Discussing the fast approaching SF VR Hackathon, architectural visualizations with UE4 and...

Discussing the fast approaching SF VR Hackathon, architectural visualizations with UE4 and more with Eriks Strals

Hello listeners!

Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On today’s show I speak with Eric Strals, a VR developer and one of the organizers of the upcoming San Francisco VR hackathon.
Here is a quick preview of some the things we talked about.

30 Intros

1:01 Why do architectural visualizations in VR?

3:40 The defining aspects of Unreal Engine 4.

4:40 What is it about VR that gives it an advantage over the current legacy content.

8:00 The current solutions for visualizing architecture.

9:00 Using interaction as an added value to virtual reality visualizations.

10:50 How to differentiate yourself as a consultant/entrepreneur in Virtual reality.

13:14 How to keep up with the pace of innovation.

14:30 How Eric discovered VR.

19:14 Fly a paper airplane around a 3D scanned home.

22:30 First impressions of DK1, DK2 and Crescent Bay.

25:00 What will VR look like in the future.

30:20 Who is the SF VR Hackathon for?

33:40 Tips and advice for Hackathon newcomers.

37:44 What are the bare minimum tools necessary to create VR experiences.

42:30 The role of a designer and a programmer in a video game project. The pros and cons of each role.

46:34 What makes a good design doc, good?

49:05 The role of the programmer in creating projects.

55:00 How to put together a hackathon.

1:00:55 Tools and resources to get things done.

1:04:09 Webgl as a platform for VR experiences.

1:06:10 Which creation platform become the most popular in the future for VR developers?

1:10:50 Top 5 favorite video games of all time.

1:14:08 How to incorporate RTS games in VR.

1:20:02 A market place for 3D artist?

1:23:10 Where will VR lead to in the future?

1:28:10 Closing thoughts  and how to get in touch.

Thanks to Eriks for being a scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening!

Get in touch with Eriks or the VR hackathon with the links below.


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