existing addictions to porn?

18:20 How can we prevent or anticipate the potentials problems of VR addiction?

20:16 Will the next Candy Crush of vr be too addicting?

22:00 The game theory challenges of putting together a code of ethics for the metaverse.

24:00 Creating a personal assistant/AI that will assist you in navigating the metaverse based on your biofeedback

26:00 Who will own your data in the metaverse?

27:00 Demoing a DK1 with eye tracking hacked into it.

30:00 Will we ever see ‘smell’ vr peripherals?

33:00 How will existing industries adapt when virtual reality starts eating its lunch money.

35:00 Will watching movies in VR on airplanes ever become a popular thing?

38:00 The true threat behind the AI economic revolution and how it will effect VR?

43:00 The creation of AI and VR will usher humanity into a new epoch.

44:00 The fragility of civilization.

46:00 Creating an economy inside the metaverse in order to provide a counterweight to the AI economic revolution.

51:00 Will everyone earn the same thing if we adopt cryptocurrency how will that look like ?

56:00 Karl’s impressions on the Samsung Gear.

1:00:20 Experiencing Chernobyl with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 vs. Samsung Gear.

1:02:00 Is battery technology keeping up with the pace of Moore’s law?

1:04:40 The dangers of closed ecosystems and walled gardens when accessing the metaverse.

1:09:00 Will corporations kill the potential life changing properties of an open metaverse?

1:13:00 Are Facebook employees scared of coming to VR meetups?

1:14:00 The lessons Karl has learned since starting the meetup.

1:17:00 Not feeling so crazy once you find a VR community.

1:19:10 Learning to embrace new people coming into the VR community.

1:22:04 Dealing with impostor syndrome.

1:25:00 If money was not an issue, what are Karl’s plans to contribute to virtual reality.

1:28:00 Creating a physical space for SVVR, to incubate and accelarate VR companies.

1:29:00 The biggest challenges facing Karl.

1:31:00 Creating a virtual reality office to optimize productivity.

1:33:00 Tips and tricks from Karl to start a VR meetup.

1:36:20 If SFVR, SVVR, VRLA and NYCVR were ice cream, flavors what sort of ice cream flavors would they be.

1:41:00 What will come after VR? Is VR truly the final medium?

1:42:30 Karl Krantz predicted the future.

1:43:20 What is the worst thing that could happen to vr now?

1:46:00 Does Magic Leap warrant the hype behind it?

1:49:00 SVVR holiday party announcements. Ethereon, VR Chat and Crescent Bay will be making it out to the holiday party.

1:53:00 The first STEM from Sixense will be at the Holiday party.

1:56:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Karl for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Palmer Luckey: “And then I started receiving death threats”

Sympathetic voice in the background: “aaaw”

Me: “hahahaha!”

*awkward second of silence.

Yes this actually happened and there is a record of it(check out the Supercast from Reverend Kyle at Road to VR!). My first time meeting Palmer Luckey was 99% positive and 1% awkward. I’m going to tell you about the awkward part.

But first, I gotta say the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo was an astounding success, thanks to Karl Krantz, Nana Usui, Cymatic Bruce and all the awesome volunteers that made this happen.

One day I will be telling my grandchildren about the time I went to the “first virtual reality expo”, at which point my grandchildren will respond condescendingly: “oh grandpa, virtual reality is so 2020’s” In my anger towards their apathy I will reply. “Bitch! That’s why your still having sex with that robot! Why, when I was your age they called me doctor love; do you know why? because I used to cure the neurological disease called love with my penicilin”

Anyways, nevermind my ungrateful and apathetic future grandchildren. My experience at SVVR will remain in my memory forever and the connections and friendships I’ve made, I intend to make them last my whole life time. My only point of criticism is that I wish it lasted longer.

I spoke to the security guard because she looked lonely and she told me “this is the first conference I’ve worked, where people actually want to be here, it was hard getting them to leave on the first day”.

Its true, Cymatic Bruce had to manually herd people out of the expo floor on the second day because people wouldn’t leave.

It’s almost a year since I started EnterVR, I honestly never thought that this industry would unravel before my eyes so quickly. To me VR will save and improve people’s lives, bring about a new breath fresh air to a stagnant gaming industry and eventually change life on earth as we know it. I’m positive of all this and its all a matter of when these things will happen.

How do I know this, you ask?

I’m from the future.
Before I continue forward with my story on Palmer. I gotta thank you to Reverend Kyle for having the huevos to go up to Palmer and ask him to join us in on a Podcast. I gotta admit, I don’t think I would have had the balls to approach him, I guess I didn’t think recording a podcast would be worth his time. Good thing I was wrong.

So here I am, sitting next to Bullardo, with Reverend Kyle across the table from me and Matt Stompz sitting next to the Rev. As we started recording, in the back of my head I was thinking” I hope I can say the word FUCK on this podcast, I like the word Fuck”.

Some 5 minutes into our conversation Palmer Luckey walks in and we began recording one of the coolest podcast I’ve ever done. To be frank, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. What kind of guy is Palmer after all? Would he be snobbish? would he be mean? did the money get to him?

The answer is nope, nope and nope. In fact I was really surprised by how quickly I warmed up to him. This might be a no brainer to some of you reading this but I have come to the conclusion that Palmer is a human being and he’s pretty “normal”.

So, at one point during the conversation someone asked Palmer how things have changed since the Facebook deal and at some point during his answer he says ” And I’ve also received death threats”

In the background I hear a sympathetic voice saying “aww” meanwhile I let out a nice and hearty three syllable “hahaha”. There was a quick awkward second of silence in the room, to me it felt like a lifetime, I was already thinking to myself “damn it I broke the podcast…now everyone thinks I’m weird”

Thankfully all went better than expected and my laughter seemed like water off a ducks back to Palmer. (at least I hope so)

On the ride home, I thought to myself. “damn why did I do that?”

I have two theories :

1: I’m an asshole

2: Laughter is my healing mechanism when I try to get over bad memories and it has become a reflex even if the memories aren’t my own.


This isn’t the first time this has happened, I am often the only person laughing when people share their uncomfortable experiences when i’m in a group. Laughing and joking doesn’t work every time and for every circumstances but it has helped me. Death threats aren’t funny but in the right setting, with the right joke structure and the ideal circumstance in which no one was physically harmed, we can start a healing process through laughter.

To me, it feels therapeutic to laugh at your own misfortune in the presence of good people. If I ever have Palmer on my podcast I’ll make sure to tell him some of my most unfortunate experiences (like the time my monkey bit me, or the time I almost got arrested for showing my butt cheeks to the police, or the time – you get the idea…)


Don’t worry I don’t usually laugh at strangers when they share bad memories, but Palmer had become so approachable that I just started seeing him as a “bro”.



Anyways, being a part of the virtual reality community has taught me a lot about technology, entrepreneurship and ultimately myself. I’m truly grateful.

The only thing that excites me more than what I’ve already seen, is thinking of all things I have yet to witness.

Thanks again to Palmer for being a true scholar and gentleman of Virtual Reality.

Here are a couple of highlights from the conference:

Don’t get forget to check out the Ubercast!






Welcome to EnterVR’s new year special!

Today I am joined by Karl Krantz and Cymatic Bruce. Come along as we talk about the historic year that 2013 was for virtual reality and the things we are most excited for in 2014.

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Thank you so much for listening to EnterVR. Don’t forget to check out the subreddit(r/entervr) and stay in touch via twitter @entervr.


Happy New Year!

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Cymatic Bruce Enters VR! On this very special 2 hour long episode, Bruce and I talk about life, VR applications, VR implications and how to survive a robot/Zombie apocalypse.

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Thank you for listening! On this episode I speak to Karl Krantz about the VR jam, Oculus going mobile, consoles response to VR and the future, future, future…

You can check out more information on the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup at the link below:




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Enjoy the show!


The second Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meet up took off to great success. More than 95 developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts filled a conference room at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View California. The event was filled with hardware announcements, new product presentations and the oh so sweet Rift demos everyone was excited to try on.

BJ Wooden emceeing at SVVR #2
BJ Wooden emceeing at SVVR #2


                                                   THE HIGHLIGHTS


-Philip Rosedale the creator of Secondlife and his team presented a new software application that has Oculus Rift support. His website highfidelity.io has a good description of what this new software is intended for; “We’re building a new virtual world enabling rich avatar interactions driven by sensor-equipped hardware, simulated and served by devices (phones, tablets and laptops/desktops) contributed by end-users”.

During his talk Philip announced that any developer interested in contributing to the source code of his latest VR project can directly access it here

“VR needs to be an open system- the code that we’re working on is on github.com” Said Rosedale during his talk.


-Professor William Provancher from the University of Utah demoed his Tactical Haptics Reactive Grip hardware technology. From his website :”The objective of this company is to commercialize haptic feedback technologies, including several technologies developed in his University of Utah Lab, the Haptics and Embedded Mechatronics Laboratory. The company’s initial focus is on commercializing the use of Reactive Grip™ Tactile Shear Feedback in the field of gaming”. I had a chance to try out the tactil feedback prototype and can personally vouch for the potential this technology has in the future of VR.

SVVR attendee demoing tactical haptics
SVVR attendee demoing tactical haptics

For more information on professor Provancher’s work you can follow the link below:




– Sixense wowed attendees of the first Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup with a demonstration of their MakeVR software. This time around Sixense announced that they are working on their newest wireless controller paired up with a mobile positional tracker a device so small you can clip it on to your belt so that games in the future can track your torso (or whatever body part you decide to clip it to). They demoed their controller prototype running Left for Dead 2 and in speaking during the QA, CEO and President Amir Rubin mentioned that the controllers would have as little latency and would be as precise as a computer mouse.

Some interesting points that were brought up during the discussion were the use and implementation of biometrics, haptic feedback and the potential applications for the clip on mobile tracker. For more information on Sixense, you can visit their website here.

-ConditionOne, demoed a film making and video application for the Oculus Rift. The company’s goal with this application is to create film experiences in which you will be surrounded at 360 degrees by the movie you are watching.

In this image the user is standing on the edge of cliff looking out into the Ocean. Notice how the fan is adding an extra layer of immersion.

Visit ConditionOne’s website for more information on their projects. ConditionOne.com


-A small group developers at Hacker Dojo developed and demoed a ‘Virtual Tours’ application. Once you strapped on the rift, you found yourself in a white space with a few bubble type windows floating around. If you stared at the window long enough, the window would expand and transport you to the environment on the other side of the bubble. The environments were created using dslr cameras and I am personally really excited for what this software will look like on an HD Oculus.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a website for this up and coming group of developers, but rest assured I will be keeping track of where these guys take this exciting piece of software at the next VR meetup.

The meetup featured many more demos, a small group of enthusiasts brought their Rifts along with them and queues were being formed all around to try out the different Rift demos on display. Cymatic Bruce himself was letting people try out his own googly eyed Rift from his Youtube Channel.



The event went really well. The people were friendly and excited about the technology, the presenters had interesting things to say and display. Being there felt like you were part of something big, perhaps something historical? It’s a sensation that is hard to describe but you can sense something special going on in that room.

Huge thanks to Karl Krantz, Nana Usui and BJ Wooden for organizing and hosting the event. You guys are doing amazing work.

For more information on SVVR  check out the meetup group site here.