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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Karl Krantz the creator of the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Meetup events. We spoke about bringing the Oculus Crescent Bay prototype to the holiday party (skip to the last 12 minutes of the show), anticipating the potential consequences of an artificial intelligence economy, virtual reality pornography and much more

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

22: Intro, what’s been keeping Karl busy.

1:00 The next SVVR conference.

1:40 How does Karl keep up with VR news?

2:22 Finding a bigger home for SVVR.

3:40 How has the community changed since its early days?

5:30 Is Karl still encountering VR skeptics in Silicon Valley?

7:00 What is the most used argument used by skeptics?

10:20 Will there be people who will choose the metaverse over reality? Is that good or bad?

11:30 Could VR sex become so good that it could slow down population growth?

13:00 Could VR solve the long distance love paradox?

15:40 Could VR porn exacerbate pre existing addictions to porn?

18:20 How can we prevent or anticipate the potentials problems of VR addiction?

20:16 Will the next Candy Crush of vr be too addicting?

22:00 The game theory challenges of putting together a code of ethics for the metaverse.

24:00 Creating a personal assistant/AI that will assist you in navigating the metaverse based on your biofeedback

26:00 Who will own your data in the metaverse?

27:00 Demoing a DK1 with eye tracking hacked into it.

30:00 Will we ever see ‘smell’ vr peripherals?

33:00 How will existing industries adapt when virtual reality starts eating its lunch money.

35:00 Will watching movies in VR on airplanes ever become a popular thing?

38:00 The true threat behind the AI economic revolution and how it will effect VR?

43:00 The creation of AI and VR will usher humanity into a new epoch.

44:00 The fragility of civilization.

46:00 Creating an economy inside the metaverse in order to provide a counterweight to the AI economic revolution.

51:00 Will everyone earn the same thing if we adopt cryptocurrency how will that look like ?

56:00 Karl’s impressions on the Samsung Gear.

1:00:20 Experiencing Chernobyl with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 vs. Samsung Gear.

1:02:00 Is battery technology keeping up with the pace of Moore’s law?

1:04:40 The dangers of closed ecosystems and walled gardens when accessing the metaverse.

1:09:00 Will corporations kill the potential life changing properties of an open metaverse?

1:13:00 Are Facebook employees scared of coming to VR meetups?

1:14:00 The lessons Karl has learned since starting the meetup.

1:17:00 Not feeling so crazy once you find a VR community.

1:19:10 Learning to embrace new people coming into the VR community.

1:22:04 Dealing with impostor syndrome.

1:25:00 If money was not an issue, what are Karl’s plans to contribute to virtual reality.

1:28:00 Creating a physical space for SVVR, to incubate and accelarate VR companies.

1:29:00 The biggest challenges facing Karl.

1:31:00 Creating a virtual reality office to optimize productivity.

1:33:00 Tips and tricks from Karl to start a VR meetup.

1:36:20 If SFVR, SVVR, VRLA and NYCVR were ice cream, flavors what sort of ice cream flavors would they be.

1:41:00 What will come after VR? Is VR truly the final medium?

1:42:30 Karl Krantz predicted the future.

1:43:20 What is the worst thing that could happen to vr now?

1:46:00 Does Magic Leap warrant the hype behind it?

1:49:00 SVVR holiday party announcements. Ethereon, VR Chat and Crescent Bay will be making it out to the holiday party.

1:53:00 The first STEM from Sixense will be at the Holiday party.

1:56:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Karl for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners! On todays show I speak with Josh Farkas from Cubicle Ninjas, the people who are bringing you the ultimate guided meditation experience in virtual reality.

Here is a preview of some of the cool things we talked about.

20: Intro / The origin story of Guided meditation.

2:00 Why would vr be succesful this time around?

3:00 Defining success for the vr industry.

4:00 How to reach the largest audiences in order to gain traction for vr projects.

6:00 The added value of practicing meditation in VR.

9:00 Using technology to solve the problems created by technology.

10:20 Cublicle Ninja’s competitive advantage.

12:50 Deciding how much to charge for VR experiences.

14:40 Sensory depravation tanks and vr hmds at your office for relaxation breaks.

17:00 Projections for the growth of the VR medical industry.

19:50 The public relations factors to take into mind when thinking about adoption rate for vr.

22:40 The challenges facing the VR industry.

27:44 Guided meditations coming to Sony Morpheus.

29:30 Using biofeedback as a new form of input?

33:00 The challenges of incorporating biofeedback in vr. Privacy questions arise when you share you’re biological data with the metaverse.

36:00 Longterm plans and goals for Cublicle Ninjas.

39:50 Why AR has not had its “2 billion dollar Facebook” moment. Magic Leap might be it.

42:00 Working with Unity to create VR.

43:00 Three favorite games of all time.

46:00 Half Life 3 will be a VR game.

48:00 What will be the impact of big companies investing in vr?

50:00 How indies can adapt to a changing environment.

53:00 Josh’s hopes and fears for virtual reality.

56:21 How do you use VR to teach people better? How long before education in VR takes off.

59:00 How the vr community can address people who legitimately fear vr.

1:04:00 Making VR more accesible to people with physical disabilities.

1:06:00 Using vr to deliberate people trapped in their bodies.

1:10:00 What will vr ultimately end up looking like 10 to 15 years from now?

1:12:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Josh for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! On todays show Aaron Lemke returns to the Podcast for 2 hours of glory and triumph in which we discuss all manner of things vr and non-vr.

Here is a quick preview of some of the things we talked about.

23:Intro, what Aaron has been up to lately.

2:42 Developing for the Gear VR.

4:00 Avoiding smearing artifacts when developing for the Samsung Gear VR

5:00 Setting yourself apart from the pack.

6:50 Do you experiment or do you play it safe in creating VR experiences?

9:30 Is it okay to call VR an escape?

11:00 Why developing for mobile VR will make you a better vr developer.

16:30 How will GearVR’s battery life measure up to public scrutiny and hype?

18:20 Electric motors don’t have transmissions.

21:00 Discussing possible release dates for CV1

23:00 What is the minimum amount of time required to get good VR experiences on the market?

26:40 What would you do if you had John Carmack’s brain?

28:00 Master’s of Doom part 2

30:00 Catching up with Eden River and Opera Nova

33:00 Not putting your vr software eggs in just one proverbial hardware platform.

37:30 Running Eden River at the Valve VR room.

38:20 Internal struggles at the major VR players.

41:00 Is VR truly the final medium?

42:00 Will mass adoption of VR happen in the next 5 years?

44:00 Who will be able to afford CV1?

51:00 Can you have VR arcades without mocaps systems.

52:00 Full suit tracking you in VR.

54:00 How to adapt to the shifting market of VR distribution and creation.

56:32 “Artificial intelligence is like summoning the demon” from Elon Musk and why John Carmack thinks we should colonize mars.

59:00 ‘Low probability, high impact events’ and how to “prepare” for them.

1:04:00 Transmitting love through art and VR.

1:06:00 Having conversations with AI inhabiting avatars in VR.

1:08:00 Would you rather marry a realistic looking avatar or more cartoonish as assigned by our future robot over lords.

1:10:00 How could VR be abused as a tool and how to use VR enrich people’s lives.

1:12:00 The advantages of interactive rhetoric.

1:14:00 Co-op stealth games will be awesome in VR. The best stealth tool in Metal gear games.

1:16 VR training room from Metal Gear Subsistance in VR.

1:18:00 Reactions of the rift to people in close circles.

1:21:20 Bringing VR to the medical community in Austin.

1:24:44 Hacking the human brain with VR.

1:25:00 What would happen if big publishers do not develope major content for vr.

1:28:00 How 3D printing could compliment vr.

1:35:00 Ending up like the guy in the picture of an empty room with just a mattress and a vr device.

1:35:00 At what point does wanting to be in VR become unhealthy?

1:38:20 In the future, you will get paid to play video games for a living.

1:39:00 Using itch.io to set up an online store.

1:42:00 What will the virtual reality concert of the future look like?

1:51:00 Creating music visualizations in vr.

1:59:00 What will the hype cycle look like for the vr industry.

2:01:55 Virtual dance parties will be great places for potential human mating.

2:04:00 Meeting humans from the opposite sex in VR.

2:08:00 Being inside a science fiction novel as it reveals itself before your eyes.

Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thanks for listening!

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Victor Luo, who is leading development on the human interface aspects of tele-robotics at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Come along as we discuss using VR with astronauts in space, colonizing mars, finding life in Europa and much more!

Here is a quick preview of some of the things we talked about:
30 : Victor’s Role at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

1:10 The human interfaces research group at Nasa

2:21 Describing Victor’s demo at the VR Hackathon.

3:40 What role will human interfaces play in space exploration.

4:50 How long has NASA been paying attention to VR and telepresence?

6:40 What sorts of uses will the HMD be used for by NASA. Walking around Mars using an HMD.

9:39 How will telerobotics and vr influence space exploration?

11:22 Putting a livestreaming 360 video camera on the International Space Station.

12:20 Experimenting with Virtual Reality in Microgravity.

14:30 Using VR to combat some of the psychological impacts of deep space travel.

18:40 What’s next after mars? What will future NASA missions look like.

23:00 What would it mean for NASA if we discovered some form of sentient life on another celestial body. Is humanity ready for that discovery?

25:00 What aspects of virtual reality will NASA find the most value in ?

27:00 Will asteroid mining enable the creation of the word’s first trillionaire?

29:00 Pragmatic challenges of using VR and telerobotics.

32:00 Impacts of prolonged use of VR on the human mind?

32:40 Victor’s personal motivations.

34:00 The process of creating interfaces.

36:00 Increasing the efficacy of doing science by incorporating immersive environments.

39:00 Landing on a Martian pole to harvest its water.

41:00 What happened to the water on Mars?

43:00 How to get people motivated and excited about space exploration.

45:00 Crowd sourcing space exploration to the hive mind.

46:00 What will it take for humans to have a permanent presence on Mars?

49:45 Utilizing fear to motivate humans to expand our reach in space.

53:00 Will VR be a victim of its success?

57:31 Seeing the universe from the astronauts perspective using VR.

59:30 Will we see the birth of the first human to not be born on earth in this century?

1:02:30 Is NASA interested in exploring the deep sea or excavating to the earth’s core?

1:05:00 Nasa’s funding challenges. What is the return on investment for colonizing Mars?





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Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Tony Parisi on creating accessible tools for people to create 3D content on the web, the future of the metaverse, porting over your Unity/UE4 content to the web and much more!

Check out a quick preview of what we talked about below:

30: How Tony has been involved in VR over the years.

1:36 The factors that made VR impossible in the early 90’s

2:25 What’s different this time around for virtual reality.

4:10 What is GLAM?

7:40 How to get started with GLAM.

11:01 What will it take for GLAM to reach great heights

12:00 The allure of VR.

16:13 What will the Metaverse look like 5 to 10 years from now.

17:00 Balancing a free and open metaverse with the need to make money.

19:44 Using M-Scriptten to transfer your UNITY and UE4 experiences to the Web.

22:40 The state of the input for VR and what would be Tony’s ideal input device.

25:26 Deep VR simulations and militarizing telerobotics.

26:55 How far away are we from haptics?

28:01 What could slow down VR?

29:31 How will VR be remembered 50 years from now?

31:28 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with Tony

Thanks again to Tony for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I speak with LLyr Cenydd, the creator of Ocean Rift, Crashland and a researcher pushing the boundaries of procedural animation.

Here is preview of some the things we talked about:

1:05 Llyr’s background and how he became involved with VR

2:10 What is the allure behind 3D graphics

2:44 Where is the future 3D graphics headed in?

3:20 The Story behind the creation of Crashland and Ocean Rift

6:22 Explain like i’m five years old, how does procedural animation work?

7:35 How do simulations work with procedural animation?

9:40 Are triple A studios utilizing procedural systems in their games?

11:34 Is procedural animation and generation being used in tandem by any particular game?

12:40 Can Ocean rift have procedurally generated terrain?

16:01 Could procedural systems replace start taking video game developer jobs?

20:01 Where are the boundaries of procedural systems and how is the technology being pushed?

21:47 Where to learn more about procedural systems?

24:40 How to make money with procedural systems.

26:15 The process of creating the animals from Ocean Rift

27:40 Are there libraries of procedural algorithms out there?

29:00 The re-playability of Ocean Rift

30:20 How do the animals in Ocean Rift become aware of you?

32:00 What are Llyr’s goals ? How have they changed over time?

33:11 Lessons learned recently that would have been nice to known from the beginning.

34:29 What are the current limitations of Gear VR?

36:08 What is happening under the hood that makes mobile platforms to overheat? And what solutions can be worked out.

37: 45 How will the development of graphene based chips impact virtual reality?

39:04 Who is Ocean Rift built for? What category does it fall under?

41:14 Is VR the future of documentaries?

42:51 Does Ocean Rift include a Lochness monster?

44:30 Is the Lochness monster real?

46:30 Can VR be used to push forward our understanding of the Oceans?

47:54 Where does LLyr see himself in the future?

49:14 Are humans ready for a metaverse populated by procedurally animated avatars?

50:35 How long before we have procedurally animated dead relatives based on the information they left behind?

54:48 What is the worst thing that could happen to VR at this point?

57:02 The longest Llyr’s has spent in VR.

58:20 Where is VR leading us to?

59:00 How is the metaverse any better than our current internet?

1:00:30 Llyr’s top 5 games of all time

1:04:17 Future plans and projects

1:05:36 Ideas on how to monetize in VR

1:07:26 Llyrs business strategy and plans

1:08:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Llyr for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual


Thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with AJ Tavakoli, the creator of Temple of Merk and really cool mobile VR experiences.  AJ has been involved in the VR community since the first Meetups in Silicon Valley started sprouting up. Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:10 How AJ became involved with VR

5:30 AJ’s process of going from Skeptic to full out enthusiast.

9:00 The biggest problem facing the VR space is input device fragmentation.

11:25 How to decide what is the best peripheral to develop with.

14:30 Do we need standards in VR? The pros and cons of diversity.

16:30 Getting controllers to work with your project.

19:40 AJ’s method of troubleshooting.

21:55 How Temple of Merk came about and the design decisions that went into it.

27:40 The future plans for Temple of Merk

34:05 Trying out AJ’s multiplayer IOS VR game.

37:10 Mobile VR vs. Desktop VR

41:50 Mobile VR and how its introduction can have an impact on the success or failure of VR going mainstream.

46:10 What is holding back mobile from overtaking and how long before mobile becomes just as good as desktop experiences.

48:00 Cracking the lack of positional tracking code.

50:55 Where will AJ be 5 years from now?

52:30 How to achieve success in the VR space

55:00 What will VR look like 5 years from now? Will it become mainstream?

1:00:00 What are the long term implications for human in privacy in virtual reality. How the issue of privacy and virtual reality intersect.

1:06:00 What’s worst a robot war or a zombie apocalypse?

1:08:33 Closing thoughts and announcements

Thanks again to AJ for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!

To get in touch with AJ and to find out more about his projects, check out the links below.




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Hello listeners on today’s show I speak with Tipatat and Eric Beyhl; the team behind The Matrix VR experience.

Here is a quick preview of what we talked about:

1:00 , Supporting VR in Star Citizen talk VRTGO conference announcement: Thursday 2pm John Dadly. http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vrtgo-2014-vr-conference-tickets-11583525637

1:50 ,How Tipatat got his name

2:45 ,What is the Matrix VR? How the project came about.

5:40 ,Tips and tricks to make work flow happen

8:30 , Future plans for the Matrix VR

12:39, Who did you make this for? ‘The Wii Sports of VR’

Spoilers below:

15:00 , How they reached a game play conclusion for the building jump scene.

17:46 , Game-a-fying film viewing experiences. How to find a balance between what is fun and what might be too difficult.

22:47, The future of movies. The next wave of movie reboots will be in VR. Should VR be seen as a threat or an opportunity by the movie industry?

27:47 , Experimenting and trying out new things in VR.

30:43 , The challenges of implementing the best audio. Contact Tipatat if you are an audio engineer and would like to contribute.

33:16 ,The promise of mobile VR and the hurdles it has to jump. The pros and cons of cutting corners.

38:00 , Photo realism does not trump game play.

40:00 , Will there be a push for photorealism with VR?

42:00 , Backlash from IP holders?

42:58 , Predictions on when the matrix will arrive.

45:17 , What will our interaction with the first AI look like? Using cleverbot/and photorealism to trick the human mind into believing a virtual world is real.

48:00, How will VR relate to the singularity? Will there ever be a robot v. human war?

52: 00 , What will AI think of us when it becomes sentient?

54:37 , Would you take the red pill or the blue pill?

55:02 , Will having the matrix become a positive thing for humanity?

55:45 , Who will control the metaverse? How will ownership work in the metaverse?

58:00 , How will VR affect our concepts of what is ‘truth’.

1:00:11 , Are we already inside a simulation?

1:02:03 , Virtual reality’s applications in helping us learn more about ourselves and our universe.

1:05:00 , What are VR’s biggest challenges in order for it to become mainstream?

1:07:00 , What should be the focus of VR creators in order to become successful?
1:10:09 , The ramifications of virtual reality on our culture?

1:14:00 , The things that keep Eric and Tipatat motivated.

1:16:00 , Is it a good mindset to get into VR because of the wealth potential? Can you make money creating vr experiences?
1:20:00 , Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with the team.

Thanks again to my guests for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!
If you are in the UK check out Jon Dadley’s talk:


For more info on the Matrix VR and the guys who’ve built it, check out the links below:







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Hello listeners!

On today’s show I am joined by Aaron Lemke, the man behind Unello Design. Come along as we discuss his future plans for Eden River and Opera Nova, we also dip our toes inside the rabbit hole and explore the idea of crossing the uncanny valley with VR.

Here is a quick preview of some things we talked about:


How Aaron first became involved in VR


Aaron’s first impression with the Rift.


Aaron’s greatest VR influences


Controlling the Avatar of a cat from a first ‘person’ perspective


Aaron’s thoughts on the virtual reality renaissance.


Thinking outside the box when creating VR experiences , Why meditative games?


What sorts of new features are in the pipeline for Opera Nova and Eden River.

22: 40

Standing vs. sitting in VR.

23: 36

Our dream features and specs for consumer version one.


What its like to be a one man developer team.


What Oculus can do to help developers more.


The promise of Android VR


What the future of monetization will look like.


Using the word experience to describe VR software just doesn’t cut it, anymore.


What will it feel like to cross the uncanny valley for the first time? How would you react to the moment when you can’t tell the difference between VR and real life?

Will we fight post uncanny valley VR experiences or will we learn to accept it?


Figuring how to fool all of the human perceptual systems in order to provide the most presence.


What does it mean to be alive in an age of unprecedented technological growth?


The best and worst thing that could happen with virtual reality technologies in the future.


Will humanity be able to take full advantage of VR to our benefit or will we let the opportunities go to waste in the abuse of unpractical experiences?


Will there be class stratification in the Metaverse?


Human behaviors can transfer over to a virtual world?


What will the ultimate VR medium look like? Will we ever connect neurologically with the machine world?


Could a machine be able to predict what you are about to do before even “you” realize it with neural implants?


Closing thoughts, how to keep in touch with Aaron


Enter VR’s first ever musical performance! Aaron performs a song from the Eden River Soundtrack.

To get in touch with Aaron or support his work, follow the links below:




Thanks again to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality


Thank you for listening!


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Hello there fellow scholars and ladies/gentlemen of virtual reality!

Stefan Pernar, founder of Virtual Reality Ventures is currently working on a book dealing with the evolution of cognitive function and how virtual reality can affect the human species.

Here are some snippets of all the things we spoke about:

– Min 0:0:0 Intro

– Min – 5:32 : Leveraging the power of the metaverse to create opportunities for companies/individuals and organizations.

– Min – 8:30 : How adverstising and marketing will be different inside the metaverse compared to real life. Ex. Using machine learning to create tailored made worlds with predictive algorythims to send you ads.

– Min – 13:00 , The end of privacy as we know it? Will the metaverse change our behavior? And will this be used as a mechanism of social control?

– Min – 18:30 : Who’s responsibility is it to guard human privacy; governments, corporations or grassroots movements? How can we have a state of the art Internet without outright loosing our privacy?

– Min – 21:20 : An introduction to Stefan’s Book project, On the origins of human consciousness and impending intersection with virtual reality as a species. Covering three subjects : “The virtual is very real” , “Why the virtual can be real and how the evolution of cognitive function can help explain this phenomena”, “Real life can be virtual or not as real one might think”.

– Min – 23:23 : The most sure fire phrase to make your conversation turn awkward.

– Min – 24:36 : Exploring the origins of the human mind, and how we got we got where we are cognitively.

– Min – 33:20 : The parallels between the cognitive evolution of species with that of modern day machines. How long before machines catch up to humans in “thinking” ability?

– Min – 36:38 : What is self awareness? How do we decide that something is self aware? How can we create self aware machines?

– Min – 41:28 : Do reptilian brains have the capability to form associative learning patterns?

– Min – 42:46 : The next evolution in cognitive ability after associative learning. Creating scenarios inside our heads to prepare ourselves for potential obstacles.

-Min – 48:36 Bridging the chasm between a reptilian brain and that of more advanced brains. How can we create machines with their own ability to ‘imagine’? Implementing an evolutionary approach to artificial intelligence.

Min – 50:57 Controlling the imagination. What is thinking? ,The human brain as a virtual reality machine

Min- 53: 56 Is there a way to quantify human thoughts? Will we ever be able to nail down an individuals thought processing ability?

Min – 55:44 What are thoughts made out of? Do thoughts have a weight?

Min- 57:00 Finding a way to classify/categorize individual thoughts?

Min – 57:44 Stefan’s final stage in the evolution of cognition: Thought control.

1:00:28 – Do we have freewill? Is it a matter of whether we believe in freewill or can we factually answer this question?

1:03.00 How can we objectively study a subject, when we are the subject? In other words, how can the brain unbiasedly study itself?

1:09:10 -Augmenting our vision in order to “see” more light in the electro magnetic spectrum and thus allowing us the ability to see the universe how it really is.

1:10:02 – The sound of my mind being blown. How to create a virtual reality device that allows us to see reality beyond what our brains can capture.

1:11:54 – Can we acquire new knowledge about the human brain using virtual reality?

1:12:49 – How will the world’s governments react to the virtual reality and the metaverse. How will our legal systems adapt to the development of the metaverse?

1:14:40 – The long term impacts of virtual reality on the human phyche.www.amazon.com/Accelerando-Singu…oss/dp/0441014151

1:16:14 – The thing that makes Stefan the most hesitant about the prospect of the metaverse.

1:17:24 – The Oculus Rift as an empathy creating machine and why it has the ability to change the world for the better.

1:29:40 – How do we leverage VR and the metaverse to get people thinking about their existence and what it means to be alive? Can we perform inception with VR? The transformation of consciousness through experiences.

1: 32:36 – Creating an app that will help people character with VR. Could we build emotionally perfect human beings through experiential learning?

1:36:47- Closing thoughts , how to stay in touch and goodbyes.

For more info on Stefan and to get in touch , check out the links below:



Have any questions or comments about the show? Tweet me @entervr!

Thanks again to Stefan for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality!

Thank you for listening!

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