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Welcome to another episode of Enter VR!Come along, as I speak with Eric Johnson the associate editor of mixed reality at Re/Code and Steve Gerhman a VR developer working on text input in virtual reality through Unreal Engine 4.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro

2:30 Eric’s rituals that get him ready for public appearances.

6:30 Getting people to overcome their everyday anxieties through VR?

7:30 Steve Joins the convo.

9:30 Do social connections need to happen organically in virtual spaces?

11:30 Vive Vs. Oculus. Which one has the best tracking solution?

14:00 Trying out the VRCADE experience at Dave and Buster’s.

17:15 The current state of the virtual reality industry according to Eric.

18:30 What needs to happen in order for VR to be successful.

19:30 How to keep people coming back to VR experiences. Do developers have to worry about the ethics of keeping people inside of VR for too long?

21:30 Which will pan out to be biggest flaw of VR in the long run…Its ability to isolate people or unknown health consequences with irresponsible use by consumers.

24:30 Why are we humans so compelled to look at screens constantly? What will come next after the screen?

27:30 Why user generated content platforms will be the killer apps of VR.

32:30 Creating music inside of virtual reality.

34:00 Injecting Deep dream into a 360 video.

34:30 Simulating an LSD experience using VR and transcranial direct current stimulation.

37:30 Dominating the world economy with a workforce powered by the coffee of the 21st century, TDCS.

39:00 The state of the wearable industry in relation to VR hmds.

40:40 If VR isn’t useful, it won’t be mainstream. Where the ultimate utility of VR really lies.

43:10 Disney World is experimenting with police state technology.

49:00 Will we ever see robot armies fighting on the behalf of billionaires?

51:30 Why Eric is not buying a Jeep. Balancing the pros and cons of self driving vehicles.

54:30 How will the sharing economy affect the capitalism we know of today? How will our concepts of property change over time.
“In the future you won’t have a job and everything will be cheap”.

57:30 How will the sharing economy morph our notions of the “American Dream”.\

1:00:30 Climate change is easier to solve than the San Francisco housing crisis. Eric’s path through journalism.

1:03:30 Eric’s biggest journalistic influences.

1:05:00 The state of tech journalism according to Eric.

1:06:00 How to balance between asking hard questions without losing your sources in journalism.

1:07:30 Eric’s feud with the Sony Morpheus team.

1:10:30 Making guesses on which platform will sell the most hmds after the first year of consumer VR.

1:13:30 Are there any Gear VR usage data? How much are people using their GearVRs?

1:20:30 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with Eric and Steve.

Thanks again to Eric and Steve for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.






The track you heard at the beginning is José Larralde’s – Quimey Neuquen -The Be Svendsen Edit. Thanks to Be for allowing me to play his track. Find the track on Soundclould:


Hello listeners! Welcome to a very special episode of the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak Manish Gupta, James Blaha, Aaron Frank and Steve Gerhman. Come along as we discuss the future of the human species.

1:00 Catching up with James and Manish from Vivid Vision.

2:40 Catching up with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

5:00 Why game engines are awesome.

6:00 How far are we away from being able to control thought and memory? Will VR become the human thought control interface?

8:00 Sword Art Online Spoilers start here:

11:30 Where does VR fit in, in the eventuality of us having 1 trillion connected devices?
(Read the book “What technology wants” by Kevin Kelly.

21:00 How will we deal with grieving when we can live longer than any other humans that came before us?

24:00 Discussing the universal basic income.

28:00 Finding an economic solution to climate change.

34:00 Why the universal basic income paired with the Metaverse economy will save humanity from the AI economy.

37:00 How long do we have before civilization collapses because of the AI economy?

40:00 Why the rise of AI will be bad for the human species.

46:00 What goals should we give AI? What are we suppose to do with AI once its born?

49:00 Today’s recurrent neural networks can give you the ability to do amazing things.

55:00 Ex Machina spoilers begin here.

59:00 What will the first human brain augmentations look like?

1:01:00 Discussing transcranial direct current stimulation devices.

1:05:00 How much do we know about the human brain in 2015? Discussing Opti genetics.

1:10:00 The importance of philosophy in our time. What does it mean to be free?

1:21:00 What is the likelihood of AI not killing us all?

1:26:00 What would you say to your future self of 10 years from now? Being able to record our experiences and reliving our memories in VR.

1:29:00 The business model of the first AI? Using AI for Cybercrime? What is crime?

1:34:00 What will human organization look like in the 21st century?

1:37:00 (as of June 12th 2015, TPP has been blocked by the U.S House of Representatives). How to fight back corporate interests that want suppress a free and open internet.

1:42:00 What does it mean to be a millennial? How will this generation be remembered? What is the purpose of being human?

1:48:00 How will we keep up with the pace of change as the future seems to accelerating towards us?

1:49:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

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A stereo screenshot of what Shadows of Isolation looks like

Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Jake Lee High from Future Colossal. Jake is one of the creators of Shadows of Isolation, a VR experience that feels like a being inside of a dream.

Here is preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 What is Shadows of Isolation? What inspired it?

3:30 Jake’s first interaction with VR and what pushed him over the edge to create for the medium.

7:20 The story and context of Shadows of Isolation.

12:00 Read up on Mirakami and Neil Gailman. How their writing influenced Jake’s VR dev work.

14:00 Incorporating Hypnosis techniques in VR experiences.

16:30 Is it possible to hypnotize people through VR?

19:00 Can VR augment the level of hypnosis someone can achieve?

22:30 The ultimate goal for Shadows of Isolation. Avoiding loading screens as much as possible.

27:00 How to “curate” user generated platforms?

30:00 What motivates Jake to be a creator of things?

35:00 Where does inspiration come from for Jake?

36:00 Jake gives a preview of his secret project.

39:00 Reactions to Shadow of Isolation.

42:00 What is VR’s biggest weakness at this point?

45:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Jake for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with u/jimbo0000 and really talented technologist and friend of virtual reality. Come along as we discuss virtual reality based life forms, reputation based economies and more!

1:00 Jim is working on Rift ray. What graphics card should you get for consumer VR?

3:00 Intro

5:00 How many VR related science fictions pieces has Jim read?

6:40 Why is vr science fiction so alluring to Jim?

7:00 The first novel that got Jim hooked on VR science fiction.

8:30 What late 90’s science fiction concepts came true in today’s era?

11:00 Jim’s goal for the future?

13:00 SPOILER ALERT for Metaverse of Prime Intellect plot

Check out ” friendship is optimal”

20:00 Is Jim more optimistic or more pessimistic on the prospect of super intelligence?

21:41 What would be the most ideal “turing” test for artificial intelligence?

23:00 What is self awareness?

26:00 The question of non-human persons. Will super smart animals ever have “rights”? Today’s technology is giving us better insights into human and animal hiveminds. In vitro lab grown meat needs to reach industrial scale quantities before we start expanding rights to different animal species.

31:00 What is the best brain to computer interface?

32:00 Would you want to stop aging? What happens to humanity once something like this become available?

34:00 What is death?

35:00 Does it matter whether we live in a simulation or a multi verse?

Figuring out whether we live in a simulation will have repercussions on how we think about death and what it may mean to die.

38:00 The questions humanity will wrestle with the most in the 21st century?

40:00 Jim’s take on colonizing other planets?

42:00 The most scariest thing about technology.

45:00 What does Jim see in virtual reality?

46:00 What will be the ultimate price we could pay for virtual reality?

49:00 u/newyorknice created a really cool infographic on the future predictions. In 2025 we will have procedural story telling? Machines will create infinite narratives for us to experience?


52:00 Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the greatest first person shooter ever. Jim’s take on the Battlefield franchise these days.

55:00 Discussing Soul Calibur and other fighting games.

1:00:00 What does it mean to have virtual reality only life forms?

1:03:00 Is Jim more optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

1:04:00 What will machine augmented cognition look like in the future?

1:07:00 How will the relationship between augmented and non augmented people evolve?

1:09:00 How will regulation of the VR industry look like?

1:11:00 The potential benefits of nano robot swarms?

1:13:00 The most believable fake technology Jim has read.

1:19:00 How would a reputation based economy actually work?

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1:21:00 Lighting up dog poop with fire crackers

1:23:00 What would a better future look like?

1:25:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again for being a true friend, scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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he’s u/jimbo000



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Hanging out with the Tribe VR team at SVVR

Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Andy Tsen, the founder of Tribe. Tribe allows you to stream and watch media in virtual reality with friends and a family. Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro. What is Tribe?

2:30 How to deal with bandwidth constraints with connected virtual reality experiences.

6:00 What makes Tribe different from other VR social experiences?

10:00 What interfaces will be the least amount of resistance for the casual VR consumer.

12:00 How to get human facial expressions inside of VR?

16:00 Why would the average person want to watch movies in VR with friends and family?

19:00 VR is one step behind dream sharing.

22:00 What technology will come after VR?

25:00 Is humanity ready for brain to brain communication?

27:00 Final thoughts

Thanks again to Andy for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello ladies and gentleman of the proto metaverse! Welcome to another episode of Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Jules Urbach, the founder and CEO of OTOY. Come along as we learn about rendering hyper realistic human skin, the race to cross the uncanny valley and more!

1:00 What is OTOY?

3:30 What is the holy grail of photorealism?

8:00 Why is human skin so difficult to nail in computer graphics?

11:00 Is there a race to cross the uncanny valley?

16:00 Is it technically possible to do a full length movie without cameramen ? (only using light stage technology)

18:00 Talking about Render the Metaverse contest.

28:00 The criteria for winning the “Render the Metaverse” contest.

33:00 In what scenarios would we not want hyper realism?

38:00 How to stay in touch and closing thoughts

Thanks again to Jules for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Photo taken by Mosworld.

Hello listeners! Welcome to a special broadcast of the EnterVR podcast. Join us for a live panel with women doing amazing and inspiring things in the virtual reality industry.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about.

2:00 A word from our sponsor

3:00 Intro to the panel

7:00 What types experiences in VR is the panel looking forward to the most?

12:00 What is the relationship between the AR and VR industries? Which medium will be more predominant 5 years from now?

16:00 Is there a way to prevent mass isolationism through virtual reality?

23:00 The most natural input solution for the near term of virtual reality.

26:00 Controlling the Metaverse using your mind.

30:00 How does prolonged use of virtual reality affect our brains?

40:00 How to get people to come back to virtual reality? The two types of user interaction in VR.

47:00 Do we want more women in VR? How?

1:03:00 Do we need to design vr for women?

1:08:00 Why do women get more intense reactions from VR?

Thanks again to my panelist for being true scholars and ladies of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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An image from the GDC VR mixer put together by SFVR and SVVR

Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Karl Krantz about organizing the largest virtual reality industry conference in the world, the creation of an emotionally intelligent metaverse and drone taxis of the future.

1:00 What is the worst thing that could happen to VR right now?

2:30 The general sentiment of the VR industry at this point.

4:00 John Carmack’s prediction for the gaming industry in the next 10 years. What can you afford with a billion dollar VR production.

6:00 Envisioning an emotionally intelligent metaverse.

9:20 What will make people come back to virtual reality?

12:00 What will be the killer app for VR?

14:00 User generated VR vs. content creator centric VR experiences.

16:30 Figuring out “discovery” for user generated vr content.

18:00 How Valve came out of the blue with an HMD.

22:00 What is the most important feature the consumer GearVR needs to have.

24:00 Using Samsung Smart Waches as input for GearVR.

24:30 Seeing miniature worlds in VR.

28:00 Trying out Tiltbrush with the Vive.

29:30 SVVR expo is right around the corner!

32:00 Will HTC Vive, Crescent Bay and Morpheus be present at SVVR?

33:00 Keeping up with the exponential growth of SVVR.

34:00 Important companies will be making big announcements at the conference.

35:00 There will be a VR museum exhibit at the conference this year.

39:00 The lessons learned from putting on massive VR conferences.

40:30 Volunteer at SVVR and get in for FREE.

43:00 Drone taxi services, will replace car taxis in the future.

47:00 What happens when you pair exponential technologies with other exponential technologies?

Thanks again to Karl for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Had the pleasure of meeting Ela at VRLA.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Ela Darling from VRtube.xxx . Come along as talk about sex, porn and the future of virtual reality!

1:00 The origin story of VRtube.xxx

6:00 Does Ela have a name for her vagina?

Sidenote: My favorite eupheism for vagina comes from Africa, they call it Honeypot

7:30 Will VR relationship counseling be a thing one day?

10:00 How do you how much to charge for VR porn?

16:00 The strategy for growth. Creating a VR dating simulator.

23:00 What are the user experience challenges of VR porn?
Bringing your actual body into VR. Mediated reality interfaces?

27:00 Teledildonics for Women in VR.

29:00 What does having a penis feel like?

31:00 The ultimate dream for VR porn technology.

34:00 Ela does not watch porn.

37:00 Solving the issue of discovery with vr interfaces using porn.

43:00 Ela’s ultra niche porn experience. Having sex with yourself in VR.

46:00 The most flattering thing porn fans do.

49:00 Is it difficult to survive in the porn industry these days?

54:00 What happens to people after porn?

57:00 Will VR be disruptive in the porn industry.

59:00 How to navigate the distribution systems of VR.

1:02:00 Shared experiences with VR porn. Multiplayer VR stripclubs?

1:07:00 Which will win over the most users, VR porn or AR porn?

1:09:00 Is the Phantom dick effect possible?

1:14:00 The biggest obstacles for the future of VR porn.
What happens when the least sexually active people in the world, mix with the most sexually active people in the world?

1:22:00 The most offensive things you can accidentally say to a porn star.

1:24:00 How to get the tech industry and the porn industry to work better together.

1:32:00 Will VR allow you to explore your sexuality even deeper? Humanizing the people that watch in porn.

1:36:00 How do you balance your private life with being a porn performer?

1:39:00 Will VR addiction manifest itself with VR porn?

1:44:00 Closing thoughts

1:45:00 Bonus content: Ela will do custom porn holograms for you!
Join the contest by creating Unity environments for Ela to be dropped in.

Thanks again to Ela for being a true scholar and lady of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Antti Jadertpolm, the CEO of Vizor. Vizor allows you to create webvr experiences through a visual programming system. Come along as we learn more about this powerful project.

10: Why create Vizor in the first place?

1:30 What is the allure of VR?

4:30 What will WebVR look like 5 years from now?

6:00 What will it take for WebVR to get to the heights we dream of?

7:00 Who’s is the competition?

8:00 What will the default interface of navigating the Web through VR? What will make people come back to VR?

12:00 Visualizing 2D data in VR.

18:00 Who decides what direction WebVR goes in?

20:00 Where does Antti personally see himself 5 years from now?

21:00 Bringing sense of humor to virtual reality.

23:00 Bring Journey to VR!

27:00 Will VR really be a 150 Billion dollar industry in the next 5 years.

29:00 How many VR HMDs be sold in the past

30:00 The VR community scene in Finland. Minefield Studios is company from Finland developing a AAA title for Oculus.

34:00 What are the biggest technical challenges facing Vizor right now?

35:00 How to find tutorials to learn to use Vizor’s visual programming system.

36:00 What will do finished product look like?

38:00 The team behind Vizor.

39:00 Reactions to visual programming systems.

40:00 Will casual users adopt visual programming systems more than regular programming?

44:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again to Antti for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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