Virtual reality based life forms, procedural storytelling and discussing The Metamorphosis of...

Virtual reality based life forms, procedural storytelling and discussing The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect with u/jimbo0000


Hello listeners! On today’s show I speak with u/jimbo0000 and really talented technologist and friend of virtual reality. Come along as we discuss virtual reality based life forms, reputation based economies and more!

1:00 Jim is working on Rift ray. What graphics card should you get for consumer VR?

3:00 Intro

5:00 How many VR related science fictions pieces has Jim read?

6:40 Why is vr science fiction so alluring to Jim?

7:00 The first novel that got Jim hooked on VR science fiction.

8:30 What late 90’s science fiction concepts came true in today’s era?

11:00 Jim’s goal for the future?

13:00 SPOILER ALERT for Metaverse of Prime Intellect plot

Check out ” friendship is optimal”

20:00 Is Jim more optimistic or more pessimistic on the prospect of super intelligence?

21:41 What would be the most ideal “turing” test for artificial intelligence?

23:00 What is self awareness?

26:00 The question of non-human persons. Will super smart animals ever have “rights”? Today’s technology is giving us better insights into human and animal hiveminds. In vitro lab grown meat needs to reach industrial scale quantities before we start expanding rights to different animal species.

31:00 What is the best brain to computer interface?

32:00 Would you want to stop aging? What happens to humanity once something like this become available?

34:00 What is death?

35:00 Does it matter whether we live in a simulation or a multi verse?

Figuring out whether we live in a simulation will have repercussions on how we think about death and what it may mean to die.

38:00 The questions humanity will wrestle with the most in the 21st century?

40:00 Jim’s take on colonizing other planets?

42:00 The most scariest thing about technology.

45:00 What does Jim see in virtual reality?

46:00 What will be the ultimate price we could pay for virtual reality?

49:00 u/newyorknice created a really cool infographic on the future predictions. In 2025 we will have procedural story telling? Machines will create infinite narratives for us to experience?…s-from-now-until-2040

52:00 Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the greatest first person shooter ever. Jim’s take on the Battlefield franchise these days.

55:00 Discussing Soul Calibur and other fighting games.

1:00:00 What does it mean to have virtual reality only life forms?

1:03:00 Is Jim more optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

1:04:00 What will machine augmented cognition look like in the future?

1:07:00 How will the relationship between augmented and non augmented people evolve?

1:09:00 How will regulation of the VR industry look like?

1:11:00 The potential benefits of nano robot swarms?

1:13:00 The most believable fake technology Jim has read.

1:19:00 How would a reputation based economy actually work?

Relevant links:…0-per-year-32301…onal-brand-50370

1:21:00 Lighting up dog poop with fire crackers

1:23:00 What would a better future look like?

1:25:00 Closing thoughts

Thanks again for being a true friend, scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening.

Keep in touch with Jim by contacting him on reddit:

he’s u/jimbo000

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