Mixed in reality in the dawn of a new world order. A...

Mixed in reality in the dawn of a new world order. A conversation with Eric Johnson from Re/Code and Steve Gehrman from Distant Future


Welcome to another episode of Enter VR!Come along, as I speak with Eric Johnson the associate editor of mixed reality at Re/Code and Steve Gerhman a VR developer working on text input in virtual reality through Unreal Engine 4.

Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about:

1:00 Intro

2:30 Eric’s rituals that get him ready for public appearances.

6:30 Getting people to overcome their everyday anxieties through VR?

7:30 Steve Joins the convo.

9:30 Do social connections need to happen organically in virtual spaces?

11:30 Vive Vs. Oculus. Which one has the best tracking solution?

14:00 Trying out the VRCADE experience at Dave and Buster’s.

17:15 The current state of the virtual reality industry according to Eric.

18:30 What needs to happen in order for VR to be successful.

19:30 How to keep people coming back to VR experiences. Do developers have to worry about the ethics of keeping people inside of VR for too long?

21:30 Which will pan out to be biggest flaw of VR in the long run…Its ability to isolate people or unknown health consequences with irresponsible use by consumers.

24:30 Why are we humans so compelled to look at screens constantly? What will come next after the screen?

27:30 Why user generated content platforms will be the killer apps of VR.

32:30 Creating music inside of virtual reality.

34:00 Injecting Deep dream into a 360 video.

34:30 Simulating an LSD experience using VR and transcranial direct current stimulation.

37:30 Dominating the world economy with a workforce powered by the coffee of the 21st century, TDCS.

39:00 The state of the wearable industry in relation to VR hmds.

40:40 If VR isn’t useful, it won’t be mainstream. Where the ultimate utility of VR really lies.

43:10 Disney World is experimenting with police state technology.

49:00 Will we ever see robot armies fighting on the behalf of billionaires?

51:30 Why Eric is not buying a Jeep. Balancing the pros and cons of self driving vehicles.

54:30 How will the sharing economy affect the capitalism we know of today? How will our concepts of property change over time.
“In the future you won’t have a job and everything will be cheap”.

57:30 How will the sharing economy morph our notions of the “American Dream”.\

1:00:30 Climate change is easier to solve than the San Francisco housing crisis. Eric’s path through journalism.

1:03:30 Eric’s biggest journalistic influences.

1:05:00 The state of tech journalism according to Eric.

1:06:00 How to balance between asking hard questions without losing your sources in journalism.

1:07:30 Eric’s feud with the Sony Morpheus team.

1:10:30 Making guesses on which platform will sell the most hmds after the first year of consumer VR.

1:13:30 Are there any Gear VR usage data? How much are people using their GearVRs?

1:20:30 Closing thoughts and how to stay in touch with Eric and Steve.

Thanks again to Eric and Steve for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening.






The track you heard at the beginning is José Larralde’s – Quimey Neuquen -The Be Svendsen Edit. Thanks to Be for allowing me to play his track. Find the track on Soundclould: