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Hello and welcome to another installment of the Enter VR podcast! On this episode I hang out with Aaron Lemke, Founder at Unello Design and all around scholar and gentleman of the proto metaverse. Come along as we dive into conversation about VR deving and some other loosely tan genial subjects to VR.

1:00 Getting a proper Audio metronome to work in Unity?

1:10 What is Unity good and bad at?

2:50 12 hour work days will ruin your posture.

5:00 Can standing desks be bad for you ?

6:10 Wearing an HMD while walking on a treadmill?

7:30 VR developers on the side walk eating tacos.

10:40 This podcast is not sponsored by anyone and all the views reflect my own opinions or the opinions Incepted into my mind via subliminal messages.

11:30 Going to the Unity Vision Summit.

13:00 “We’re all optimists about this technology”.

13:30 Altruism Vs. Profit.

(I actually like Buzzfeed blue. Buzzfeed is the phenomena of supply demand being played out in the exchange of digital media. How do you make money with media companies these days? How does technology reflect our human nature?)

18:00 Everything in life is on a spectrum.

18:33 I need a new catch phrase.

20:00 We want to be productive in VR!

21:30 Dreams by Media Molecule has got us hyped.

23:00 Turning the obstacles of VR into business opportunities.

25:30 I wouldn’t mind owning a Nintendo Dolphin.

27:20 People want to escape reality? Why do we want to escape reality?

28:38 Elegant is probably not right term.

30:10 The rise of a new jock mentality through e-sports?

32:00 Lorne Michaels please buy our idea!

33:40 http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/11/we-need-an-energy-miracle/407881/

36:00 Transcending the self through nature.

38:00 Aaron is working on something awesome for the Vive.

40:10 Aaron is playing a lot of Tiltbrush and Fantastic Contraption on the Vive. http://fantasticcontraption.com/

42:00 Pewdiepie played Aaron’s game.

44:00 Swarm hiveminds could counteract the power of AI?

45:00 Read the Metarmorphosis of Prime Intellect. Spoiler alert!!!!

46:00 How long before we fight the first robot war?

47:10 Rick and Morty is amazing!

49:00 Taking Roy off the grid!

54:00 It’s the year 15,219 and your government doesn’t want you to know.

55:00 Sand hydraulics are bad ass.

56:00 Watch Tim’s Vermir. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3089388/

58:00 Technology is eternally linked to art. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3204392/

1:03:00 Learning game development helps you appreciate nature.

1:07:00 People are very critical of real world environments in VR.

1:08:00 Lands End is pretty sweet on the Gear VR.

1:10:00 Will Apple ever make a VR product?

1:12:00 VR is taking too long to get here.

1:14:00 Creating a VR fetish island.

1:17:00 Can VR make you more violent?

1:18:00 Creating the next Metal Gear for VR.

1:21:00 Don’t step on the lava vr.

1:26:00 Will we ever see haptic gloves?

1:27:00 Deep uses human breath as input.

1:31:00 Debating the best tracking solutions.

1:33:00 I’ll be the last guy Oculus will ever hire btw.

1:36:00 Lighthouse will become Wifi in a utopian future.

1:38:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I am joined by Aaron Lemke, the man behind Unello Design. Come along as we discuss his future plans for Eden River and Opera Nova, we also dip our toes inside the rabbit hole and explore the idea of crossing the uncanny valley with VR.

Here is a quick preview of some things we talked about:


How Aaron first became involved in VR


Aaron’s first impression with the Rift.


Aaron’s greatest VR influences


Controlling the Avatar of a cat from a first ‘person’ perspective


Aaron’s thoughts on the virtual reality renaissance.


Thinking outside the box when creating VR experiences , Why meditative games?


What sorts of new features are in the pipeline for Opera Nova and Eden River.

22: 40

Standing vs. sitting in VR.

23: 36

Our dream features and specs for consumer version one.


What its like to be a one man developer team.


What Oculus can do to help developers more.


The promise of Android VR


What the future of monetization will look like.


Using the word experience to describe VR software just doesn’t cut it, anymore.


What will it feel like to cross the uncanny valley for the first time? How would you react to the moment when you can’t tell the difference between VR and real life?

Will we fight post uncanny valley VR experiences or will we learn to accept it?


Figuring how to fool all of the human perceptual systems in order to provide the most presence.


What does it mean to be alive in an age of unprecedented technological growth?


The best and worst thing that could happen with virtual reality technologies in the future.


Will humanity be able to take full advantage of VR to our benefit or will we let the opportunities go to waste in the abuse of unpractical experiences?


Will there be class stratification in the Metaverse?


Human behaviors can transfer over to a virtual world?


What will the ultimate VR medium look like? Will we ever connect neurologically with the machine world?


Could a machine be able to predict what you are about to do before even “you” realize it with neural implants?


Closing thoughts, how to keep in touch with Aaron


Enter VR’s first ever musical performance! Aaron performs a song from the Eden River Soundtrack.

To get in touch with Aaron or support his work, follow the links below:




Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!