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Hello and welcome to another episode of Enter VR! On this episode we explore the mind of my friend Doug Blumeyer, come find out what’s inside!

Here is a transcript of our conversation, courtesy of Doug: TRANSCRIPT.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

20:00 The new Jurassic World was no good.

4:00 Spoiler Alert. Matrix movie plot.

5:00 Software will eat all of the human services industries.

7:30 Could an AI make you fall in love with it?

13:30 An AI that learns from your every interaction to create a mirror image of you inside the metaverse.

16:00 Doug’s main emphasis is story telling in VR.

22:30 What is the purpose of medium? What is the purpose of a final medium? Is there such a thing?

27:00 How long before we have brain to brain experience sharing technology?

29:00 Steve joins the convo.

30:00 Mixing movie IP with procedural story telling virtual environments?

37:00 Delivering a new level empathy through immersive story telling. Google Coffee without words.

46:00 Loosing control of the camera in immersive story telling. Figuring out way to drive a narrative.

51:00 Will VR games cost more money than VR movies?

56:00 How long before we have virtual reality comic strips?

1:00:00 Reliving R’Kelly’s trapped in the closet in virtual reality.

1:02:00 What does the VR Cinema landscape look like?

1:04:00 Will light field cameras replace DSLRs?

1:08:00 What are the downsides of being able to be every where any time.

1:11:00 Beginning a chapter of the Church of the Giant Spaghetti monster.

1:14:00 Do aspects of the self need to be removed in order for there to be world peace?

1:19:00 The best scenario for the future of humanity?

1:24:00 Neural nets are getting good fast.

1:28:00 Does the knowledge that AI is moving fast affecting your decisions of the future?

1:36:00 How will future humans look back at us? (Note: I’m an asshole)

1:38:00 Divide and conquer is still effective today.

1:41:00 Psychedelics release you from the constipation inside your mind that you don’t know you have.

Thanks again to Doug and Steve for being scholars and gentlemen of the proto metaverse and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I am joined by the author of “Virtual Reality Insider” and an up and coming VR entrepreneur Sky Nite. Come along as we peer into mind of Sky!

1:00 Intro. Creating a VR game studio.

1:30 What got Sky interested in Virtual Reality.

3:00 Sky’s first experience with DK1.

6:00 What did the sensation of “presence” feel like for Sky?

8:00 How do you get people excited about VR without overhyping the technology? How do you describe something that words cannot encapsulate?

10:00 Projections for first year sale across all VR platforms?

13:00 What does user engagement hinge on?

15:00 How much will the average VR consumer spend in a year?

18:00 How can you be a part of the VR movement?

20:00 What is the thing the VR industry needs the most of at this point?

22:00 What motivates Sky to work in VR?

25:00 How do we enhance the collective consciousness of humanity?

32:00 What does it mean to be smart?

33:00 How will VR help you learn faster?

37:00 What will VR look like 15 to 20 years from now?

40:00 Should we bring back the Neanderthal?

44:00 How to stay in touch and closing thoughts.

Thanks to Sky for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listerners! Welcome to another episode of the EnterVR podcast. On todays show I speak with Zoe and Michael. They are graduate robotics researchers at UC Berkeley and they are also developing a platform for you to learn and teach math using virtual reality.

Here is a preview of some of the things discussed.
30: Intro. Making a more intimate connection with math through VR.

3:00 What are the fundamental advantages of a math literate society?

5:50 What is Math VR? How will it look? Travelling to a place where math resides.

8:30 How do you know what to visualize and how to visualize it? Making 3D math accesible in VR.

12:20 How to convey the utility of math in virtual reality to the average user.

14:10 Why do you need linear algebra in your life?

16:20 “I know math, and I feel free as fuck”.

20:00 “What can’t you do with math?” AR and Wearable will make turn our world into math.

24:00 How far along in development is MathVR. Using Leapmotion to control the interface.

30:50 Speaking about the Dimensions of Interstellar. SPOILER ALERT.

37:00 What is the distribution model? Is the team trying to make money with this project?

39:30 How to contribute to the MathVR project?

41:20 Giving people the tools so that they can create their own vr math lessons.

42:00 Are we genetically encoded to love math? Are some of us doomed to never ‘get’ math?

50:22 Making math social and doing math together with friends in VR. Is Math meant to be a lonely journey?

53:00 Mathcraft. Minecraft for math.

59:00 Getting people addicted to getting smart.

1:02:00 Is Math something that you create or is it something we discover.

1:06:00 What are the implications of conclusively resolving whether math is created or discovered.

1:08:00 Could math teach people how to be better humans?

1:10:00 Could enabling the democratization of math bring about the next Hitler?

1:14:00 What does Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk know about that you don’t about AI?

1:15:00 How is a deep learning influencing the progress of AI?

1:18:30 Doing Math on drugs? Can we create drugs that can make us smarter in math?

1:25:00 “The Matrix is coming, learn math”.

1:27:00 When and how will we know when AI is here?

1:29:00 What happens when you mix quantum computers and AI algorithyms?

1:32:00 Why build AI? What’s the point?

1:35:00 What is sentience?

1:38:00 Do you create sentience from a model of the human brain or do you start from scratch?

1:42:00 The geopolitical state of AI. Is there Manhattan project for AI somewhere underneath the desert?

1:45:00 Is the military involved in the push to create better AI? How far along are they?

1:48:00 What is the singularity after all? The MIRI institute.

1:51:00 Is humanity ready for AI? What are the legal ramifications of AI?

1:55:00 How do you deal with the implications that something might be smarter than humans? Creating a human based strong AI.

1:59:00 Are we really just the sex organs of the machine?

2:02:00 Experimenting with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation.

2:04:00 What will virtual reality look like 20 years from today?

2:06:00 How can we create the metaverse from within the metaverse.

2:08:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.
Thanks again to Zoe and Michael for being true scholars /lady and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.
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Hello listeners ! On today’s show I speak with Damon Hernandez about the internet of things and how virtual reality will a role in it.

Here is a quick preview of some of the things we discussed.
40: Smart buildings and the internet of things meet the 3D paradigm.

1:20 How will the internet of things affect virtual reality?

3:45 What would it mean if the internet of things became fully open.

5:00 What will societies of the future look like once the internet of things matures?

12:40 Accessing the data from the internet of things. Who is this data for?

15:00 Snowcrash and the metaverse.

17:00 The convergence of virtual reality and other technologies.

19:00 The security aspects of the metaverse and the internet of things.

22:30 What lies at the root of media sensationalism about technology?

26:00 Using virtual reality for tailored made educational experiences.

29:00 Looking to 5 years into the future.

32:00 Describing VR sex kit and why its important to push the envelope.

38:00 What will the creation of the metaverse look like? What will the process of creating virtual worlds be like?

42:00 How to say vr to engineers? How to lure talent into the vr industry?

49:00 How to make webvr more tempting for developers?
The web vs Unity vs Unreal.

55:00 Damon’s biggest hope and biggest fears.

1:01:00 The importance of under promising and over delivering.

1:06:00 Will the demand for VR content overwhelm our ability to supply it?

1:06:00 The most cost effective process to provide valuable vr content for society.

1:10:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch. A larger vision of the metaverse.

Thanks again to Damon for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with the team at Innerspace, a VR studio putting together gorgeous and thought provoking experiences for the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear. Having tried a demo of the Fifth Sleep myself I can totally stand behind Innerspace as a studio with very high caliber talent.

Here is a preview of some of the things we discussed:

30: Intro to Innerspace, what is the Fifth Sleep and Play Head.

5:30 Creating the Hybrid between game and movie experience through VR.

10:00 The goals behind the Fifth Sleep.

14:10 The story sorrounding the fith sleep.

21:30 Using VR to wake up a man in a coma by going inside his dreams.

23:40 Consulting with scientist to make traveling through models of the brain more believable. Blair Renaud “Good science fiction is believable”

27:40 Balancing the right amount of science vs. artistic expression to provide more immersive experiences.

36:30 What would say to a consciousness trapped in a coma?

39:20 The right to not be woken up from a coma.

44:36 Finding a “switch” that will turn your brain into a comatose brain.

48:20 Exclusive reveal.

50:00 Using Cryengine to build the Fifth Sleep.

57:00 Is Google Cardboard bad for VR?

1:01:00 What will VR look like 5 years from now?

1:08:10 The design techniques employed by innerspace to combat sim sickness.

1:11:00 Using virtual reality as a form of artistic expression

1:17:10 Sony Morpheus support for the Fifth Sleep?

1:18:40 How to stay in touch and follow up with the team.

Thanks again to Balthasar and Andre for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Mike and Caine, the creators of the Rift Max theater experience for the Oculus Rift.

On today’s show, Mike and Caine give me a quick preview of future features of the Rift Max theater, the reason why VR will be successful vs 3D TVs, anticipating public perception of virtual reality and can vr modify human identity?
Thanks again to my guests for being scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality. For more info on Rift Max check out the links below:
Thank you for listening!