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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! Join Frooxius and I as we explore complex subjects that are too difficult for me to understand! Frooxius is a genius level over 9,000, he’s the creator of Sightline, Neos the Universe, World of Comenius and many more! In this conversation we talked a lot about light fields, the origins of Frooxius and trying to create life out of in-organic matter.

Here is a snippet of all the things we talked about:

45: Using nostalgia to sell VR to you.

1:20: Intro

2:30 Working with eVRday VR on lightfields in VR.

3:20 What’s it like to work with Dee.

4:30 Frooxius thoughts on education in general. Read “Free to learn” by Peter Grey.

10:00 Creating simulations of Quantum effects in VR.

11:30 Using Lightfields in education.

14:30 How to capture Lightfields inside of game engines.

16:50 Why and how Lightfields are relevant to the average person.

21:30 The finish line in the race to cross the uncanny valley has already been crossed.

22:30 Creating Lightfield images that take up 48 gigs in your hard drive.

25:30 The end goal of Frooxius’s light field work.

28:30 Are Lightfields the future of 3D rendering?

32:30 The origins of Frooxius.

36:30 Creating games with Powerpoint when he was 12 years old.

37:30 Growing up without internet.

40:00 The video games that influenced Frooxius the most.

42:30 Portal 2 has a great procedural soundtrack.

46:30 The most difficult fields of science to understand for Frooxius.

49:30 The science fair that changed Frooxius’s life.

52:30 Discovering VR. Creating the first SightLine.

53:30 Trying the DK1 for the first time.

56:00 Beating Half Life 2 in VR.

57:30 Was Frooxius aware of how big VR could become?

58:30 Frooxius’s secret to making fuck tons of VR games and demos.

59:50 Neos is using evolutionary algorithms to create a living metaverse.

1:04:30 Will we ever see AI that makes better pop music than us?

1:08:30 The most compelling theory of consciousness according to Frooxius.

1:14:30 Do you need self awareness to have consciousness?

1:16:30 Can simulations become self aware?

1:18:30 Using VR as a tool to explore consciousness.

1:20:30 Can inorganic matter develop consciousness?

1:24:30 Discussing the Michael Abrash’s talk at Oculus Connect 2.

1:28:30 Using neural input to discover the edge of the simulation we live in.

1:30:30 We don’t have the technology to simulate an exact replica of our current universe.

1:35:30 Frooxius prediction for when we will simulate reality.

1:38:30 Starting the church of the simulation.

1:39:30 Read the “Universe from nothing” by Lawrence Krauss.

1:41:30 Being in a multiverse is mathematically simpler.

1:45:30 Frooxius’s plan for the future.

1:47:30 Procedural tree making is bad ass.

1:52:30 Neos the origin will show off the world building features of Neos the Universe.

1:53:30 Neos the origin demo on its way.

1:54:30 How to stay in touch and get more info on Frooxius’s

1:56:30 Read Diaspora from Greg Egan. Orphanogenesis

2:00:00 Closing thoughts. What is Dark matter? How parallel universes can be possible.

Thanks to Frooxius for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

Song in the intro is “Another brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd.

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Enter VR! On this episode we explore the mind of my friend Doug Blumeyer, come find out what’s inside!

Here is a transcript of our conversation, courtesy of Doug: TRANSCRIPT.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

20:00 The new Jurassic World was no good.

4:00 Spoiler Alert. Matrix movie plot.

5:00 Software will eat all of the human services industries.

7:30 Could an AI make you fall in love with it?

13:30 An AI that learns from your every interaction to create a mirror image of you inside the metaverse.

16:00 Doug’s main emphasis is story telling in VR.

22:30 What is the purpose of medium? What is the purpose of a final medium? Is there such a thing?

27:00 How long before we have brain to brain experience sharing technology?

29:00 Steve joins the convo.

30:00 Mixing movie IP with procedural story telling virtual environments?

37:00 Delivering a new level empathy through immersive story telling. Google Coffee without words.

46:00 Loosing control of the camera in immersive story telling. Figuring out way to drive a narrative.

51:00 Will VR games cost more money than VR movies?

56:00 How long before we have virtual reality comic strips?

1:00:00 Reliving R’Kelly’s trapped in the closet in virtual reality.

1:02:00 What does the VR Cinema landscape look like?

1:04:00 Will light field cameras replace DSLRs?

1:08:00 What are the downsides of being able to be every where any time.

1:11:00 Beginning a chapter of the Church of the Giant Spaghetti monster.

1:14:00 Do aspects of the self need to be removed in order for there to be world peace?

1:19:00 The best scenario for the future of humanity?

1:24:00 Neural nets are getting good fast.

1:28:00 Does the knowledge that AI is moving fast affecting your decisions of the future?

1:36:00 How will future humans look back at us? (Note: I’m an asshole)

1:38:00 Divide and conquer is still effective today.

1:41:00 Psychedelics release you from the constipation inside your mind that you don’t know you have.

Thanks again to Doug and Steve for being scholars and gentlemen of the proto metaverse and thank you for listening!

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! Guy Godin, the creator of Virtual Desktop drops by to talk vr and eat Pupusas after ward.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

28:00 Intro : What’s VR desktop?

2:00 The origin story of virtual desktop.

5:00 How Guy stumbled into VR.

7:00 10K by 10K virtual monitors might be possible?

8:30 Microsoft please allow us to have virtual monitors!

10:00 Is the HMD going to replace the monitor?

This podcast was not edited from inside virtual desktop.

11:40 Rearranging the monitors is not as straightforward for virtual desktop.

13:00 Guy’s business plan for virtual desktop.

17:00 Getting Virtual Desktop working with the Vive.

21:00 Navigating Android in VR. Guy’s take on mobile VR.

24:00 What aspects of Virtual Desktop

28:00 South Korea’s awesome Internet will allow them to accelerate the growth of the metaverse.

29:00 Text input in Virtual desktop.

32:00 Getting Cortana to work in virtual desktop.

36:00 AI weaponry has a long way to go before we need to worry about it taking over?

38:30 More like Nyann Cat. What you do in the AI apocalypse?

40:00 What are we behind on as a species?

41:00 Why would you want to own a car when the self driving vehicle taxi services take over?

43:00 If there is nothing else to do. What would you do with the rest of your life?

45:00 Countdown till we cross the uncanny valley.

46:20 Worst case scenario for the industry and the best case scenario.

49:00 Having separate gaming leagues for VR gaming.

54:00 Cardboards are a double edge sword?

59:00 Custom avatars are the future. Guy really wants to watch movie with friends.

1:03:00 Order an IV through your smart phone.

1:07:00 Guy does not code with his HMD on.

1:08:30 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch

Thanks again to Guy and Steve for being scholars and gentlemen of the proto metaverse

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! Nick Whiting from Epic Games drops by the podcast via skype. We chatted with him about using VR to reduce iteration times, adapting to the evoltion of the hmd and Zac’s celestial voice from the UE4 youtube tutorials.

1:00 Staying at frame rate when designing a game for VR.

4:00 The path to maximizing

5:00 Stereoscopic Instance rendering is being worked on. Might be released by 4.10?

7:20 How Nick became involved in VR.

11:00 Taking advantage of the modularity of the engine.

14:00 Closing the gap in developers numbers with Unity.

17:00 Where will the game engine be at 5 years from now?

19:00 Info on the plugins marketplace.

21:00 Using VR to decrease iteration time using the engine.

24:00 Much user research is needed to create the volumetric interfaces of the future.

26:00 How will Epic adapt to the evolution of the HMD?

29:00 Zac’s voice is celestial.

30:00 How to stay in touch with Nick and Steve.

Thanks to Nick and Steve for being true scholars and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! An independent podcast about virtual reality. On this episode I speak with Graham Gaylor, one of the founders of VR chat and dear friend that I tend to weird out every time we meet.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

42: Introduction to Graham’s bike.

3:00 Graham and I are confessed console peasants.

5:00 Why Graham will buy Halo 5.

7:00 Using Virtual desktop from Guy Godin to get office work done.

9:00 How shopping in VR will justify its utility. Tapping into the social aspects of shopping.

11:50 Finding a backpack full of grenades in my mothers closet.

13:30 Will Amazon start getting involved in the virtual reality shopping space?

14:00 How will human to human service industries translate into VR?

20:00 The need for more psychological research on Vr and its effects.

21:00 Graham is looking forward to the Gallery Six Elements. when will we see 1st person VR shooters from big name publishers? (will we ever?)

25:00 Graham’s expectations for user growth in the first year of consumer VR.

26:00 Graham’s thoughts on the most overlooked aspects of VR.

27:00 Will GearVR live up to see its full potential?

29:00 Oculus CV1 vs. Morpheus. Which is more comfortable?

31:00 John Carmack will be doing a talk on VR Script at Oculus Connect 2.

34:00 The importance of flawless input.

36:00 Is figuring out a standard text input solution for VR necessary?

38:00 How do you compel users to literally look around while in VR.

41:00 How and Why Graham got muscular.

42:00 Ikea Meatballs are awesome.

45:00 Graham’s favorite teenage movie of all time.

46:30 The Audi R8 is a sexy looking car.

49:00 Is Cortana hot?

50:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks to Graham for being a scholar and gentlemen of the proto metaverse and thanks for listening!

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Hello and welcome to Enter VR! On this episode, Dee from eVRyday VR drops by to philosophize and discuss the future of the final medium.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about.

3:00 The 360 camera that wants to tackle consumer 360 video capturing.

6:00 The consumer 360 camera landscape.

7:10 What does the “perfect” 360 camera look like?

9:30 How will the internet of things intertwine with the advancements in computer vision?
Thanks to Brian Redband for inspiring this idea.

11:34 How long before we can stream light field videos?

12:00 How does Dee define reality? Do we have the freedom to live out the majority of our lives in VR?

15:20 Using VR as an education tool to raise awareness about Climate change. Why VR is a better education tool than what we already do or have.

18:00 Increasing your understanding of the fabric of the Universe by playing “cut the rope”.

23:00 How do you provoke questions of wonderment in a user in a virtual reality environment.

27:00 How can someone with a 9 to 5 job become involved in the virtual reality industry?

31:00 What Dee is passionate about these days. Hint: parallax

37:30 360 panoramic capturing within Unity applications. What does the let’s player of the future look like?

40:00 What will let’s plays look like 5 years from now?

45:00 The future of E-sports.

49:00 How can VR enhance the mental health of the average person?

52:00 Will VR bring about the dawn of a new class of human?

53:00 What is mental health? At what point does using become detrimental for your mental health? Can it be detrimental?

1:03:00 Having the ability to shut out shitty moments in life. What will that do to our psychology?

1:05:30 Will there be a marketplace for “Shit on your plate simulator” type experiences?

1:07:00 A new era of trolling is upon us.

1:13:00 Virtual reality and legal system. How will the law handle simulated crime?

1:18:00 How Dee curates content.

1:20:00 Dee dropped out from the PHD program at Berkeley to pursue VR.

1:23:00 Dee vs Frooxius in a Pokemon battle. Who would win?

1:25:00 Going inside of Virtual Desktop to download Dee’s demo.

Note* I did not edit this podcast in VR.

1:26:00 Dee’s favorite thing about having a Youtube channel.

1:28:00 Working with the VRChive to provide 3D lightfields.

1:34:00 Trying out a captured 360 video from Neos the Universe. Dee created a 360 video panoromic capture for Unity environments.

360 panoramic capture

1:38:00 Dee is giving away cool VR free shit and looking for a job.

1:40:00 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch.

Thanks again to Dee for being scholar and pioneer of virtual reality. Also, thank you for listening!

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Intro song is Through the Fire and Flames from Dragon Force

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Took a photo with Ikrima at VRLA Spring Expo

Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Ikrima Elhassan from Kite and Lightning! Come along as we learn about the open source plugin Kite and Lightning is publishing in order to allow you to create 360 in engine experiences.

40: Intro

1:40 What do Hollywood studios see in VR?

3:00 How much does location influence whether you survive or die in VR?

5:40 What’s next for Kite and Lightning?

7:00 Is it possible to survive in VR by simply selling content to consumers?

10:00 Why not take money from venture capitalists?

14:00 When will we find out what experiences sells in vr?

15:00 What motivates Kite and Lightning to continue pushing forward?

16:00 How to manage publishing content on multiple VR platforms and marketplaces.

18:00 Releasing their own open source plug in! To create Kite and Lightning type experiences.

23:00 The pro’s and cons of creating 360 in engine video experiences.

27:00 Using synthetic light fields to get around the limitations of 360 in engine video.

32:00 Will Tesla vehicles become self aware?

33:00 What is the cost of producing VR content?

35:00 What will it take to generate a mass transition of consumers from the legacy paradigm to VR?

37:00 What is the overall sense of the VR industry community?

40:00 Will money change the way we view the VR industry?

41:00 How are people’s reactions to VR changed over the last couple of years?

44:00 How do you see VR for its potential and not just its short comings?

45:00 What does the creative future of Kite and Lightning look like?

46:00 What will be the keyboard of VR?

50:00 Exploring the “watching little worlds ” effect. Playing Chrono Trigger in VR?

51:00 If we could bring the back the Neandarthal, should we?

52:00 Closing thoughts and staying in touch.

Thanks to Ikrima for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello listeners! Welcome to the EnterVR podcast! On today’s show I am joined by the author of “Virtual Reality Insider” and an up and coming VR entrepreneur Sky Nite. Come along as we peer into mind of Sky!

1:00 Intro. Creating a VR game studio.

1:30 What got Sky interested in Virtual Reality.

3:00 Sky’s first experience with DK1.

6:00 What did the sensation of “presence” feel like for Sky?

8:00 How do you get people excited about VR without overhyping the technology? How do you describe something that words cannot encapsulate?

10:00 Projections for first year sale across all VR platforms?

13:00 What does user engagement hinge on?

15:00 How much will the average VR consumer spend in a year?

18:00 How can you be a part of the VR movement?

20:00 What is the thing the VR industry needs the most of at this point?

22:00 What motivates Sky to work in VR?

25:00 How do we enhance the collective consciousness of humanity?

32:00 What does it mean to be smart?

33:00 How will VR help you learn faster?

37:00 What will VR look like 15 to 20 years from now?

40:00 Should we bring back the Neanderthal?

44:00 How to stay in touch and closing thoughts.

Thanks to Sky for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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I met Aaron Evangelista at an SVVR gathering.

Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with Aaron Evangelista, a young Gear VR enthusiast and developer. Come along as we explore the mind of Aaron!

1:00 How Aaron and I crossed paths.

1:40 Aaron’s first impressions of DK1.

4:00 Aaron’s family reactions to GearVR. Aaron’s “go to ” experience when demoing GearVR.

5:00 The longest Aaron can spend in VR.

6:00 Importing Sketchfab scenes into Unity and getting them running.

10:00 What are Aaron’s goals? Participating in the VR mobile game jam.

11:00 The most compelling aspect of VR development to Aaron.

14:00 Why Aaron got a GearVR and not a DK2.

16:30 Are people more likely to buy a Morpheus or PC based VR?
The advantages of Project Morpheus.

19:00 Why develop for Mobile and not the other VR hardware platforms.
What is holding back mobile VR?

22:00 How to deal with battery life in mobile VR?

23:00 Becoming a Solar Powered Robo Cop with GearVR.

24:00 What will GearVR look like in the year 2025?

26:00 What are the things Aaron sees himself doing the most in VR? Bringing Playstation Home to Morpheus?

27:00 Will Aaron meet his future wife in VR?

30:00 Is VR dating a good thing or a bad thing?

31:00 Is the VR industry moving too fast?

34:00 Is VR here to stay or can the party be over any day now? How to know whether VR has

38:00 How do we come to the conclusion that there is going to be a Metaverse? What’s the Metaverse going to be like?

41:00 Can VR be better than real life? What are the implications of people wanting to spend most of their time in VR?

48:00 Tapping into the areas of the brain that enable lucid dreaming to pair it with the Metaverse.

51:00 Would you augment your brain by merging hardware with your wetware?

57:00 Will VR reveal whether we are living in a simulation?

1:00:00 Can Aaron see himself living 500 years?

1:03:00 Creating an earthquake training simulation to prepare the San Francisco Bay Area for the next big one.

1:07:00 Is Aaron more hopeful are more pessimistic about the future?

1:11:00 Don’t punch a vagina.

1:12:30 What is the internet of things?

1:19:00 Final thoughts.

Thanks to Aaron for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

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Hello there fellow scholars of the proto metaverse! Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with D, from eVRyday vr.

Here is a preview of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro: How D found out about VR.

4:00 How D became involved with Youtube.

6:00 Why VR is interesting to D.

7:30 Was VR suppose to happen this fast?

8:30 The pros and cons of the vr explosion.

11:00 How to get people excited about vr without over hyping it?

13:30 Is AR and VR competing with each other?

15:30 What is the most profound effect that virtual reality will have on humans?

18:00 Why do we need virtual reality?

19:00 D’s goals and dreams for the future.

20:00 Whats most exciting about VR? the hardware or software?

22: What is chromatic aberration?

24:00 What are fresnel lenses and how do they interact with Chromatic aberration?

25:00 What is Asynchronous time warp?

28:00 What is lightfields?

33:00 What will the VR patent wars look like?

39:00 What is Raytracing and why do people think its the future?

43:00 What is raytracing good for?

45:00 How variations in visual processing from person to person will affect the overall experience of virtual reality.

49:00 Can virtual reality makes us smarter? Will this new way of accessing information overload us and have negative consequences ?or increase our intellectual capacities and become a net benefit for humanity?

53:00 Can simulating real life tasks in vr provide value to our experience in real life?

1:01:00 Will we go inside the dreams of other people? Has the smart phone taken away our ability to be more creative?

1:05:00 5 games that stand out the most from D’s Childhood. Why Nintendo games and emulated games are hard to port over to vr.

1:12:00 Can the game-afication of education take away from the learnings aspect?

1:14:00 If you could be any character from your Childhood , who would it be ?

1:17:00 Highlights of GDC 2015.

1:22:00 Alternative things the console gaming market could innovate on.

1:24:00 How many Morpheus devices could Sony potentially sell in their first year?

1:26:00 Will the next Xbox or the next Nintendo console have vr intergration?

1:29:20 (JK Valve! I love you!)

1:31:00 God of War in VR! Please! Impressions on Lucky’s Tale.

1:37:00 Can VR HMD’s damage your brain or vision?

1:42:00 Who will VR shape our sense of identity in the future?

1:50:00 How to give empathy to the masses?

1:54:00 How to stay in touch

Thanks again to D for being a true scholar and wizard of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

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