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Hello and welcome to Enter VR!

On this episode I speak with Dara Bonakdar. Dara is the founder of Jahan, a platform that will allow you to visit the world’s museums and heritage sites with Virtual reality. Come along as we discuss the future challenges of VR, finding the money in the art world and cracking an egg with one’s buttocks.

Here is a snippet of the first ten minutes of one my favorite conversations yet:

1:00 The best bison burger in the world is in the middle of the California woods.

2:00 How Dara got involved in VR in the first place.

5:00 What will happen to tour guide jobs once VR museums become mainstream?

8:00 How Jahan will make profits.

10:00 How to find the ‘money’ in the art world?

Thanks very much to Dara for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Also, thanks to James Blaha for letting me use his Tupac mix for the intro of this show. Find the song at his profile page:

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Welcome to Enter VR. On this episode I catch up with Steve Drash the creator of Titans of Space and currently working with the Apollo 11 VR experience, VR Girlz and more!

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:30 Intro, Apollo 11 VR update. As of the posting of this episode they have won the award.

3:00 The google Cardboard version of Titans of Space ported over awesomely!

5:00 The latest download numbers for Titans of Space.

6:00 Was Steve anticipating his download numbers?

7:00 What’s in store for the future of Titans of Space?

10:00 Is Steve motivated by the same things he was 2 years ago?

12:00 Why its hard to monetize on your passion projects?

14:20 Steve’s involvement in the Apollo 11 experience.

17:00 Apollo 11 is targeting release Q1 2016.

18:00 VR Girlz is an up and coming VR adult entertainment platform.

19:00 The competitive advantage of VR Girlz.

20:30 VR Girlz intends to make my penis freak out.

21:30 Experimenting with a paid app. (Mars is a real place)

24:00 What do you value more as a vr entrepreneur? Download numbers or sales?

26:00 Which of Steve’s projects will draw in the most money? Which project is he most passionate about?

27:00 What does Steve wish he knew back when he first started getting involved in VR.

29:00 The bright side to staying frugal.

30:00 Mars has been on the news a lot lately. Titans Of Space is updating to the latest info we have of the planet.

31:00 Is there a way to collaborate with NASA?
(Enceladus is a moon of Saturn)

32:30 Could Titans of Space ever be social?

34:00 What does Steve do for fun these days?

35:00 What will take to get humans to Mars? Steve lays out his plan.

36:40 Do you need positional tracking on board a space ship on course to Mars.

37:00 Becoming a space tourist…in VR!

39:30 We’re gonna need to make humans so that they can fight in the future robot war.

40:00 Steve’s vision of an ideal future.

45:00 VR is a new vehicle for mind expansion. What are Steve’s concern for this technology.

47:00 What will it mean to “work” in the next 25 years?

48:30 Accelerating the growth of the jobs of the future through VR?

50:00 Can you name 3 companies that will make a lot of money is 3 years?

51:00 Steve bets on Frooxius creating the Oasis.

52:00 360 films vs. in engine content.

(I left this blooper on purpose)

53:30 Can anything stop VR at this point?

54:00 Getting feedback from teachers and researchers has been really rewarding for Steve.

Thanks again to Steve for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Hi there!

For those who don’t want to read, let’s get the links to the demos and the 360 photo album out of the way first.

The demos are simple and were made in a very short amount of time.

Deep Azteca was created entirely by James Blaha. Check out his virtual reality music visualizer made with Unity. Although James could not be at Burning Man this year, figments of his consciousness came along with me in my hard drive. James is still working on Deep Azteca so follow him on twitter for more updates. @jamesblaha


Deep Gold was created by James Blaha and me, Cris Miranda. I took the photo and did some QA. James did all the programming wizardry. Deep Gold is a simple experience. It’s a peek inside a 360 photo of the Golden Gate Bridge injected with Google’s Deep Dream and a couple of CG objects.


The 360 photo album can be viewed in VR with your Smartphone thanks to VRChive and WebVR or in your browser.


Here it goes

I’ve been meaning to write an article about what it was like to help bring virtual reality to burning man this year. Growing up in SF, I would hear about this ‘Burning Man’ thing that came and went every year just like fleet week, or Bay to Breakers there’s always something going on in the city and after a while if something doesnt resonate with you, it just becomes noise. I wouldn’t pay much mind to Burning Man until I became closely intertwined with the tech world through virtual reality in the last couple of years. To be honest, I’m not sure what propelled me to go in the first place but I’ve always been compelled to try new things so. This year’s Burning Man had the right concurrence of events that made it epic. Bugs, Sandstorms and virtual reality. For those who might not know, Burning Man is a music and arts festival clusterfuck that takes place in the middle of the desert for 7 days. It’s so much more than that but we’ll have to leave it at this.

To some people Burning Man is a place of healing and self discovery. To others, Burning Man is a giant party the likes of which humanity has never seen before. Even the Romans in their orgy filled bathhouses would get jelly by the next level debauchery burners can pull off and I felt right at home among it. To me, Burning Man was a bit of both. Through the art installations, I was able to feel the full spectrum of human emotion. in that one week I was brought to tears, filled with Joy and felt more human (whatever the fuck that means) than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I learned to meditate better, I learned some useful Japanese bondage techniques and partied listening to Major Lazer live.

However to me, it’s the little things that made me like the experience even more. The fact that people would greet each other through hugging, I’ve never felt so welcomed wherever I went. Waking up every morning and realizing that I don’t have to stare at a fucking screen for 11 hours of my day also felt good.

The best analogy that I can come up with in describing my Burning Man experience goes like this:

I feel like Burning man swallowed me in and then it shat me out. Some how Burning man manifests itself in the form of giant beast, a beast that swallows you in with its dust, its drugs and its people. As I went through its 8 days digestive process, I ran into all sorts of folks in all sorts of circumstances.

Crepes off a random van in the dead of the night in the middle of the desert. Spontaneous orgasm competitions. Art installations that challenged my imagination (the good ones felt like virtual reality experiences). Partying with and getting to know my friends from virtual reality at a place that feels like you’re inside Second Life, like we’ve all stepped into a new reality. Reality is more malleable than I thought it was.

I went into Burning man feeling so energetic, so positive and hyped up. Overtime you begin to realize that the desert itself doesn’t give a fuck about your energies or your positive vibes. I remember fighting constantly to keep my shade structure from being blown away while a dust storm would merciless batter us with wind, sand and cold weather. The desert just, is, and just like that, Burning man can behave in the same manner at times. Don’t get me wrong Burning Man was 97% amazing and that’s pretty good for 8 days in the desert. The negative 3% I consider it as necessary and sometimes unnecessary human friction. At Burning Man I encountered some of the nicest people in the world, strangers looking out for strangers. This really has inspired something in me. The thought that, there is goodness in mankind? Who would have thought!? I found it amazing to go a place where people put down there defenses, set aside their differences and embraced each other when we say hi. Burning Man would be nothing without the people who attend it.

Imagine Burning man as a giant beast. This beast tries to eat you as you go through its 7 day digestive process. Every toll on your body is one point for the beast. Being swallowed by the beast is death and being shat out by this beast is rebirth. Your state of rebirth depends on what kind of shit the beast took. This is where you should make your own inferences. Me personally, I felt like I was shat out like explosive diarrhea. I have my own reasons for feeling that way and I’m okay with it. I’ll surely be back to see and live inside this beast once again.

The beast takes you in as you are and like clock work, it will shit you out. Sometimes the Beast is constipated and it might take a while for you to be “rebirthed” for no one is meant to live inside the beast all year long. Unless you’re a water bear, those motherfuckers can live anywhere.

Did you go to burning man? How did you feel you were you shat out by the beast?

Burning Man and Virtual Reality

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

While working with the VR Camp, some of us(me) were kind of worried at first about how VR would be received by Burners. Would they view us as tech industry invaders trying to bastardize their community with our proto mind control devices? Would people see the value in virtual reality at all?

Well, i’m happy to report that virtual reality was really well received at Burning Man. People hugged us, kissed us, a couple of people cried. It was beautiful. Every night that we demoed kept reinforcing in me the thought that this VR thing, might just work out.

As someone who is working on becoming a VR content creator I went into Burning Man looking to absorb as much as I could about real world experience crafting. I wanted to see how it is that people use art installations to craft real world experiences because I figured that there might some crossover in lessons. I learned a lot.

Drugs and virtual reality

Let’s talk about the reason why you’ve been reading this blog post in the first place. The drugs! How do drugs and virtual reality interact? We’ll, I have a lot of anecdotal evidence for ya! (take everything I say on this subject for a grain a salt. duh)

Here’s 7 takeaways about psychedelics and Virtual reality.

1) Don’t demo virtual reality to others while high or drunk.

2) Drunk people were not fun to demo for. Only one guy got kicked out from VR Camp this year and it was because he could barely stand from the alcohol he’d been drinking.

3) Mushrooms and virtual reality mix really well. I had this one guy who didn’t want to leave. It seems like to some people psylocybin mushrooms mixed with the proper VR experience can enhance the feelings of presence.

4) Don’t demo scary shit to people on Psychedelics. I demoed Celestial Song to a lady and the next morning she approached to tell me that the experience had scared her and moved her like nothing before and she wasn’t even high on anything! I apologized profusely, while she thanked me. In the planning process of the VR camp it was decided to not bring horror experiences. It was probably for the best.

5) Weed and virtual reality go hand in hand. In fact, everyone on earth should dose themselves with an MJ edible and go inside Titans of Space as soon as consumer VR rolls around.

6) Virtual reality does not seem to be a thing people want to do while on MDMA or LSD, then again, it’s Burning Man so it is the worst petridish one could use to study the complex and individualistic relations between psycho active compounds and the human mind.

7) VR porn might as well be a drug. Thank you Ela Darling and Hatsune Miku for your contributions to the progress of humanity.

Conclusion on the subject of psychedelics and virtual reality:

More science needs to be done on the matter! (Like, real science)

Final thoughts

Many people talk about how Burning Man changed their lives. I recently had a conversation with someone that told me :

“I’ve been to Burning Man, it was alright but It wasn’t the life changing event I thought it would be.” To which I replied; “that’s probably because you didn’t do enough drugs” . She agreed.

So did Burning Man changed my life? A little bit. It was mostly just a giant party where I got taste the sweet illusion of what means to be a free human in the 21st century.

My biggest takeaway from burning man as it applies to VR is that the virtual reality industry needs to foster the creation of sustainable and thriving communities for people passionate about the Metaverse to express themselves and connect with each other. Don’t just build a business, be a part of a community and if there isn’t one then that’s your calling to build one.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the VR Camp this year. These are the good ol’ days after all.

Take part in the effort to bring a next level virtual reality experience to burning man next year. Send an email to entervr01@gmail.com and let us know how you’d like to help for next year.

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Welcome to another episode of Enter VR!Come along, as I speak with Eric Johnson the associate editor of mixed reality at Re/Code and Steve Gerhman a VR developer working on text input in virtual reality through Unreal Engine 4.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro

2:30 Eric’s rituals that get him ready for public appearances.

6:30 Getting people to overcome their everyday anxieties through VR?

7:30 Steve Joins the convo.

9:30 Do social connections need to happen organically in virtual spaces?

11:30 Vive Vs. Oculus. Which one has the best tracking solution?

14:00 Trying out the VRCADE experience at Dave and Buster’s.

17:15 The current state of the virtual reality industry according to Eric.

18:30 What needs to happen in order for VR to be successful.

19:30 How to keep people coming back to VR experiences. Do developers have to worry about the ethics of keeping people inside of VR for too long?

21:30 Which will pan out to be biggest flaw of VR in the long run…Its ability to isolate people or unknown health consequences with irresponsible use by consumers.

24:30 Why are we humans so compelled to look at screens constantly? What will come next after the screen?

27:30 Why user generated content platforms will be the killer apps of VR.

32:30 Creating music inside of virtual reality.

34:00 Injecting Deep dream into a 360 video.

34:30 Simulating an LSD experience using VR and transcranial direct current stimulation.

37:30 Dominating the world economy with a workforce powered by the coffee of the 21st century, TDCS.

39:00 The state of the wearable industry in relation to VR hmds.

40:40 If VR isn’t useful, it won’t be mainstream. Where the ultimate utility of VR really lies.

43:10 Disney World is experimenting with police state technology.

49:00 Will we ever see robot armies fighting on the behalf of billionaires?

51:30 Why Eric is not buying a Jeep. Balancing the pros and cons of self driving vehicles.

54:30 How will the sharing economy affect the capitalism we know of today? How will our concepts of property change over time.
“In the future you won’t have a job and everything will be cheap”.

57:30 How will the sharing economy morph our notions of the “American Dream”.\

1:00:30 Climate change is easier to solve than the San Francisco housing crisis. Eric’s path through journalism.

1:03:30 Eric’s biggest journalistic influences.

1:05:00 The state of tech journalism according to Eric.

1:06:00 How to balance between asking hard questions without losing your sources in journalism.

1:07:30 Eric’s feud with the Sony Morpheus team.

1:10:30 Making guesses on which platform will sell the most hmds after the first year of consumer VR.

1:13:30 Are there any Gear VR usage data? How much are people using their GearVRs?

1:20:30 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with Eric and Steve.

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Thanks again to Eric and Steve for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.






The track you heard at the beginning is José Larralde’s – Quimey Neuquen -The Be Svendsen Edit. Thanks to Be for allowing me to play his track. Find the track on Soundclould:


Hello listeners! Welcome to a very special episode of the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak Manish Gupta, James Blaha, Aaron Frank and Steve Gerhman. Come along as we discuss the future of the human species.

1:00 Catching up with James and Manish from Vivid Vision.

2:40 Catching up with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

5:00 Why game engines are awesome.

6:00 How far are we away from being able to control thought and memory? Will VR become the human thought control interface?

8:00 Sword Art Online Spoilers start here:

11:30 Where does VR fit in, in the eventuality of us having 1 trillion connected devices?
(Read the book “What technology wants” by Kevin Kelly.

21:00 How will we deal with grieving when we can live longer than any other humans that came before us?

24:00 Discussing the universal basic income.

28:00 Finding an economic solution to climate change.

34:00 Why the universal basic income paired with the Metaverse economy will save humanity from the AI economy.

37:00 How long do we have before civilization collapses because of the AI economy?

40:00 Why the rise of AI will be bad for the human species.

46:00 What goals should we give AI? What are we suppose to do with AI once its born?

49:00 Today’s recurrent neural networks can give you the ability to do amazing things.

55:00 Ex Machina spoilers begin here.

59:00 What will the first human brain augmentations look like?

1:01:00 Discussing transcranial direct current stimulation devices.

1:05:00 How much do we know about the human brain in 2015? Discussing Opti genetics.

1:10:00 The importance of philosophy in our time. What does it mean to be free?

1:21:00 What is the likelihood of AI not killing us all?

1:26:00 What would you say to your future self of 10 years from now? Being able to record our experiences and reliving our memories in VR.

1:29:00 The business model of the first AI? Using AI for Cybercrime? What is crime?

1:34:00 What will human organization look like in the 21st century?

1:37:00 (as of June 12th 2015, TPP has been blocked by the U.S House of Representatives). How to fight back corporate interests that want suppress a free and open internet.

1:42:00 What does it mean to be a millennial? How will this generation be remembered? What is the purpose of being human?

1:48:00 How will we keep up with the pace of change as the future seems to accelerating towards us?

1:49:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Stay in touch with the links below:







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A stereo screenshot of what Shadows of Isolation looks like

Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I speak with Jake Lee High from Future Colossal. Jake is one of the creators of Shadows of Isolation, a VR experience that feels like a being inside of a dream.

Here is preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 What is Shadows of Isolation? What inspired it?

3:30 Jake’s first interaction with VR and what pushed him over the edge to create for the medium.

7:20 The story and context of Shadows of Isolation.

12:00 Read up on Mirakami and Neil Gailman. How their writing influenced Jake’s VR dev work.

14:00 Incorporating Hypnosis techniques in VR experiences.

16:30 Is it possible to hypnotize people through VR?

19:00 Can VR augment the level of hypnosis someone can achieve?

22:30 The ultimate goal for Shadows of Isolation. Avoiding loading screens as much as possible.

27:00 How to “curate” user generated platforms?

30:00 What motivates Jake to be a creator of things?

35:00 Where does inspiration come from for Jake?

36:00 Jake gives a preview of his secret project.

39:00 Reactions to Shadow of Isolation.

42:00 What is VR’s biggest weakness at this point?

45:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Jake for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with u/jimbo0000 and really talented technologist and friend of virtual reality. Come along as we discuss virtual reality based life forms, reputation based economies and more!

1:00 Jim is working on Rift ray. What graphics card should you get for consumer VR?

3:00 Intro

5:00 How many VR related science fictions pieces has Jim read?

6:40 Why is vr science fiction so alluring to Jim?

7:00 The first novel that got Jim hooked on VR science fiction.

8:30 What late 90’s science fiction concepts came true in today’s era?

11:00 Jim’s goal for the future?

13:00 SPOILER ALERT for Metaverse of Prime Intellect plot

Check out ” friendship is optimal”

20:00 Is Jim more optimistic or more pessimistic on the prospect of super intelligence?

21:41 What would be the most ideal “turing” test for artificial intelligence?

23:00 What is self awareness?

26:00 The question of non-human persons. Will super smart animals ever have “rights”? Today’s technology is giving us better insights into human and animal hiveminds. In vitro lab grown meat needs to reach industrial scale quantities before we start expanding rights to different animal species.

31:00 What is the best brain to computer interface?

32:00 Would you want to stop aging? What happens to humanity once something like this become available?

34:00 What is death?

35:00 Does it matter whether we live in a simulation or a multi verse?

Figuring out whether we live in a simulation will have repercussions on how we think about death and what it may mean to die.

38:00 The questions humanity will wrestle with the most in the 21st century?

40:00 Jim’s take on colonizing other planets?

42:00 The most scariest thing about technology.

45:00 What does Jim see in virtual reality?

46:00 What will be the ultimate price we could pay for virtual reality?

49:00 u/newyorknice created a really cool infographic on the future predictions. In 2025 we will have procedural story telling? Machines will create infinite narratives for us to experience?


52:00 Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the greatest first person shooter ever. Jim’s take on the Battlefield franchise these days.

55:00 Discussing Soul Calibur and other fighting games.

1:00:00 What does it mean to have virtual reality only life forms?

1:03:00 Is Jim more optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

1:04:00 What will machine augmented cognition look like in the future?

1:07:00 How will the relationship between augmented and non augmented people evolve?

1:09:00 How will regulation of the VR industry look like?

1:11:00 The potential benefits of nano robot swarms?

1:13:00 The most believable fake technology Jim has read.

1:19:00 How would a reputation based economy actually work?

Relevant links:




1:21:00 Lighting up dog poop with fire crackers

1:23:00 What would a better future look like?

1:25:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again for being a true friend, scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

Keep in touch with Jim by contacting him on reddit:

he’s u/jimbo000



Here are some relevant links from the our conversation:


Free Stories:

Books on Amazon:

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Hello ladies and gentleman of the proto metaverse! Welcome to another episode of Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Jules Urbach, the founder and CEO of OTOY. Come along as we learn about rendering hyper realistic human skin, the race to cross the uncanny valley and more!

1:00 What is OTOY?

3:30 What is the holy grail of photorealism?

8:00 Why is human skin so difficult to nail in computer graphics?

11:00 Is there a race to cross the uncanny valley?

16:00 Is it technically possible to do a full length movie without cameramen ? (only using light stage technology)

18:00 Talking about Render the Metaverse contest.

28:00 The criteria for winning the “Render the Metaverse” contest.

33:00 In what scenarios would we not want hyper realism?

38:00 How to stay in touch and closing thoughts

Thanks again to Jules for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

Keep in touch and find out more about OTOY with the links below:




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Hello there fellow scholars of the proto metaverse! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with D, from eVRyday vr.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro: How D found out about VR.

4:00 How D became involved with Youtube.

6:00 Why VR is interesting to D.

7:30 Was VR suppose to happen this fast?

8:30 The pros and cons of the vr explosion.

11:00 How to get people excited about vr without over hyping it?

13:30 Is AR and VR competing with each other?

15:30 What is the most profound effect that virtual reality will have on humans?

18:00 Why do we need virtual reality?

19:00 D’s goals and dreams for the future.

20:00 Whats most exciting about VR? the hardware or software?

22: What is chromatic aberration?

24:00 What are fresnel lenses and how do they interact with Chromatic aberration?

25:00 What is Asynchronous time warp?

28:00 What is lightfields?

33:00 What will the VR patent wars look like?

39:00 What is Raytracing and why do people think its the future?

43:00 What is raytracing good for?

45:00 How variations in visual processing from person to person will affect the overall experience of virtual reality.

49:00 Can virtual reality makes us smarter? Will this new way of accessing information overload us and have negative consequences ?or increase our intellectual capacities and become a net benefit for humanity?

53:00 Can simulating real life tasks in vr provide value to our experience in real life?

1:01:00 Will we go inside the dreams of other people? Has the smart phone taken away our ability to be more creative?

1:05:00 5 games that stand out the most from D’s Childhood. Why Nintendo games and emulated games are hard to port over to vr.

1:12:00 Can the game-afication of education take away from the learnings aspect?

1:14:00 If you could be any character from your Childhood , who would it be ?

1:17:00 Highlights of GDC 2015.

1:22:00 Alternative things the console gaming market could innovate on.

1:24:00 How many Morpheus devices could Sony potentially sell in their first year?

1:26:00 Will the next Xbox or the next Nintendo console have vr intergration?

1:29:20 (JK Valve! I love you!)

1:31:00 God of War in VR! Please! Impressions on Lucky’s Tale.

1:37:00 Can VR HMD’s damage your brain or vision?

1:42:00 Who will VR shape our sense of identity in the future?

1:50:00 How to give empathy to the masses?

1:54:00 How to stay in touch

Thanks again to D for being a true scholar and wizard of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

Keep in touch with D with the links below:



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Hello and welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Aaron Frank from Singularity University.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro. The Singularity University Campus reminds me of X-Men School.

2:00 What is Singularity University and how did it come about?

4:00 How will understanding exponential progress change the way you make business decisions?

7:00 How exponential growth can be deceptive.

10:00 Is virtual reality an exponential growth technology?

16:00 Is the Oculus Rift a “pretender” technology?

21:00 Is virtual reality really a paradigm shift? How to not get left behind.

24:00 Where does Singularity University fit in, when it comes to the ongoing story of virtual reality.

27:00 Do exponential problems require exponential solutions?

36:00 Do we need a Metaverse economy to be a counter weight to the AI economy?

43:00 What would the Metaverse economy look like?

46:00 What happens when the universe “awakens”?

54:00 Will we be uploading our consciousness into machines?

59:00 How will human laws adapt when the Singularity occurs?

1:05:00 Correction* One week off.

1:08:00 Will information be the currency of the 21st century?

1:13:00 Is VR the tool with which we will look inside our own minds?

1:16:00 What about the people who do not want to be part of the Singularity?

1:20:00 Can we be connected to nature and technology at the same time?

1:24:00 Would you augment your brain?

1:25:00 Would you give up your consciousness to the machine in exchange for world peace?

1:31:00 How to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

Keep in touch with Aaron with the links below:



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